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My Good Life - Chapter 6.1

Published at 14th of August 2019 12:26:49 PM

Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6 

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After the encounter with the mysterious person who I fell in love at first sight, I began dreaming of him every day . It is a pity… the dreams weren’t spring dream . It had no relationship with romance and love stories .


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The scene I dreamed of were broken and chaotic . At times gun fired, and the huge explosion shocked me awake from my dreams . Sometimes they were very peaceful . A woman sang in pleasant weather like this mountain town in summer . Sometimes It took me to the battlefield of the cold weapon era . In my dream, I became a vague black general, raising a sword and beheading the enemy on the cold sand .


I think that after being scared by zombies, my brain got over-excited . Too much inspiration that can’t be all exposed by my drawings in the day, got reflected in my dreams . I drew down these dream scenes with dedication .


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I always thought God was open-minded and gave me inspiration every day until one day . I accompanied Li Zhi her to walk the dog . A rare sun in Chongqing got me comfortable like a spring sun . I stretched out and looked at Li Zhi’s side . She was wearing a big sunhat, and huge sunglasses almost covered her face . She was wearing a sun mask, completely blocked the sun rays .  


“Is it hard to get out during the day?”


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I asked her, then pulled the rope, letting Dumbo run . Li Zhi up pushed the sunglasses: ” I got a few days off and if I don’t go out, it’s so wrong . ”


I bit my lip and didn’t poke her anymore . All the time home she got bored . She couldn’t help herself but pick up the dog for a walk during the day . In the past few days, she did not go to work . It was because…


She was afraid of ghosts . Yes, as a vampire with the same role as the “ghost” , was afraid of ghosts . Especially the ghosts in Chinese legends, the ghosts in horror movies and even the infamous fear of the zombies appeared these days .


After I was bitten by a zombie that day, she came knowing the zombies that had been scattered in the vicinity . So she didn’t dare to go out to work alone at night . I walked with her for a while, then sat down on the chair under the trees, pondering over yesterday’s dream .

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