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Chapter 24

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Izuku looked at the dead man and sighed . If it was someone unrelated he wouldn't really care as much . True, he would definitely like to know what happened to the man, and he would call police . But once he thought about how would Itsu react, he felt like eating shit . "Damn it all to hell . " Izuku angrily kicked a chunk of what appeared to be a wall .

"I need to visit Itsuka immediately to tell her what happened, but what do I do about the body? Do I just leave it here? Should I bring it with me?"

So many questions and I am left with no answers .

"I should probably call All Might to see what the situation is . "

Izuku pulled out his phone from his inventory and called All Might .

A few rings later, he picked up, "What is it young Midoriya? I am quite busy"

"Ah . . I am sorry if you are busy, but I've somehow stumbled upon this destroyed place and I've found a dead man most likely a hero . I think that there was some kind of mayor battle here . I am not quite sure what to do . "

"All Might? Are you there?" All Might was silent so Izuku thought that the call was interrupted .

"I am here young Midoriya . . He is actually one of my friends . I am on my way to his family . I need to relay the bad news . If you can . . Please carry him here . I am in my frail form and I definitely can't carry a grown adult . Especially since he is dead and can't control his body weight . If you can't, then leave him here, I have already called heroes to check whether someone was still injured under all that rubble . " replied All Might .

"Your friend? He is the father of one of my best friends . . That's why I am concerned . " Izuku sighed .

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"I see . What a coincidence . Well . How about this, I will wait for you in front of their house and we will relay the message to them together . You will take care of the daughter and I will try to calm down the wife . . " saying that, Izuku agreed and All Might disconnected from the call .

"Ah, I forgot to tell him about Leo . "

Meanwhile, Izuku got to work, he looked at the man's body . Both his legs and his arm was completely gone and his face was partly destroyed . Such a shame . As Izuku observed his body, he quickly found out that a part of his stomach was being crushed under a massive stone pillar .

He tried lifting it up but it didn't move an inch .

"That's impossible, this weights more than a ton!"

What to do now . Do I cut off his torso and leave the rest of him under the pillar? No . . That would be too tiring and cruel . Especially since it is a hero and moreover, Itsuka might die of a shock once she sees him in that state . No need to make it more bloody for her .

Whenever he imagined her sad face his chest tightened .

Izuku shook his head and tried to think of way to get him out of the pillar while not making it all bloody at the same time .

Should I try my second quirk? It might help so why not .

"Yūrei, come out!"

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Darkness enveloped around Izuku as a giant vortex of black particles transformed into a two meters tall humanoid body .

"Good, it works!"

I've been trying to call out this guy so many times and I've only managed to summon him once in like 20 tries .

"Lift that pillar!" Izuku said as he pointed on the dead man .

Ghost looked at the pillar and picked it up like it didn't even weight a kilo .

"Good, now throw it away!"

Once again, the Ghost did what was told, and he effortlessly threw the pillar away .

'Tch what a show-off . This guy's strength is insane, if only I could learn how to control him properly . '

Izuku threw the idea away as there was plenty enough of time for him to master his quirk . Right now, he still had an errand .

Izuku got closer to the corpse as he thought about how he should carry it .

He picked it up in a princess carry, but it just felt uncomfortable . It was like taking a bride to a new house . Except that it was a dead person .

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After that, he tried to place one of its remaining arms around his neck while holding it . Both of its legs were gone, so he wouldn't need to carry so much, but It still felt uncomfortable .

Finally, After 4 more different positions, he finally remembered that he could just use his quirk .

He touched the corpse and it immediately disappeared into his pocket dimension .

"So much for the IQ . I am so dumb . "

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All Might was patiently waiting for his ready to be protégé . He believed that he picked the right boy . His bright personality and the goal of wanting to be a hero is the ideal candidate in his opinion .

Moreover, he got recommendations from the principal and his quirk could be used in so many ways he can't even count them .

All Might had always wanted to be a teacher to someone . He loved grooming the young generation .

He tried not to move as much so that he could conserve as much energy as possible to overextend his time limit .

He waited for a few minutes before he saw the boy . You could spot him everywhere since he really stands out . He is not tall nor is he equipped with giant muscles . His only redeeming feature was his green and messy hair .

'Oh, it looks like he wasn't able to bring Inferno's corpse with him . "

Izuku spotted All Might's frail figure and he dragged himself to him like a lost puppy . "Hello All Might . I am sorry for your loss . " Izuku sighed .

"Yeah . . It must be hard for you too . . So, do you have a plan? I would require help since I am not too good at calming people down . I feel like I might break down crying any minute now . "

"I am not sure what to do myself, but I think that you are worrying too much . Let's just endure it somehow . " Izuku said as he opened up his pocket dimension and pulled out Inferno's corpse .

"I forgot you can do that . I thought that you weren't able to retrieve it . " said All Might .

"I've had some problems with it, and I certainly couldn't carry it, but after using my brain properly, I managed to solve the problem . "

"Good, give him to me young Midoriya . "

All Might transformed into his hero form and picked up his friend's corpse in a princess carry .

'He did the exact thing I did before . . ' thought Izuku .

But . . . It's really a miracle I made it here . I got lost a few times along the way, and I had to ask some people for directions . Itsuka only told me her adress like a year ago, I never visited her place though . I was about to turn the wrong way, but luckily I saw All Might and I am glad that my suffering is over . Well, at least a part of it .