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My House of Horrors - Chapter 347

Published at 19th of March 2019 09:35:51 PM

Chapter 347

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"Such a real setting," the large man mumbled . "How did he do this?"

"Of course, he has to be talented to have opened a Haunted House . Furthermore, Ye Xiaoxin gave this place such a high review . This means this Haunted House has its positive points . " The woman stood behind the yellow hair . She walked toward the other three visitors with a friendly smile .

"Are the three of you together?" The woman was good at socializing . Her tone and attitude were very friendly .

"No," the man with his arm in his pocket replied coldly before he walked away .

"Be careful, this is a three-star scenario!" The woman grabbed the thin man's sleeves . The man turned back to glare at her, and she quickly staggered back . "I just want to remind you . "

"Sister Mao, just ignore him . When he is spooked until he wets his pants, he'll come back to us . " The yellow hair stood between the man and the woman .

"It's alright . Since we're in the same group, we should help one another . " The woman did not seem to mind the man's offensive behavior . She walked back to him . "My name is Cassie, but you can call me Sister Mao like the rest of them if you like . "

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The thin man thought about it and accepted her kindness . "The name's Bai Qiulin . My mood has been very awful lately, so I came to this Haunted House for stress release . "

"Understood, a Haunted House is a place like that, right? To scream and release stress . " Sister Mao nodded with understanding before she turned to the other two visitors . "Then how about the two of you?"

The man in black shirt looked smart, and he was very friendly . "My name is Zhou . I'm a real estate agent . I came with my girlfriend today…"

"Who's your girlfriend?" The woman beside him smacked his arm . She did not have any make-up on, but she looked pretty .

"Well, it's only a matter of time . " Mr . Zhou winked at the woman as he grabbed the woman's hand . "This is my girlfriend, Duan Yue . She's a high school English teacher . Normally, she has no break and has to tutor kids at night . It's rare that we both have a day off, so I brought her here to relax . "

"You two sure are sweet . " Sister Mao smiled . There was a trace of resentment in her eyes, but she hid it very well . "Later, the three of you can follow along . This way, we'll be able to be on the lookout for one another . "

"You sound very professionally . Are you all professional Haunted House visitors?" Mr . Zhou asked .

"I'm a Haunted House reviewer . I have tons of fans online, and these guys are members of my team . " Sister Mao introduced the people around her . The yellow hair was Huang Xing, the large man Ma Tian, and the other girl was Sister Mao's assistant, Zhang Lan . Sister Mao didn't introduce the last man, who looked older than the rest of them, in detail, but she called him Brother Wong .

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Each of them had a different personality . The only reason they could work together was because they had Sister Mao as the mediator .

"You all are indeed professionals . Then today we'll be depending on you . " Mr . Zhou was a people person as well . He continued to chat happily with Sister Mao like he could not see the fiery gaze Duan Yue was directing his way .

"Don't worry, we've completed more than ten of such Haunted Houses already . " Huang Xing was the bravest and the rashest of the group, so he walked ahead .

"Come on . The online review for this place is very high . I want to see how good it is . " To make it convenient for recording, Sister Mao walked into the scenario with her phone on . A wind of unknown origin picked up the paper money from the floor . The white lanterns swayed as the pale light washed the street white .

"There are three main elements to a Haunted House's design—story, setting, and atmosphere . For this setting, I can give him six points, but alas, without a story to go with it, it's difficult for visitors to feel invested . The atmosphere is the worst; I don't feel afraid at all . It's such a waste of these realistic props," Sister Mao said and the two men next to her nodded .

Only Zhang Lan kept turning back to look at Bai Qiulin . She felt something was wrong with this man . How come he keeps his left hand inside his pocket?

The eight of them squeezed together, and five of them were professional players . Naturally they were not afraid .

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"The boss said there's a time limit . The place is so big, why don't we split into two groups?" Mr . Zhou thought about it and voiced his suggestion .

"Forty minutes is more than enough for us to clear this game . For a Haunted House, especially one that is open like this, it is crucial not to fall into their tempo . " The yellow hair looked experienced . "The two of you just follow behind me . To tell you the truth, I've always been brave . Even if a real ghost appears, I'll fight them with my bare hands, much less Haunted House actors . "

"Impressive . " Mr . Zhou and Duan Yue followed behind the yellow hair . Sister Mao walked with the tall guy while Zhang Lan stood between Brother Wong and Bai Qiulin . She realized Bai Qiulin had many habits that were quite abnormal . For example, his neck was slightly twisted like it was sprained .

"What are you looking at?" Brother Wong glanced at Xiao Lan . He seemed to have his own reason to be there . He was not familiar with Sister Mao's team members . It was the first time Zhang Lan had met Brother Wong . She also had no idea why he was tagging along . "It's nothing . By the way, I'll be following you later . Sister Mao told me that . "

The group walked ahead, and Bai Qiulin looked at their backs with a smile on his face . The pale light pulled their shadows long as they formally entered Coffin Village . When they stepped into Coffin Village, the white lanterns lining the street on both sides started to sway . The village turned darker like something was waking up .


Yellow hair pushed open the door to the first old home . The empty courtyard had nothing .

"That's all?" He sounded disappointed . With Mr . Zhou and Duan Yue accompanying him, the three entered the inner room together . There was a black and white picture sitting on the altar . The person in the picture had their eyes gouged out . There was painting of a mountain spirit on the walls, and a coffin sat in the middle of the room .

"The decoration is simple; there's nothing particularly scary . " The yellow hair turned around the room . He picked up the picture on the altar and started to study it . "Why did they gouge out the eyes? Is it hiding the clue to clear the scenario?"

He undid the frame and took out the picture . "The person looks like he's crying?"

The man prepared to examine closer when Mr . Zhou's voice came from behind him . "What are you looking at?"

"It's nothing, just looking around . I like to clear all the stories inside a Haunted House—it's more fun that way . "

"I feel like we shouldn't be wandering about . The crucial thing is to find the wedding dress . What if we run out of time?" Mr . Zhou and Duan Yue walked over on tip-toe .

"Don't worry, there is enough time . " The yellow hair flicked his hair back and raised two fingers . "We can finish this place in twenty minutes, but there's no need to . It won't be fun that way . "

He faced Mr . Zhou, so he did not notice the ghosts in the pictures that were all looking at his back .

"You're right . Taking it slow is more fun . " Mr . Zhou silently moved the black and white picture away . The position of the man inside the picture had changed like he had moved one step forward .

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