My House of Horrors - Chapter 378

Published at 20th of March 2019 07:13:25 PM

Chapter 378: 378

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"This is the last video my sister sent me before she disappeared . I've been searching for this room, paying close attention to any clues in the video . Finally, my hard work was rewarded . I was randomly scrolling through the university forum when I came across a ghost story thread about our school . One of the stories was about a weeping statue .

"According to legend, as long as we can find this statue before midnight, it could help us diagnose the authenticity of any statement . If it is true, it'll cry tears of blood, and if it's fake, something scary will happen . "

Ma Yin found the screenshots of said thread on her phone . There was an attached picture of the statue at the end of the thread, and the statue looked similar to the sculpture captured in her sister's video . It was a western sculpture of a western man . It was larger than a normal person, and he looked ugly . There was a sentence carved into the base—Deceit is the most beautiful, but truths are often the ugliest .

"I private messaged the OP to know how he managed to get the picture, but he didn't reply . Then, I contacted that person through the teachers . He said that he took the picture at an abandoned warehouse . He thought that the statue matched the story he was telling, so he attached it to the post . Ever since the movement of the campus several years ago, no one has been to this warehouse . If he was telling the truth, then the statue must still be inside that warehouse . "

Ma Yin and Liu Xianxian were close friends who shared everything . Once Ma Yin trusted someone, she would share her every secret .

"Let's hope we can find it this time . I really want to know the answer . "

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The two girls jumped over the blockade and sneaked into the abandoned building .

"Every time we come here, it feels weird, like there's someone here other than us . " Since they were afraid light might attract the attention of the security, Ma Yin and Liu Xianxian did not switch on the flashlight on their phones . They touched the wall and slowly walked down the corridor .

"It's quite a waste to keep this building abandoned . I wonder why the school doesn't rent this place out," Ma Yin mumbled to herself . She was actually quite scared, but she did not dare show that before Liu Xianxian . She treated Liu Xianxian as her best friend . When they moved forward, she kept Liu Xianxian behind her to protect her .

The physically smaller Liu Xianxian followed behind Ma Yin . After entering the education block, she also started to feel nervous . "Xiao Yin, after we've been here several times, I reached out to the graduated seniors to ask about it . They said there's a reason this place is abandoned, and it's related to the move of the other courses to a new campus . "

"What kind of reason?" Ma Yin was tall and much stronger than normal girls, but that did not mean she was braver .

"It seems to be related to cadavers . This block was sealed up because it was too close to the laboratory block . " Liu Xianxian looked out the window . There was a strange phenomenon at Jiujiang Medical University at 2 am . If the campus was separated into four directions—north, south, east, west—the north, south, and east sides of the campus had some lights, but the west side was completely dark .

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"According to legend, the largest underground morgue in Jiujiang is within the western side of our school . Wasn't there a tradition to turn off the lights after midnight? It is because, since the cadavers were tired in the morning, they needed to rest at night . Do you believe something like that?" Liu Xianxian's voice was weird, and she looked extremely pale that night .

"That is rather weird . "

"There are more weird things about this school . Do you remember what the counselling instructor said when we first registered? Do not go to the western part of the campus after midnight . People asked him why, but he stammered a nonsensical reason . After asking the seniors, there was a student who went out at night and saw someone waving at him . He walked into the western part of the campus at night and saw a cadaver that was ruined inside the lab . " The more Liu Xianxian continued, the darker her face became . "There are many similar stories, and I cannot tell which are real and which are fake anymore . "

"Liu Xian, we've been searching for several nights already; we cannot give up now . " For Ma Yin, Liu Xianxian was her only partner . If Liu Xianxian retreated, she would need to look for the statue related to her sister's disappearance alone .

"I know, I just feel dumb for having this insistence . " Liu Xianxian took out her phone and had the urge to delete someone's number from the contact list . They walked to the corner and down the stairs to first floor underground . They turned on their flashlights after making sure that no one was following them .

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"This place suddenly feels so cold . " The cold draft caressed Ma Yin's hair, and she squeezed to stand beside Liu Xianxian . "There's no ventilation in this place, so I have no idea where the draft comes from . "

Their shoulders leaned together, and Ma Yin suddenly realized that Liu Xianxian's body was very cold, like it was frozen .

"Liu Xian, why are you so cold?"

"Nervous . "

"Don't worry, I'm here with you . No matter what happens, I'll stay by your side . "

They moved down the corridor and did not stop to turn into the rooms on the side but headed straight for the stairs to go down to second floor underground . There were some stains on the stairs . It looked dirty, like someone had dragged something up or down the stairs .

"Seems like someone has been here before us . " Ma Yin looked at the water stain on the ground and sniffed at the residual scent in the air . As a medical student, she was familiar with this smell . "It's formalin . "

"Formalin is not allowed to be taken out of the lab . How can it be here?" Liu Xianxian knew the usage of formalin—it was to preserve the cadavers . "The underground here is connected to the western side of the campus . Did someone really sneak into the underground morgue? Earlier this year, I heard that someone has been stealing the cadavers to sell on the black market . "

"That shouldn't be the case . Even if the person can move the cadavers out of the morgue, how would they transport them out of the school? There is surveillance everywhere . " Ma Yin tried to console Liu Xianxian . "Don't read too much into this . There are people who come to maintain the underground morgue once in a while; this is probably their doing . "

"In that case, they wouldn't have come through this building but used the front door . I still think something is wrong . " Even though she said so, Liu Xianxian went down the stairs faster than Ma Yin . She held onto the wall and raised the flashlight when she reached the bottom of the stairs .

The path split in two . There was a sign on the wall . The right path led to a normal storeroom while the left led to the underground morgue . The water stains on the ground became more obvious, and they were all on the left path .

"Looks like someone really has entered the underground morgue . " Ma Yin looked down the left corridor and raised her phone to shine the light down the dark corridor .