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Chapter 51

Saturday early in the morning Abhi and his complete new family including Manvi and Uday reached Kandala city airport . They hailed a mini bus and went to the only 5 star hotel in the city . All of them wore casual outfits, a white shirt and a pair of jeans . They all looked extremely cool and they attracted so much attention . Thanks to God there were not many tourists . All the people here are locals who doesn't pay much attention to the TV .

* * * * * *

Abhi booked the entire top floor in the hotel though they only need 5 rooms .

Abhi took the room in the corner of the floor next to Shriya's . The last room in the other end was occupied by Rahul . The room next to Shriya is taken by Preeti followed by Uday couple . They all entered their respective rooms and unpacked their luggage .

* * * * * *

Shriya explored the entire room . The windows in the room opens to the beautiful scenery of mountains with trees . She took a selfie, with the mountains as background and uploaded it on her Instagram account . Her friends asked her to use Instagram, and made her an account . But she hardly used it . This is the first photo she has uploaded . She doesnot have any make up on her face but she looked extremely cute with her white shirt and a high pony tail .

After a quick breakfast, they all went downstairs . They took the bus and went to their destination .

Their destination is a hill station in the Western Ghats Mountains of Maharre State . Karna Falls is a 3 tiered waterfalls set in a dramatic valley . It is just six kilometers away from the hotel . It took them nearly half and an hour to reach the spot because the roads are very curvy and steep . They enjoyed the journey and had a lot of fun,they munched on the snacks that Shriya has packed before hand .

* * * * * *

All the girls in the Shriya's class wanted to have a get together . Only a few girls didn't attend it . Aksha is a fan of Abhi and she always followed his updates in Insta and other social networking sites . All the nine girls sat in a corner and were having coffee . Aksha saw the Photo, Abhi had uploaded on his Insta that morning . In the photo, he wore a white shirt and a cap and stood with his back facing the mountains, which are on other side of the windows of his room . He looked super handsome in the picture . Below the picture he wrote a sentence "Lovely day with loved ones" . Below that sentenc there are 3 more photos . One with Rahul, Abhi and Uday together, the second one with Manvi,Uday and Rahul . The last is a picture of three men, a little girl and a two young girls facing in the opposite direction to the camera .