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Chapter 53

Shriya saw the expressions of her friends . She hung up the phone . She took a long breath and looked around . Everyone is busy eating as if nothing happened . Abhi focused on peeling the fish skin on Shriya's plate . She didnot know what to say to her friends . She is positive that they will ask so many questions and tries get answers from her . Shri was about to get up from her seat to go somewhere else to talk to her friends, when they called again, but Abhi caught her hand and said "first eat then go and talk to them . " She nodded her head and sat down . Abhi kept her phone in silent mode so that she could enjoy her lunch . She sent a text message to Sony .

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'I am having my lunch right now, talk to u later, bye' .

Sony : 'Okay fine, but u have 2 explain what I just saw . Enjoy your holiday😚😚😎😎 . '

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Shriya saw the message and was about to reply, when Abhi took her phone and put in his pocket and continued eating . She saw the pieces Abhi has put in her plate and she started eating . After a delicious lunch of local recepies, they all went to rest under a tree near the lake . Abhi sat under the neem tree reading a book, while Manvi and Uday were sitting on the sand and playing with water, splashing water at each other . Preeti started munching on the snacks and Rahul is busy taking the pictures of the location and showing off his photography skills . Shriya sat next to Abhi and was watching everyone . She peeled an orange and handed a piece to Abhi, to which he opened his mouth . Shriya was taken aback by his gesture but put the piece in his mouth . Rahul clicked the camera and captured the beautiful moment .

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Evening they all reached the hotel exhausted . They all sat in the Rahul's room, had coffee and snacks . Later they returned to their respective rooms .

Shriya called Sony and the latter answered the call on the first ring and she sounded very excited .

Sony : "Hey! what took you so long to call me? We were waiting like crazy here . Tell me what I saw this afternoon? Where were you and why did I see Ahishek Malhotra beside you?"

Sony asked so many questions, not letting Shriya to say even the word 'hello' .

Shri took a long breath and she decided to say the truth but not the entire truth . She likes Sony and believes the latter, but she cannot take risk, afterall women are know for gossiping and they cannot keep secrets .