My MCV and Doomsday - Chapter 483

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Chapter 483: Jiangning City

Wang Kui's terror reached new heights after witnessing Jiang Liushi planting a bullet in Lu Shanshan without any hesitation . He screamed and turned to rush out of the door, but Jiang Liushi just glanced at his terrified figure . Since he had cooperated with Lu Shanshan to murder them, his fate was already sealed; death only awaited him .


"Luo Ming . " Jiang Liushi personally untied Luo Ming and helped him to stand up .

"I'll give him a physical examination," Li Yuxin came over and said, "It's just a skin injury . No other problems . " Li Yuxin could heal it immediately . Her eyes were filled with a complicated look, and she sighed softly . It was already hard to meet old friends in this nasty world, so why did things have to escalate this way?

"It seems that our arrival overwhelmed," Li Yuxin said .

Luo Ming was also a bit stunned . He shook his head . "They can only blame themselves for being ambitious and greedy . Lin Wei and the other discarded their honor for the sake of profits . After doomsday, it's really common to hear that someone was eaten by a mutant zombie or beast . Lu Shanshan and Wang Kui should be content with being safe in this base, but they still chose the road to ruin . " Luo Ming sighed and then continued, "Fortunately, Jiang Liushi, you are powerful, and your members are exceptional!"

Luo Ming suddenly remembered something, and then he said to Jiang Zhuying . "I'd like to apologize . When I first met you, I also thought you were just beautiful girls . However, facts speak louder than words . You are excellent and powerful!" Luo Ming explained because Jiang Liushi had said they had a psychic paranormal with them, so he was under the impression that his thoughts should have long been exposed .

After making sure that Luo Ming was fine, they all gathered before the house's door . Currently, the whole base was eerily quiet, but Jiang Liushi knew that the gunshots should have alarmed the residents and they should be all hiding out of fear .

"Are there any other paranormals in the base?" Jiang Liushi asked .

Luo Ming nodded . "Yes, but he is out in search for medicines . "

"Oh…" Jiang Liushi answered .

Luo Ming added, "He is a kind guy . At least, when Brother Qing hit us, he always stopped him . "

Hearing Luo Ming's explanation, Jiang Liushi said, "Do you think I am a killing demon? He didn't provoke me, so why would I want to kill him?"

"Oh, I just thought…you are so powerful . " Luo Ming scratched his head .

They walked back to the minibus . Along the way, Jiang Liushi and his teammates were keenly aware that pairs of eyes were looking at them uneasily from the surrounding shacks . In the eyes of ordinary people, the whole event was inconceivable . Their first thought was that the group of newcomers would be the one killed in the blink of an eye, not the opposite .  However, the outcome was as like as an apple was to an oyster . They could even feel the pungent smell of blood attacking their nostrils from that house .

Some braver people came out of their shacks slowly and walked toward the house after confirming that Jiang Liushi, followed by his teammates and Luo Ming, was going toward his minibus . They carefully glanced inside, and without exception, all of them were astounded .

'What happened in this house!?' they all wondered .

"Brother Jiang, we've killed them all," said Ying .

Lin Wei had arranged for a few of his lackeys to wait in ambush and attack the Shi Ying Squad's members the moment they heard gunshots . Unfortunately, they did not know with whom they were dealing, and in the end, they fell in their own trap .  

Zhang Hai, Sun Kun, and Ying already knew about their plans, so they acted before the fight in the house . When they saw Jiang Liushi coming back, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun smiled and then ran inside the survival base with their guns; they wanted to plunder the place!

"Unfortunately, Brother Qing was killed before giving you any information about Jiangning," Luo Ming said regretfully .

"What you told me earlier is enough," Jiang Liushi replied . "The paranormal you mentioned earlier will control the base now . " Jiang Liushi believed that as long as the survivors were on full alert and not slacking off, they could lead a better life without Lin Wei and the others' oppression .

"Luo Ming, would you like to come with us to Jiangning?" Jiang Liushi asked .

Luo Ming had not sold him out, which made Jiang Liushi felt warm in his heart . As an old saying goes, "A friend in need is a friend indeed . " Jiang Liushi would like to bring Luo Ming to Jiangning and send him to a safe area . After all, Luo Ming was just an ordinary person so it would be a better choice for him to stay in a safety zone instead of joining his team .

"Go to Jiangning?" Luo Ming was stunned . He hesitated, but finally, he shook his head unexpectedly . "Thank you, but I won't go . "

Seeing Jiang Liushi's confusion, Luo Ming added, "Hey, in fact, I…I don't have any information about my family members . As a result, I'd like to stay at Jiangbei . If my family members are still alive, maybe we can see each other one day, just like you and me . I'll leave it up to fate . "

Although he clearly knew that his thoughts were ridiculous, his hope was ignited again after meeting Jiang Liushi . "Don't worry about me, brother! Chen Jing is also here, at least, we can talk to each other . Moreover, after experiencing today's battle, I guess nobody will dare to bother me anymore . " Luo Ming smiled and patted Jiang Liushi's shoulders .

Jiang Liushi kept silent for a while and then nodded . Since Luo Ming had made his decision, Jiang Liushi wouldn't try to convince him .

Sun Kun returned with a dejected look . "We thought that they may have had anything of value, but they are too poor . We only found these . " Sun Kun took out a small bag with two mutant nuclei inside and a few guns, which were much worse than the ones Jiang Liushi possessed .  

"Brother Jiang, just take them . Although a mosquito's legs are small, they are still meat . " Sun Kun handed the small bag to Jiang Liushi .

"Okay, good job," Jiang Liushi said, and the asked, "Where is Zhang Hai?"

Before he could get his answer, a few booming sounds came from afar . Not long after, a green military off-road vehicle was quickly driven toward them .

Zhang Hai shouted excitedly from the car, "Brother Jiang, look at my new car! Is it strong enough? I once heard from the news that this kind of car was specially designed to transport personnel on the battlefield, so its protection performance is particularly good!"

Jiang Liushi was estimated that this car was left by the army while they were retreating . Zhang Hai was pretty happy that he found that car . It was as if he had seen a precious jewel .

"It's a pity that this car hasn't been refitted to perfection . Nevermind, I will refit it . At least, it can strike several zombies," Zhang Hai said happily .

Jiang Liushi smiled as he knew how much Zhang Hai loved cars . Unfortunately, he could not enjoy most of his cars as they were either destroyed or lost .

Sure enough, Zhang Hai's excitement lasted two seconds . When he saw Jiang Liushi's minibus, he realized that no matter how he refitted his car, it couldn't be compared with Jiang Liushi's minibus . Zhang Hai felt a little bitter, but he soon rejoiced .

"You can add two more steel plates . " Jiang Liushi smiled . Zhang Hai and Sun Kun could follow his minibus with the military car .

"Luo Ming, do you really not want to come with us?" Jiang Liushi asked for one last time .

Luo Ming turned his eyes and said, "Oh, buddy and beauties, stop delaying your journey . If you have the chance to pass by again, come and see me . "

"Okay, let's go . " Li Yuxin gently pulled Jiang Liushi .

"Take care of yourself," Jiang Liushi said .

As the door of the minibus was closed, Luo Ming stepped back two steps and watched them leave . Seeing Jiang Liushi's minibus and the military vehicle getting further away, Luo Ming suddenly raised his arms and waved his hand .

Jiangning was a famous historical and cultural tourist city before doomsday . As a national high-tech industrial city, it had a population of more than 140,000,000 and was very prosperous .

Jiang Liushi had once visited Jiangning with his school as part of the spring tour, but they had not spent much time, and thus, Jiang Liushi hadn't had the chance to explore it . However, now that Jiang Liushi was back to Jiangning, he felt it was a completely a strange city .

Su Guangqi and Su Tong, as well as Li Yuxin also sat by the window and looked out of it silently . There were many abandoned cars on the road, and the houses on both sides were all empty . No living people could be seen on the street, only zombies were left . Those beautiful sceneries were now destroyed by the mad plants . It was no different from other ruined cities .

"We don't even know where the security zone is . Let's find a living person first," Jiang Liushi said to Su Guangqi . The total area of Jiangning was about 8,500 square kilometers, and the center of the city had dense groups of zombies . It was impossible for them to drive like this .

"Let me have a try," Ran Xiyu said . Her eyes seemed to pass through everything in front of her . She extended her spiritual vision to the farthest limit and prepared to search along the way . But at this moment, she suddenly snorted and said, "I found a psychic paranormal, who was scanning outwards . " This intangible mental energy could only be sensed by psychic paranormals . "Should we head over there and see?" asked Ran Xiyu . She had immediately deactivated her power, but she had already known the approximate position of the other person .

"Of course . " Jiang Liushi nodded . Although they didn't know who the other person was, there were not many survivors who could threaten Jiang Liushi . Moreover, Ran Xiyu could alert him early .

In a small building on the outskirts of Jiangning City…

"Ah . . . " A girl suddenly screamed and then opened her eyes . This girl was about 20 years old, and she was beautiful, but her dressing was very conservative .

"What's wrong?" Someone in a room asked . One of the present people in the room was a girl, who was holding a rifle . She was wearing a large trench coat, revealing a tight t-shirt and jeans, while sitting in the corner . She also opened her eyes at the same time .

Although the first girl was young, she let people feel she was quite cold .

"I . . . I was suddenly touched by a psychic paranormal's power," the girl said . Actually, she was also a psychic paranormal .

"It must be a member of other teams," another survivor said . "Did you contact the other psychic paranormal?"

In fact, they had probed out just because they would like to ask other teams for help . They had been trapped there for almost one week . They all hoped that other teams would come to rescue them . Maybe, it was the only way for them to get out of the trouble .

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