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Published at 16th of September 2020 11:40:05 AM

Chapter 365: 365

Chapter 365: A Welcome Banquet (1)

Xu Weilai narrowed her eyes imperceptibly upon hearing Yun Rou’s name . Su Ziqian knew Yun Rou as well?

Su Ziqian noticed her reaction and began to chuckle . Seemingly taking pleasure in Xu Weilai’s expression, her eyes lit up with elation at her misfortune . With a scoff, she said, “I guess you’ve already heard of Yun Rou, so I’ll spare you the introduction . She’s such an outstanding person; she’s so sophisticated and elegant, like a piece of art displayed at the window . We’re nothing compared to her . ”

Su Ziqian ended her statement with a sigh .

Truthfully, when Gu Yu first dumped her because of Xu Weilai, she had been unable to accept it . Hadn’t Xu Weilai used dirty tricks to get her position?

In terms of appearance and talent, she was sure that she was in no way inferior to Xu Weilai . The only explanation for why she had lost was because her methods had not been as disgusting and vicious as Xu Weilai’s .

As such, why was she the only one who had to fall into hell? Even if she did, she planned to drag Xu Weilai along with her!

“Xu Weilai, do you think that Yu dumped me because of you?” Su Ziqian asked coldly . “I initially thought so too . I was even stupid enough to ask Yu about it and keep making up excuses for him .

I think you of all people should understand why I’m being so persistent and refuse to let go . When Yu treats a woman well, his favor goes to extremes . Everything the woman wants is given to her . He places the world at her feet to make her happy, making it so easy for a woman to think that she’s the only one in his eyes and heart; she thinks she’s the only one he loves .

Even so, how can there be so many Cinderellas in the world? I’m not one, and neither are you, Xu Weilai!

Xu Weilai, do you think Yu likes you just because he brought you to this banquet and implicitly acknowledged his relationship with you? Don’t forget that I experienced the exact same thing for three whole years . Everyone thought he loved me and that I would marry him . And how did that end? He heartlessly turned his back on me without any hesitation . ”

“Are you done?”

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Xu Weilai finally spoke up, “I’m not interested in hearing about your failed love, your resentment, and your dissatisfaction . If you insist on spewing it out, I can’t stop you . Just know that a good dog doesn’t block the way . ”

She raised her eyes and glanced at Su Ziqian’s face, which was swollen like a pig’s head . With a sneer, she suddenly asked, “Is your nose better now?” The question was random and completely unrelated to the situation

At the mention of her nose, Su Ziqian instantly recalled the previous incident where Xu Weilai had punched her nose out of place . Her smile froze as she instinctively covered her nose and took two steps back .

Xu Weilai’s lips turned up in a mocking smile . What on earth was she doing parading in front of her with so little courage? Xu Weilai looked away and continued to walk ahead .

Her composure was far from what Su Ziqian expected . Back then, when she had found out that Xu Weilai had returned, her heart had felt on fire as anxiety and unease had overtaken her .

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Was Xu Weilai truly that confident, or was it all an act?

She didn’t believe that Xu Weilai could truly be this indifferent towards Yun Rou . According to her investigations, Yun Rou was not just Gu Yu’s first love; she was also the undiminishing light in his heart!

Su Ziqian didn’t give chase any further . She simply stared calmly at her retreating back and moved her lips as she said, “I can’t believe you’re still so full of yourself here . Back then, it was only because Yu wanted to use me to provoke Yun Rou . Thus, he placed me in such a position of prominence . He wanted to incite jealousy in Yun Rou so that she would come back . Now, it’s your turn . ”

After a pause, she threw out another bombshell, “Oh, right! I almost forgot to tell you . Today’s banquet was organized by your circle specially to welcome Yun Rou back!”

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