My Offers For You - Chapter 39

Published at 5th of May 2019 06:56:26 PM
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Chapter 39

Xu Zhuya's mind was now like a rollercoaster . Everything was moving up and down . All events were playing in her head like a bullet train . She really felt that her head would explode . She really wanted something to cool herself . Too much has happened with her lately . She sighed deeply and waited for the hospital to come .

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After half an hour the car came to a stop . Wu Yanchen parked the car and smiled at the watchman . The watchman was surprised to see a lady coming out from Wu Yanchen's car . Not only the watchman was shocked but also the working people were shocked .

You know relationship gossips move very fast . By the time the person reaches, the gossips will reach the place and misinterpret the whole situation .

It's true no one have time for this kind of relationship gossips but this time the gossip was about Wu Yanchen; the most handsome guy in the whole hospital and in fact the youngest doctor too, so who can deny to not be involved in such gossip . Everyone was gasping at the sight . They really did see a young lady walking beside Wu Yanchen . She was holding a bag with her .

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Wu Yanchen noticed that they were getting creepy stares . He really wanted people to think of his relationship soon he was going to introduce to his would be wife . This was the reason why he personally dropped Xu Zhuya . He deliberately gave the driver a holiday today so that he can drop Xu Zhuya and then after everyone sees them together they will make some gossips about them .

From the inside Wu Yanchen felt really pleased for his companions . He made a notice in his mind saying that he will increase the income of the companions from tomorrow onwards . To maintain his serious status Wu Yanchen halted and looked everyone with an intense glare . His glare was so intensified that if eyes had the power to kill, the person would have been dead by now .

Wu Yanchen raised an eyebrow and asked questioningly "Is there an interesting scene going on over here huh?? Why is everyone not at work huh?? Do you find something funny going on over here??"

As soon as the employees heard it they immediately got back to work . Now it looked like nothing had happened at all .

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Wu Yanchen followed by Xu Zhuya went to his office . He motioned Xu Zhuya to sit on the guest chair . Xu Zhuya sat on it . He gave her the doctor's coat and said her that her room is beside his room only . If she needs anything she can ask him and blah blah blah .

Xu Zhuya entered her room . She was flushed after noticing Wu Yanchen's behaviour . She said to herself "sometimes he can be cocky, sometimes seductive, sometime hot, sometime caring . How can he keep on changing his mood soo often??" She rested her hand beneath her chin and thought for a while . When no suitable reasons came in her mind she dropped the topic off .

Xu Zhuya looked at her surroundings . She sat on her chair and scneed her table . She checked her drawers . In the first drawer her stethoscope and all the necessary stuffs were kept . And she opened the second drawer . She was shocked at the same time happy to see what was in that drawer .

It was her long lost phone . She thanked God and opened her phone . No details were removed, no scratches nothing . It was completely clean just how she had left it before . When she got her phone, she took a paper from her bag and saved the two numbers . She messaged Su Wan and Song Jung including Yan Rong on Weibo "I got my phone back . Yayyy, I'm soo happy . "

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After 2 mins there was a ping on her phone . Yan Rong messaged her back saying "Ahhh!!! I was soo worried for you . . . . Hope you are fine now . . How is the baby??"

Xu Zhuya read it and a smile crept on her face . She replied "I'm fine Yan . . How are you?? Yea the baby is fine too and healthy also . You know what . . . . guess what ???" Xu Zhuya wanted to surprise Yan Rong so she didn't say her what she got or what happened lately . She wanted her friend to guess .

And yeah Yan Rong did guess but with a reply on her health condition too "I'm good too . Ohhh my God tell me what is it ?? Wait I'll only guess it . . . Is it you got settled ???"

Xu Zhuya could imagine Yan Rong's face right now . Yan Rong probably was jumping up and down due to excitement . Without further delay Xu Zhuya replied back "Yeah settled but you are only half way correct . Let's not keep you in suspense any more . . . . " and so Xu Zhuya ended up saying her whole journey with Wu Yanchen .

Yan Rong replied "woah . . . . Looks like the guy is crazy for you now . . Hehe . . . My Xu Zhuya is always attracted by boys . . . Even after being a mom also . . . Haha"

Xu Zhuya gave a fake smile and said in an annoyed tone "Yea yeah you think that only . . Don't they have any other work to do?? He looks way elder than me . . and as of me I don't plan of marrying now but to be a single mother . So hell no if he proposes me . "

Meanwhile, standing in front of the door was Wu Yanchen . He had heard each and every talk of Xu Zhuya's . He had planned to give her a tour of the hospital . But after hearing her intentions, he didn't like it much and kept shut . He retreated back to his office all heartbroken and sat at his chair .

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