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Chapter 431

Chapter 431: The Unexpected (Part Three)

But Mo Lan couldn’t do that when there were so many spectators around .

She still had some rationality left inside her . She knew that she shouldn’t humiliate her son in front of the outsiders .

Mo Lan stared at Jing Zhongxiu with clenched teeth and Jing Zhongxiu didn’t look at her with any love, either .

“If he doesn’t want to leave himself, then I will have to ask someone to throw him out . I don’t care about you either, when you don’t care about Family Jing that much . The worst case will be me asking for punishment from my father for unintentionally humiliating Family Jing in front of so many people . ”

Jing Zhongxiu took a pause before looking at Jing Yiran . He then said to him in a quiet but cold tone, “If any outsider dares to make trouble on the night before the wedding of the heir of Family Jing, he might not make it alive . Are you sure you want to stay back and make trouble?”

Jing Yiran was creeped out by Jing Zhongxiu’s gaze .

He knew that his father was not bluffing at this moment .

All of a sudden, Jing Yiran felt cold sweat trickling down his back . But Mo Lan became furious .

“Even tigers don’t eat their own children . How can you be so cruel towards your own son? You must teach him well when he makes a mistake . You have never even laid eyes upon him . I was the one who brought him up . If you ever treated him like you treat Chen, he would not have been much worse than Chen . ”

“Maybe you have forgotten that I am more lethal than a tiger . ” Jing Zhongxiu was not moved by her words . “I have killed many people and he will just add to that number . Also, I never thought of him as my son . Jing Yichen is my only son . This is your boy, not mine . ”

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If Jing Yiran had not done anything that went against Family Jing, Jing Zhongxiu would have kept him safe for his entire life .

Jing Zhongxiu used to forgive all his shenanigans and didn’t favor anyone when Jing Yichen and he were in a fight . Instead, Jing Zhongxiu would only say that Jing Yichen would be the one getting the punishment .

Jing Yichen had been hit many times but Jing Yiran was never punished .

But Jing Yiran was on a completely wrong track, nowadays . He threw away the properties of Family Jing and had dared to join hands with outsiders to set traps for his own family, intending to ruin Family Jing .

Jing Zhongxiu had no hesitation in facing Family Jing’s enemies .

Hearing that Jing Zhongxiu had no love for him and would even kill him calmly, Jing Yiran felt his heart fill with resentment .

He had no idea what wrong had he done . Why did Jing Zhongxiu favor the other one so much?

The reason why he decided to give the shares of Family Jing to Ji Bo was because he didn’t want Family Jing to take away his shares .

There was no way that they could get the shares back if they were given to Family Ji .

It was not safe to have the shares worth tens of billions with him . After he got the shares, Jing Yiran had always been worried that Jing Zhongxiu or Jing Yichen would take those away . So, he took Yang Muyan’s suggestion of exchanging the shares of Jingsheng with those of Family Ji .

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He had come to the agreement with Ji Bo that when he acquired the entire Jingsheng, the two families would return each other’s shares .

In this way, he and Ji Bo ended up being in the same boat and would have to help each other to get reciprocal benefits .

When Jing Yiran heard what Jing Zhongxiu said, he realized that what he had done was totally wise . Good that Yang Muyan had thought of this idea, otherwise Jing Zhongxiu would have taken back all the shares when he got annoyed oneday .

But at the moment, only he could get back the shares and even if Jing Zhongxiu and Jing Yichen wanted to kill him, they would need to think twice before taking that step .

Jing Yiran soon had many ideas flashing across his mind . Right at that moment, he looked up and saw Jing Yichen coming his way whilst the audience in the long corridor were moving away from him .

Jing Yichen had such charisma that all the guests seemed to treat him politely . Jing Yiran got terribly jealous when he saw the scene .

He had never been treated in this manner .

He was not the heir of Family Jing and was never allowed to touch the business of Family Jing . So when everyone else treated him politely as the second master of Family Jing on the surface, they were also laughing at him for being the black sheep of the family .

But soon Jing Yiran soon adjusted his emotions and was no longer furious . Instead, he looked proud .

The fish had taken the bait . Jing Yichen was here!

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A genius? Excellent heir of Family Jing? A powerful man? We’ll see .

Jing Yichen noticed the small smile on Jing Yiran’s face as he approached . The smile was sinister, and provocative, making Jing Yichen frown slightly .

But soon the smile was gone . Instead, he called him “Brother” politely and then said in a serious tone, “I am here to attend your wedding . Here is the wedding gift for you and sister-in-law . ”

He scooped out an exquisite silk box and passed it to him .

But Jing Yichen didn’t take it .

No one knew Jing Yiran better than him . People tended to know more about their competitors than their friends .

Jing Yiran was here to make trouble .

No wonder he had been so quiet these days . He was waiting for this very moment .

But the security of the hotel was of the highest quality, so it was not so easy for Jing Yiran to make trouble through others . That was why he came here by himself .

“If you can bring Jingsheng’s shares back, you are not only allowed to attend the wedding, you will also be given back the identity of being a part of Family Jing . That is the gift I want . I am sure you are sincere enough to offer it . ”

Jing Yichen startled the three people standing there with his words .

Jing Yiran had never expected that he would say something like this . He had just been thrown back to the disadvantageous status by him within a second .

“The shares belong to Family Jing and I just want you to get them back . That is the best way for you to show your loyalty . ”

Jing Yichen sounded nuetral but also intimidating at the same time . Suddenly, he turned to Mo Lan and said, “Isn’t that right, Grandma?”

Mo Lan, who had been surprised turned to Jing Yiran and said with a frown, “Ran, can you get the shares back?”

Jing Yichen showed a cold smile and gazed at Jing Yiran with a fiery look . Looking at him standing there silently, he said, “You have the 20% shares of Family Ji’s Enterprise, right? If you can’t get back Jingsheng’s shares, you can give us Family Ji’s shares . It’s your choice . ”