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Chapter 432

Chapter 432: The Unexpected (Part Four)

“If not, then that is the proof that you are breaking up with Family Jing, right? In that case, I have nothing more to say to you . After all, father isn’t driving you out of the family, it is you who wants to establish your own company . ”

Having said the words, Jing Yichen turned to Mo Lan and asked again, “Isn’t that right, Grandma?”

Jing Yichen barely called Mo Lan “Grandma” . But he chose to address her so deliberately at this moment .

Mo Lan nodded involuntarily and mumbled, “Yes…”

Jing Yiran’s expression was turning worse by the minute .

What was going on with Jing Yichen? He never behaved like this .

He always used violence to punch him and hated to reason with him through words .

But today he was talking reasonably .

This could not continue . Mo Lan was his only supporter in Family Jing and he had been expecting that Mo Lan could help him get some properties of Family Jing .

Cold sweat soaked Jing Yiran’s shirt, which stuck to his body, making him feel uncomfortable .

“I am a part of Family Jing . Why must I hand in anything? What rule is that? Dad has driven me out and now you are saying that it is my fault? I have been fooled by Ji Bo when it came to the shares exchange but I never wanted to betray Family Jing . You are putting wrong charges on me with your clever words . ”

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Fists clenched, Jing Yiran started to argue feebly .

Within a few seconds, more and more people were gathered in the corridor .

Jing Yichen nodded at Tiger next to him, gesturing to him that everyone should go back to their rooms .

He was not speaking with a low voice and everyone present had heard what he said . What Jing Yiran had done was unforgivable and Family Jing already gave him a chance to overturn it . But he gave up the chance and had decided to stand against Family Jing instead .

People were not stupid . They all understood what he meant .

Even Mo Lan understood what was going on .

She stared at the grandson whom she had raised for thirty years . She couldn’t believe that what he was doing was against Family Jing and he was out to destroy them .

“Ran, your brother is right . Return the shares and Family Jing will surely allow you back . If you lack money to spend, I have got enough . You can buy whatever you want . It is okay if the shares of Family Jing are with them, as long as your brother gets hold of the shares of Family Ji . He will definitely get our shares back . He is capable, isn’t he?”

The story was unfolding in a different manner from what Jing Yiran had expected . He was losing control of the situation .

But he had achieved his purpose of being here and it was time for him to leave .

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“Grandma, it is not that simple . I can get back what we have lost . My brother doesn’t need to clean up the mess for me . ”

Suddenly, Jing Yiran had hands over his chest and showed an agonised expression . Then he held Mo Lan’s arms and said, “My chest hurts badly now, maybe the wounds have opened again . Since father isn’t letting me in, I can come back when I get the shares . ”

Having said the words, he left the hotel instantly, despite Mo Lan’s calling him back .

Seeing his retreating figure, Jing Yichen felt a bit anxious .

Jing Yiran had not behaved normally today . He was a strong person who would never retreat, no matter the circumstances . He would continue to fight against him no matter what .

Pressing down the anxiety inside his heart, Jing Yichen said to Tiger behind him, “Pass the order that anyone not on the list, is not allowed in . Keep the gates guarded!”

Tiger quickly started to spread the order .

He understood that Jing Yichen needed to stress to everyone that even if Jing Yiran was with the old lady today, he should not be allowed in .

Luckily they had not fought today, otherwise the wedding would have been impacted, had the groom been injured .

Mo Lan wasn’t assured about Jing Yiran, so she followed him out .

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This was the only fancy hotel in the neighborhood and she was worried that Jing Yiran would have no place to stay overnight . What was more, he had not yet recovered from the wound and might get sick again .

Jing Zhongxiu patted his son on the shoulders and said in composure, “Get back to the room and rest well . Tomorrow is an important day for you and Ning . Leave everything else onto me . ”

Although Jing Yiran didn’t make a fuss today, many people had seen the tension between the father and son .

Jing Zhongxiu must deliver the message to everyone present that Jing Yiran had been driven out and was not part of the family any more .

Jing Yichen nodded and then turned to walk back to his room .

As soon as he went inside the room, he frowned . All the lights were off .

It was quite dark inside the room, but Jing Yichen, who had been well trained in the darkness, adjusted his vision easily .

He was a bit confused as to why Shangguan Ning had gone to bed so early . She would not sleep alone without him, and also would always keep the light on for him .

Jing Yichen took off his coat and hung it up to the clothes hanger, changed into the slippers and entered the bedroom .

The moonlight pierced the window and sprinkled over the entire room, making the room look beautiful .

Under the blanket, next to the window was a silhouette, slender and beautiful .

A light fragrance could be sensed in the room as well .

Jing Yichen reached the bedside and said sharply, “Get up now, if you don’t want to die . ”

But the figure in the bed didn’t move .

In the luxurious presidential suite, a gun was loaded and aimed at the beautiful silhouette under the blanket without hesitation .

Jing Yichen looked very cold . The veins on his forehead popped out and his fingers were trembling .

He wanted to kill now!

But this person couldn’t die yet!

It was deadly silent, even the air seemed to have stopped moving .

The figure in the blanket eventually moved .

She stood up from the bed and aimed the gun screwed with silencer at Jing Yichen as she said in astonishment, “How did find out that I am not Shangguan Ning?”