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Chapter 433: Lust

Chapter 433: Lust

The woman sitting on the bed had a black pistol in her hand . In order to look like Shangguan Ning, she was wearing a wig that had the same length as Shangguan Ning’s hair . Plus, she was almost as tall as Shangguan Ning and they shared similar temperaments . Overall, she looked much like Shangguan Ning .

The bedroom was very dark despite the moonlight shining through the window . Also, she had covered her face with a blanket .

Tang Yun rose from the bed slowly and stood on the carpet, barefoot . The pistol in her hands was aimed at Jing Yichen at all times .

She had no idea what she had done wrong so that Jing Yichen immediately got to know that she was not Shangguan Ning .

“How could you tell the difference? You didn’t even see me . How could you tell that I am not Shangguan Ning? Weren’t you worried that you would shoot the wrong person?”

Tang Yun was aggressive and had always been impulsive . But right now, she looked like a totally different person .

Had she not talked impulsively as she usually did, it would have been difficult for anyone to believe that this woman with the gun in her hand, was Tang Yun .

Jing Yichen’s eyes were red with anger and he sounded extremely cold . “Where is Ning?!”

Of course he could tell if the woman lying in the bed was his beloved woman or not .

How could he ever make a mistake in telling his wife apart from other women?

However much Tang Yun disguised herself, she could never be Shangguan Ning . The most conspicuous point was that when he approached her, he had felt something was different .

After spending so much time with Shangguan Ning, Jing Yichen was extremely familiar with her hair . Also, there had been some other small details that made Jing Yichen suspicious .

He loved this woman so deeply that he remembered all of her habits .

It was an important day for them, the night before their wedding . She had been excited and nervous, caressing her clothes just a minute ago . How could she fall asleep so fast?

Unless she was very tired or sick, she would go to bed alone . Otherwise, she would be waiting for him until they could sleep together in each other’s arms .

She would never switch off all the lights . Even when she was sleeping, she would have one light on . She often slept in a good posture . She would be lying in the bed and facing him . However, Tang Yun’s legs were outstretched and she had her back towards him, instead .

Ning never used perfume . Also, Jing Yichen didn’t like perfumes, either . But there was a scent across the room and it was a fragrance he had once smelled on Tang Yun . Most importantly, there was another kind of scent hidden under the perfume – the philtre .

What a plan!

Jing Yichen had been drawn outside the room, so that Shangguan Ning could be taken away . Then he was to be drugged so that he would get unconscious and have sex with the woman in the bed .

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Their wedding was taking place the following day . If he really had fallen for the plan and it was found that he had been with another woman the following morning by Shangguan Ning, the consequence would have been beyond imagination!

Jing Zhongxiu fell for this trap years back and now, someone was using the same trap on him .

Jing Yiran must have come up with this idea .

Jing Yiran had been here to make trouble tonight . He must have known that Tang Yun had achieved the purpose, so he left in a hurry . No wonder his behaviour had been abnormal today . He had hatched a conspiracy, a huge one .

He had been in the corridor of the same floor, but he had not seen Shangguan Ning being taken away . Even the security guards of the hotel had not been aware of any movement either . Therefore, Shangguan Ning must be unconscious .

Jing Yichen became increasingly furious inside his heart when he thought about this .

He couldn’t possibly imagine what he would do if anything happened to Shangguan Ning . He was definitely going to get mental!

God knew how much he wanted to put a bullet into Tang Yun’s head right now .

But first he needed to bring Shangguan Ning back to his side .

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Goddamn it! He had lost Ning again!

“Where is Ning? Speak!!” Jing Yichen’s voice was full of stormy fury . He bellowed so loudly that Tang Yun, who was just a few metres away from him, felt the sound of thundering .

Tang Yun had never seen Jing Yichen so out of control . He could be really furious, but he often had a cold face, unlike now, when he looked so terrifyingly scary!

Pressing down the fright inside her, Tang Yun made up her mind, straightened up her back and aimed at Jing Yichen with the pistol without moving an inch . She was not afraid of death any more .

But she must not allow Jing Yichen to lose his temper now, or he would kill her immediately . She didn’t want to die right now . She must live on, because she had not got hold of the properties of Family Jing and had not realized any of her wishes!

Therefore, Tang Yun thought it would be proper if she consoled Jing Yichen a bit .

“She is in a safe place, don’t worry . She will be fine . She won’t die before I finish my task . As long as you treat me well, I guarantee that she won’t get injured . But if I am injured, Shangguan Ning would get much more seriously injured . ”

However, what Tang Yun said didn’t have the desired effect . Instead, Jing Yichen got even more furious .

He wanted to know where Shangguan Ning was and make sure that she was completely safe . He didn’t believe what Tang Yun said because he knew her too well to know that Shangguan Ning wouldn’t be fine in her hands .

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“If Nin loses one hair, you will all die with her!”

Jing Yichen was trying very hard not to shoot Tang Yun . One more wrong word from her would make him pull the trigger and kill this woman .

The temperature in the bedroom was perfect, neither too cold nor too hot . But sweat had started to trickle down alongside Jing Yichen’s perfect face . He was completely soaked just after a few seconds!

Tang Yun was a bit terrified by what Jing Yichen said, but she still decided to strip herself naked .

She only had a loose dress on tonight and was wearing nothing under the dress either .

She was now completely naked in front of Jing Yichen .

She blushed slightly after doing this and gazed at Jing Yichen, trying to see the change in his expression .