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Chapter 41

In the end, after staying the night in the boss room, we finally stood in front of the magic circle .

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It seems that Yoru too, didn’t know where this magic circle will take us .

Only, now that I knew that this dungeon was not suitable for the training of the sword, there was no longer any reason to remain here .

I couldn’t accept that fact that we stopped at the eightieth floor, I didn’t know if this was a good or a bad place to stop, but maa, it couldn’t be helped .

I didn’t know where we’re going, but maa, it didn’t matter .

Yoru, who had shapeshifted into the size of a kitten, was on my shoulder, and Amelia held onto my hand tightly .

If we get separated, Yoru and I knew the other’s location, but we wouldn’t know Amelia’s .

I had the confidence that I could locate Amelia no matter where she went, but you could never be too careful .

「Are you ready?」

「Yes . 」

『I’m ready whenever . 』

On my left came an excited and lively voice, but a bitter voice resounded near my ear .

I’m fine even when I’m by myself, but for there to be a reply at a time like this, was surprisingly not bad either .

「Alright, let’s go!」

We stepped inside the the magic circle that was shining blue .

The magic circle grew brighter and brighter, it was shining so brightly that we were not able to open our eyes .

We reflexively closed our eyes, and our feet floated off of the ground, after being struck with a floating feeling for a while, we once again landed on the ground in some place .

It seemed to have been this feeling as well when I was summoned to this world .

The difference would be that, when we opened our eyes, we were inside a building the last time, but this time, we appeared in a forest .

「…where is this place?」


『Miss Amelia?』

I looked around a little, when I confirmed that there were only trees, Amelia suddenly frowned as if she discovered something .

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Yoru inquisitively called Amelia’s name .

Perhaps it was a poker face, or perhaps she was expressionless, but Amelia, whose facial expressions rarely changed, was strangely agitated .

Her eyes were fixated on a certain place .

When I followed that gaze, from the spaces in between the trees, a particularly big…or rather, an impossibly enormous tree could be seen .

That enormous tree that seemed hard to imagine was faintly glowing, there were clouds covering the middle of the trunk that didn’t have any leaves .

In a place that was far away, its entirety could not be included in my field of vision .

Its size was beyond imaginable .

Just how many hundred million years old was the tree .

I too recognized the tree, it was due to a completely different reason, but I also frowned .

And, gave a low groan .

『The sacred tree…elven territory, huh . 』

「The sacred tree, you mean that tree?」

「That’s right . That, is the pride of the elves . It’s something that should be protected no matter what . 」

Contrary to those words, Amelia stared at that tree as if annoyed .

I was going to say something, but I held my tongue .

Even I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say something .

However, it certainly felt like there was something between the sacred tree and Amelia .

Then, I pushed Amelia down onto the ground .


「That was dangerous . 」

『Nice reaction, Master-dono . 』

Yoru carefreely raised his voice .

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Ignoring that, I pulled out the arrow that had pierced into the ground that was a little further away while giving Amelia’s blushing face a side glance .

The arrowhead was a bit wet, I knew that it had poison on it .

As an assassin, I had read all of the illustrated reference books on poison that were in the the royal castle’s collection of books, and I memorized everything, but I didn’t know which poison this was .

This was definitely a poison that was uniquely made by the elves .

Not noticing until now, Amelia became aware of the arrow in my hand and the poison on the arrowhead .

「That’s… . 」

「It had come flying, precisely aiming at your throat . You’re, more or less, royalty, right? It doesn’t seem like it though . 」

It was dangerous, so I let the shadow magic eat the arrow, and when I said that to lighten up the mood while being vigilant of our surroundings, Amelia stared back at me with blank eyes, and laughed .

「I was someone who was shunned by the others . This was not where I belonged . 」

When I saw that look on her face, there was a throbbing pain in my chest .

Even though she’s finally been smiling a lot more recently, it felt like she instantly turned back to when we first met .

And that was, not my imagination .

「…then, that means that even if we counterattack, your reputation wouldn’t be damaged?」

I sneered and took out a small magic stone from the place where I stored my hidden weapons .

After checking its weight, I lightly threw it in the direction where the arrow had come flying from .

Maa, even though I said I threw it, it actually went flying with considerable speed though .

After a while, there was the sound of the magic stone hitting something, and the muffled sounds of that something falling from on top of a tree continuously resounded .

I approached that something while simultaneously using the stealth and assassination skills .

I asked Yoru to telepathically communicate with me in regards to Amelia, so they’re fine .

Because the trees were so close together, it would be difficult to swing my katana, so I took out one of the few hidden weapons that I had .

I crept up on the male elf who was in a place that was a bit further away and was trying to escape, and thrusted it at his neck .


「Don’t move . If you move, your neck will separate from your body . 」

When I whispered that into the ears of the male elf who was twisting his body trying to escape, he suddenly stopped moving .

The weapon right now, the length of the blade was not enough to decapitate, but because of the fear, the man did not have any ability to make that judgement anymore .

When the man lost his fighting spirit, I sent a telepathic message to Yoru, and after a while, Amelia appeared, guided by Yoru .

The moment he saw Amelia, although he didn’t move, I felt the man’s thirst for blood grow .

Amelia directly accepted that thirst for blood, and had a slightly sad look on her face .

「…Liam Gladiolus . 」

「Amelia Rose Quartz . How dare you show up in front of the sacred tree again . 」

It seems that they’re acquaintances .

When I forcefully pushed the hidden weapon against his throat, the man finally put away the thirst for blood that he was emitting towards Amelia .

「Soon, the elven elites, including Kirika-sama, will come here! You who sided with this woman will meet your end here as well!!!?」

For the time being, he’s noisy, so I stunned the man .

He might turn into a hostage, so I won’t kill him .

In the first place, I don’t remember giving him permission to talk, so I could’ve killed him though .

I scowled at the presences that were approaching with great speed from a considerably far distance away, and looked down at Yoru .

「Yoru . Become bigger and let us on . 」

『Master-dono’s usage of a cat is rough . …maa, if it’s a serious matter regarding Miss Amelia, then there’s no helping it . This skill too, is not something that can be recklessly used like this though . 』

While complaining, Yoru shapeshifted into a size that would be able to pass through the trees yet carry three people, and bent down .

I violently threw the man onto Yoru’s back, and I climbed on top as well .

And then, I held out my hand to Amelia who was motionlessly thinking about something .

「What are you doing, we’re running . 」

「It’s impossible to run away from elves in the forest . We’ll be caught eventually .  Kyaa!?」

I got annoyed with Amelia who was shaking her head, and forcibly carried her in my arms .

Amelia gave a cute scream and clung onto my neck .

Although Yoru was smaller than his original size, he was fairly tall .

She was probably surprised .

This was probably not the time to be thinking about it, but because I was carrying her, we were extremely close together .

In other words, it was pretty amazing .

「Let’s run away . It’s hard to swing my katana here, so we’re just moving to a more spacious area . Amelia, lead the way . You can at least guide yourself through this territory, right?」

「…but . 」

「It’ll be fine, lead the way . As long as we get to a spacious area, I’ll take care of it one way or another . 」

I gave this order to, Amelia who was vehemently arguing .

Even now, Amelia was making a face like she was going to cry, she pointed towards the sacred tree .

「There is a huge plaza that is used for a festival involving the sacred tree, over there . 」

「Yoru . 」

『Understood . 』

Yoru got up, and rushed out like a bullet in the direction that Amelia pointed towards .

This speed, was not inferior and did not lose out to the those who were chasing us from behind .

Maa, I’m doing my best to hold on and support the man .

『Master-dono, we’re almost arriving at the spacious area . 』

A while after breaking into a run with his nose twitching, Yoru said this .

「…aah, got it . 」

I gripped the handle of my katana on my back .

Even if the elves hated Amelia, I alone will be on Amelia’s side .