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Published at 19th of February 2019 03:17:01 AM

Chapter 54

「Amelia-sama, how about some water?」

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「Amelia-sama, how are you feeling… . 」

「Amelia-sama, … . 」

「Amelia-sama… . 」

「Amelia-sama… . 」

「Daaaaaaaa! So annoying! Disappear!!!」

I waved those guys who were swarming around Amelia away .

And, I looked up at the sky, how did this happen .




「Leaving todayy!?」

「That’s…still unexpected . 」

The king and Kirika’s eyes widened at my words .

The king stood up and the chair produced a loud sound .

The king paid on attention to the magnificent chair, and grabbed me by the collar .

Amelia, it’s fine, so don’t shoot a death glare at your own father .

Strangely, the king ignored Amelia’s glare and shook me .

However, due to the difference in our status, I only felt like I was being nudged .

「There should also be a limit to how abrupt it is! A child like you might not know, but there’s an order to things!」

「I know . 」

When I smoothly responded, the king was at a loss for words, and held his own head this time .

I thought that he was a bit pitiful .

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Actually, I knew why the king was this agitated .

「…even though I planned to have a party with all the elves since Amelia has finally returned . 」

That’s right, I knew that, they were planning a large-scale party for Amelia under the king and Kirika’s name .

I knew, and purposely chose to leave right away .

「Isn’t this the perfect chance? Kirika, go experience for yourself what Amelia usually experiences . 」

「I, I go through oneesama’s experiences? It shouldn’t be what I think you’re trying to say, but is it me disguising myself as oneesama and attending the party?」

「Is there anything else?」

Annoyed, I frowned, at the shocked look on Kirika’s face .

Certainly, rather than saying the Kirika and Amelia made up, they decided to let bygones be bygones .

However, I didn’t know if the hatred would, for some reason or another, come spilling forth once again .

It’s not that I don’t trust Kirika, but the elves were a race that lived for a long time .

I wanted to secure a guarantee .

For Amelia .

「I see, that’s a good suggestion . 」

「E, even otousama!」

「I, don’t do anything that hard . It’ll be fine, if it’s Kirika, you can do it . 」

「Oneesama… . 」

When Amelia patted her head with a pon pon, Kirika nodded absentmindedly .

There was undoubtedly no one who would be able to win against Amelia’s smile and head pat combo .

Similarly, I too, had never won against this and when her eyes requested something of me .

It was a mental attack that ignored even the difference in our statuses .

Defending against it, and counterattacking were impossible .

The rise of the doctrine of Amelia the all-powerful .

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「I understand . I, will disguise as oneesama and attend the party!」

「Do your, best . 」


Hai, problem solved .

It was worth it to, purposely come tell them, with the resolution that they would get mad, after confirming that they sent the written invitation .

Since it would be too late for the organizers, the royal family, to cancel it if they had already sent the written invitation .

Low life?

Say that to that one who thought it up .

「Are you guys going to the demon king’s castle?」

「No, for now, we’re heading towards the beastmen’s territory to do some maintenance on my sword . 」

When I said that, the king gave a small frown .

If I’m not mistaken, weren’t the elves and the beastmen on bad terms .

No, the beastmen treated other races, no matter the race, fairly and without contempt, so wouldn’t it be correct to say that it’s the elves who one-sidedly hated them .

The elves who cared about things like tradition and their pride and the rough beastmen were, originally, existences that were incompatible with each other .

「Fumu . In that case, I’ll escort you until the continent’s border . 」

「No need . 」

「Don’t be reserved . 」

「No, I’ll refuse since I have a bad premonition . 」

「A fellow who’s not honest . 」

I’m fine with not being honest .

For him to purposely say something like he would escort us until the border of the unpleasant beastmen’s territory, how very suspicious .

I think that it’s a matter of course to think that he’s scheming something .

「There are almost no ships that go to the beastmen territory and on top of that, if you don’t have the authorization of the royal family, you would not be permitted to do so . Maa, I won’t know what will happen over there if you pass through the continent without going through the proper procedures though? With the exception of my daughter . 」

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「…tsk . 」

「Yes, yes . Speaking of the proper procedures, how did you guys enter elven territory?」

Even though I thought that they had forgotten about it, it seems that they properly remembered it .

If I told them that it was a forced teleportation by means of a magic circle, I’m certain that I would be persistently interrogated .

I would like to be spared of that much .

I evaded it by forcing a smile .

「Fine . we will go through the proper procedures . 」

「For now, stop looking down at me . 」

「That’s impossible . 」

Even though it was an exceedingly normal request, he’s a rude fellow .

I folded my arms .

「Now then, pack up your luggage and meet up at that plaza . 」

「Yes . 」

Amelia ignored, the king who was putting in his best effort in putting on airs to display his majesty .

Even if he said luggage, they were only things that I picked up in this continent .

Since I originally had barely any luggage .

I confirmed the number of hidden weapons, and when I was sorting out Amelia’s luggage, it was already time .

「Now then, why don’t we get going!」

「Hey wait, idiot king . 」

There were a hundred suits of armor at the plaza .

Rather, the elven knights were standing in formation .

Because none of them were talking and they were completely motionless, in the beginning, I had even thought that they were only suits of armor .

「Otousama, this seems to be a little too much . 」

Kirika said that with a shocked look on her face as well, but she had the appearance of a knight .

Now that I think about it, this guy was the only elven sword wielder .

She probably won’t be a hindrance .

The other ninety-nine knights were, to be blunt, nuisances .

「There are many dangers on the way . It would be better to have more companions . 」

He said that and the king avoided the fact that he himself was dressed as a knight .

He couldn’t fool anyone though .

Besides, it truly wasn’t a good thing for there to be so many of them though .

「Maa, maa, isn’t it fine with this few . 」

「Few? Is it few, this . 」

In the end, in addition to Kirika’s persuasion, the number of knights decreased to one-fourth, and the king removed the armor as well .




And, we’ve arrived at the present time .

Even if I said that it’s one-fourth, there were twenty-five people .

On top of there being a lot of them, all of them were male .

How filthy .

And, even though she immediately disguised herself, they noticed that it was Amelia, and that led us to the beginning .

She’s loved .

To the point of me being jealous .

Even after I drove them away, they kept glancing at Amelia .

These guys didn’t learn their lesson .

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