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Published at 4th of April 2019 09:29:08 AM

Chapter 66

When I opened my eyes in the morning, there was a beautiful girl right in front of me .

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I was bewildered for a moment before I finally grasped the situation .

Come to think of it, I fell asleep last night while hugging Amelia .

Asleep in a comfy bed, next to a transcendent beauty with her soft body pressed against mine…was this heaven?

Or rather, was this hell because I didn’t do anything?

As I was pondering over it in anguish, there was a creaking noise coming from the other bed .

I raised my body up a little and when I peeked over Amelia, I saw a large Yoru get up from the bed .


Yoru, who was not very good at getting up in the mornings, furrowed his brows as he got up and stretched his entire body .

Afterwards, he came around behind me, sank his teeth into my clothes and pulled .

「Ah, wai, Yoru?」

I let go of Amelia and separated from her so that I wouldn’t wake her up .

Yoru dragged me off the bed, and without saying a word, started to take my clothes off .

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Though I cocked my head in puzzlement, under Yoru’s urging, I undressed and changed clothes .

After that, he woke Amelia up and made her change as well

「Yoru, what’s wrong . 」

When I looked at Yoru, he let out a yawn and finally opened his mouth to talk .

『Last night, I was searching for a blacksmith I knew . It seems that he is coming over now . 』

With that said, he languidly returned to his bed .

Bewildered, Amelia and I looked at each other .

「He’s coming now, you say, how do you know?」

As we tilted our heads in confusion, someone knocked on the door .

No, there was some strength to it, so it was probably more accurate to say that they pounded on the door .

「…come in . 」

I responded after hiding a hidden weapon in my hand, just to be on the safe side, and then, Haru, as well as a black cat beastman entered .

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「This is the blacksmith Kurou-san . He seems to be someone familiar-sama is acquainted with, so I gave him a pat-down just in case and then brought him over . 」

The beastman known as Kurou glanced at Yoru before shifting his gaze towards Amelia and myself, examining us .

「A, aah, thank you, Haru . 」

After saying, ‘take your time’, Haru left .

Once Haru was completely out of sight, Kurou opened his mouth to speak .

「It seems that you have the skills, but you are still a child . It doesn’t mean anything even if that monster known as ‘Adorea’s Nightmare’ follows you . Not to mention the elf over there . 」

“Adorea’s Nightmare”?

If I remember correctly, that was the beastmen’s capital city .

Also, his extremely annoying way of speaking rubbed me the wrong way .

『Master-dono, even though he’s like this, he’s the world’s number one blacksmith . Though he had a troublesome personality and barely has any customers as a result』

Yoru was sprawled out on the bed, and muttered that as he looked at the wall .

I raised my voice in agreement .

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Heroes, and geniuses all had troublesome personalities .

「Thank you for explaining . For ‘Adorea’s Nightmare’ to say that about me, as expected, it’s embarrassing . 」

Kurou didn’t look embarrassed at all, but it seems that he was actually happy about it as his tail was raised up a little .

I see, this guy’s a tsundere, huh .

TN: most of you should know what tsundere means, but for those who don’t, they’re people who act cold, but they actually care

「Nice to meet you, I’m Oda Akira . This is the high elf Amelia . 」

Kurou gave a small nod and held out his hand when I introduced myself .

Unsure of what he meant by this gesture, I tilted my head in confusion . Kurou raised his voice as if he was irritated .

「Take out the weapon that you want me to repair . 」

Understanding what he meant, I took out “Yatonokami” .

The moment Kurou saw “Yatonokami”, his eyes widened .

Without realizing that, I put the katana along with the scabbard in his hand .

「…fuun . It seemed like you were negligent in its maintenance, but that’s not all . You probably went to the human territory’s dungeon and overused it, didn’t you . 」

Amelia let out a voice filled with admiration at his eyes of observation that accurately pointed it out with just glance .

「Can it be repaired?」

When I asked that, Kurou shook his head .

As if saying, “good grief” .

「Who do you think I am? It’s just that, collecting the materials would be troublesome . 」

While Kurou was carefully observing the blade of the katana and held it under the sun, Yoru elaborated on his behalf .

『This person is only repairing it, the materials and money needed for the repairs must be provided by us . For the funds, you can get some by hunting monsters, but getting the materials would be a bit troublesome . 』

Hee, I nodded, and when I turned back to Kurou, I saw that the katana had been taken apart .

The guard and the handle were nimbly put back together .

「That is not difficult . I just need materials for the blade . I will give the monster over there the list of materials . 」

Kurou left after saying that and Amelia chased after him .

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