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Chapter 794: 794

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Chapter 794: Zhong Qianqian Is Doomed

When Zhong Qianqian saw the video recording, every limb on her body turned into jelly.

Even though the video had just started, she already knew what would happen next.

Zhong Qianqian glared at Zhong Nuannuan viciously.


How did she get this video?

Could it be that when Zhong Qianqian pushed Zhou Jinhui down, Zhong Nuannuan was filming her?

Zhong Qianqian was undeniably the most miraculous snowflake ever existed.

After all, although Zhong Nuannuan appeared at a completely different location from where the video was taken, Zhong Qianqian still managed to blame Zhong Nuannuan.

She lived up her name as a flunk in her academics indeed.

She was an utter moron.

The guests and reporters watched. The person who Zhong Qianqian kept calling a ‘b*tch’—the cold-blooded Zhong Nuannuan who never cared for her family—stepped forward to take the blame in Zhong Qianqian’s stead when her elder sister pushed the victim down the stairs to his death.

As for Zhong Qianqian? After the person fell to her death, the teacher approached them. One moment ago, Zhong Qianqian was kneeling in front of Zhong Nuannuan, begging her for a solution. Yet, at the next moment, she pushed all the blame clean onto Zhong Nuannuan.

Other than those videos, Selina also played videos obtained by hackers, showcasing how Zhong Qianqian tarnished Zhong Nuannuan’s reputation in class. She insulted Zhong Nuannuan by saying she was a country bumpkin who did not know the law. After blatantly hooking up with her boyfriend, Zhong Nuannuan no longer liked Zhou Junhui. It was fine if she did not like him anymore, but how dare she killed him?!

Everyone’s expression looked extremely unpleasant.

Even though Zhong Qianqian had joined the Gu family as a Young Lady, she could not change the fact that people despised her. Therefore, after everything that Zhong Qianqian claimed about how Zhong Nuannuan did not care about her biological parents, no one believed a word Zhong Qianqian said now.

“How can there be such a person in this world? Her younger sister took the blame for the murder she committed. Yet, not only was she not grateful, she even went around telling people that her younger sister was a murderer and a country bumpkin. Zhong Qianqian was the real murderer here, but she insisted that Miss Sunny killed that Zhou Jinhui person for her boyfriend’s sake.”

“Stop talking about it, I’m so angry! If only there are rotten eggs here.”

“How dare she call Miss Sunny a b*tch! I think she’s the real b*tch here!”

“That’s right. She accused Miss Sunny of having eyes only for riches while ignoring relatives like them who are poor. What kind of person is that? Shame on her!!!”

“She said that Sunny doesn’t care about her parents. If Miss Sunny really doesn’t care about her biological parents, would she need to travel all the way from Luntan to Camino to acknowledge her parents? She could just stay in Luntan forever!”

“That’s right! So, if Miss Sunny no longer cares for her parents, the root of the problem must be her parents.”

“That’s right! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Look at how horrendous Zhong Qianqian is! I’m sure we can already know what kind of people their parents in the Zhong family are.”

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“Has none of you thought of calling the police? The evidence is conclusive. Or is it because she’s Mrs. Gu, she doesn’t have to go to jail?”

“I’ve called the police just now.”

“With the leaders from the military base, the Union District Governor, and the Jiang District Governor here, is there a need for you to call the police?”


Just like that, the entire hall erupted into endless streams of chatter.

It was at this moment that Zhong Qianqian realized she f*cked up. Regret and fear finally dawned on her.

“No… No… I don’t want to go to jail! I don’t want to go to jail! Zhong Nuannuan killed him! I didn’t kill him!”

Zhong Qianqian cried loudly. Then, as though recalling she still had a sliver of hope to grab onto, she looked at Gu Mingzhe with a pair of pleading eyes. “Brother Mingzhe, you’ll save me, right? You’ll find someone to rescue me, right?”

Huang Yuhan was also dumbstruck. She offended Young Master Xiao because of Zhong Qianqian. If Zhong Qianqian was captured, Huang Yuhan would lose more than she gained, right?

“Big Brother, please save Sis Qianqian!”

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