My Vampire System - Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: Chapter 134 A sacrifice

Chapter 134 A sacrifice

Whith Quinn's new attack, combining his shadow control with the blood swipe, had hit the Dalki's body . It had shattered and disappeared just as his normal blood swipe would .

[47/65 HP]

[35/100 MC]

Combining his shadow skills with his blood skills allowed him to create a more powerful combination skill . Connecting the shadow to his blood swipe allowed him to also add his own strength to the power of the blood swipe . The shadow made it possible for the attack to be flexible, moving it about freely .

This would also add extra force and momentum into the attack making it more powerful and increasing the range of the attack beyond the five meters that was blood swipe's natural limit .

There were only two problems Quinn still had to find a solution for . If the shadow holding the blood swipe was hit, or if he wasn't fast enough, the blood swipe would escape from the shadow's grasp . The other problem is that when the attack hit it would disappear, so he could only use it once . Of course, using the shadow for an attack also used MC points, but there was nothing he could about that .

The Dalki's blood continued to drip from its side and fall into the sand, but now the spike on its back was pulsating faster and glowing brighter .

Seeing the Dalki injured and bleeding made Quinn feel excited, he charged forward once again .

"Come on, attack me again!" The Dalki shouted .

And Quinn did just that, this time casting a Blood swipe up in the air before grabbing it with his shadow . He then swung it from above right down on top of the Dalki .

The attack was faster than the Dalki had predicted, it could only barely get its arms up in time to block the attack that came at it from above .

The attack was a success and had caused the Dalki to fall onto the ground . Its forearms were dripping with green blood, but it ignored its wounds . It just stood up once again and charged forward .

'Is that Dalki an idiot?' Layla thought . 'I had always heard they were smart . Some minds even greater than ours, but why does it just keep running forward . '

At this point, even Quinn was starting to worry, his attacks were clearly working, but the Dalki was acting in a strange way . For now, there was nothing he could do about it . He went to attack once again with his shadow scythe, only this time the Dalki managed to jump and avoid the blow .

"Did it just get faster?!" Quinn said .

"You seem to have forgotten . " The Dalki said, "I told you already the more we are hurt, the stronger we become . " The Dalki made a fist above its head and threw it down towards Quinn's face .

Quinn had no choice but to move his shadow to block the fist-attack, but the Dalki immediately used a kick to his side which was too fast for him to be able to move the shadow to defend against . The attack hit and he was thrown to the side, his ribs were broken once again .

[3/65 HP]

[Blood bank has automatically been activated]

[53/65 Hp]

While in mid-air Quinn's body started to heal and his bones went back into place . Putting both his hands in the sand, he tried his best to slow himself down and eventually came to a halt .

"I can't win," Quinn said . "Even with my full power, it's still too strong . "

"Snap out of it Quinn!" The system shouted in his head . "You only became a vampire a couple of weeks ago, and you think you can already take out an enemy like this . You will grow in due time, but the important thing right now is to survive . "

But how was he meant to survive? His blood bank had been used up, the only answer he could think of was he needed more blood . If he could get to where the others were, and he filled up his blood bank, maybe he could keep firing out his blood attacks till the thing died .

The cooldown on his boots had reset, and once again, he could use the wind walk skill . He rushed towards the Dalki who was coming toward him . As it did, Quinn could see the big smile on its face as if it was enjoying the fight, He also noticed the horror on the faces of the others .

"I can do this! I have to do this!" Quinn shouted .

Running forward and not changing his direction, he went straight ahead, then just as the Dalki was prepared to attack—

"Flash step!"

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He used his skill, allowing him to avoid the strike and go right past the Dalki . He continued to run straight ahead and was heading for the others .

During the fight between the Dalki and Quinn, Layla made her way around the fight and joined with the other three . All of them were watching with in silence, with awe on their faces .

'What is he doing?!' Layla thought . 'Should we run, is that why he's coming towards us?'

"I need blood!" Quinn yelled . "I can't fight the Dalki like this, I need more blood!"

Layla didn't ask any questions and immediately started to make another cut on the palm of her hand, and Erin had already formed another ice bowl . Erin didn't know what was happening but whatever Layla had done last time had made Quinn stronger, and Quinn was now their only change to survive .

But when they all looked up, their faces had dropped entirely, for the Dalki was already right behind Quinn . Not only had its strength gotten higher but so had its speed . Everything about the Dalki had improved .

It was too late for Quinn to notice, and the Dalki was already mid-attack . Quinn had never suspected the Dalki would grow so much during the battle, but it seemed like what it had said earlier was true .

The fist flew forward and penetrated right through flesh and bone, going straight through his body and out to the other side .

At this point, Quinn had finally noticed that the Dalki was right behind him . He was too focused on obtaining the blood Layla had gathered, he had failed to realize what was happening behind him .

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Bright red blood could be seen dripping onto the ground with a fist through his body . But it wasn't Quinn's body that was penetrated . The person who had been hit, was Peter .

"Quinn…" Peter said weakly, coughing out blood that filled his mouth . "Please…Forgive . . . me . " His body fell to the ground and hit the soft sand, his blood continued to soak the sand turning it red .

In the moment Quinn needed help the most, the only one brave enough to step up and come to Quinn's side was Peter . However, it came at a terrible price…

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