My Vampire System - Chapter 144

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Chapter 144: Chapter 144 Worst case?

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Chapter 144 Worst case?

During this whole time, Quinn had basically been repeating to the others what the system had told him. Making sure to leave out the parts that weren't needed. They had a right to know about the vampire stuff, especially since the two of them were closely involved but there was no reason for them to know about the system.

But when the system had said the last line he couldn't hide the shock of the words that had been spoken and now was thinking how to break the news to Peter.

"Peter... maybe, it's best if you sat down for this." Quinn said.

"What why?" Peter looked at him, fidgeting. "You're making me even more scared."

"Just sit down." Quinn said, but as he said these words his eyes started to glow a little. Peter didn't know why but he felt like he needed to complete the task immediately. After sitting on the bed, Quinn was trying to find the best way to put the bad news into words.

"I can see this is troublesome so let me give you a solution for now." The system said. "As a temporary measure he might be able to last a few days on raw animal meat, but sooner or later you will have to grab him human flesh."

He looked Peter in the eyes and finally found the courage to tell him.

"Being a ghoul means you can no longer eat regular food, you're going to have to eat raw meat from now on."

"Raw meat, as in uncooked food?" Peter questioned. "Won't I get sick from it though? They carry so many diseases and the human body isn't designed to process raw food." As Peter continued to speak his words got faster as he panicked even more. "Maybe you're wrong, why don't I just try eating some normal food and see how it goes?"

"For goodness sake Peter listen to yourself!" Vorden shouted. "I know this must be a scary thing but listen. Quinn is just trying to help you here."

Just then, Vorden and Quinn decided to head to the nearby convenience store to grab some things as a test while they asked Peter to stay in the room. Once again although Peter was scared and wanted to come with them, a certain feeling was passing from Quinn and onto Peter making him feel like he had to obey.

'I guess this is what the system was talking about, I can feel a connection between the two of us.' Quin thought.

As the two of them walked to the convenience store Quinn was keeping awfully quiet, which made Vorden suspicious that Quinn was holding something else back.

"Go on, tell me then." Vorden said. "You could have gone to the shop on your own but you wanted me to come along."

"It's about Peter…." Quinn said quietly. "I didn't tell Peter everything, being a ghoul doesn't mean he has to eat raw meat, he needs to eat raw human meat. Raw animal meat will only work for a short time."

Suddenly Vorden stopped in his tracks.

"Quinn I'm being serious when I suggest this here, but wouldn't it be better to just kill Peter… and before you say anything hear me out. He already tried taking our lives and we know the reason behind it now. But I'm afraid this will just cause you more problems in the future. He saved your life and you saved his, and if I kept a scoreboard, he still needs to save you one more time to make it even. He's not the type of guy who can handle this and if he gets caught then don't think he won't give you in."

"He won't, he can't" Quinn replied.

"How can you be so sure?" Vorden asked, a bit surprised by Quinn's sudden answer.

It was hard for Quinn to explain, but he could feel the connection between the two of them now. Essentially Peter's whole existence now depended on him and as long as Quinn asked for it Peter would do it.

"Well I can tell you won't take my suggestion but let me tell you this then." Vorden said. "Taking a life isn't as easy as you think."

Although Quinn knew the weight behind Vorden's words, what Vorden didn't know was Quinn had already done just that and it was easier than he had expected. Perhaps for a human, it wasn't so easy but the same couldn't be said for a vampire like Quinn now, especially those people that deserved it.

The two continued to go to the shop and bought all sorts of packs of meat, Vorden was ready to use his wrist watch but Quinn just straight up paid for it instead.

"When did you become so wealthy?" Vorden asked.

"I have my ways." Quinn winked back with a smile.

Finally, the two had returned to the dorm room where Peter had stayed waiting for them, he was in the same spot as when the two had left him.

"That smells nice." Peter said. "What did you bring?"

Quinn then pulled out the packs of food. Some were raw pieces of steak and pork while the others were pre packed food that had already been cooked, Peter didn't need to see anything because his nose was already telling him which one smelled better.

It was one of the first clear signs that he had changed. Immediately when they entered the room the sweet scent had filled the entire room, and it wasn't coming from the cooked meat.

"Well do you want to try the packed precooked meat first?" Quinn asked. "But I'm telling you, you're going to get sick from this."

"No it's okay," Peter said, with the sound of resignation in his voice. "Just give me the other stuff."

They placed the raw steak out on a plate and put it right in front of Peter.

"Is he really going to eat it?" Vorden said.

"I don't know it looks pretty good to me as well," Quinn replied.

"I can't tell if you're trying to be funny or what man." Vorden said, with a disgusted look on his face.

It didn't take long for Peter to dive in. Seeing the raw steak in front of him, suddenly caused his hunger to grow more and more to the point he couldn't hold back, and without even using the knife and fork by his side he picked up the steak with his two hands and started biting into it.

His once dull teeth had turned sharp like a lions, helping him rip the meat to pieces and after only a couple of minutes the whole steak had been devoured.

Sobbing then could be heard from his chair.

"I'm a monster." He cried.

"Peter." Vorden said. "You're less of a monster now then you were before, at least you know what you are and what you did before was wrong. How do you think Quinn feels after saving your life and you saying that right in front of him?"

Peter knew Vorden was right so he wiped his tears and stood up smiling at Quinn, as he did his teeth were all bloody from the meal. "Thank you Quinn, I'm sorry for being so selfish."

With the experiment done and the other two feeling a bit better they placed the remainder of the raw meat in their fridge. But the only one that got a good night sleep was Peter, the other two were lost in thought.

Vorden couldn't stop thinking about the fact that he was sleeping in a room with a cannibal, at least Quinn would only suck his blood but with Peter, he might wake up with an arm missing.

While Quinn was thinking along similar lines.

"System, do you know how long until he starts craving for human flesh, and will I still be able to control him?" Quinn asked.

"His hunger will outgrow your commands, but he will not attack you, however about a time frame I am unsure, best case scenario is a week."

"And worst case?" Quinn asked.



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