My Vampire System - Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: Chapter 244 Strange crystals

Chapter 244 Strange crystals

As the short haired boy entered the room, not only did Peter recognize him but it seemed like Cia did too . For some reason at the sight of the boy Peter's grip around Cia's neck had loosened .

At this moment she took the opportunity to try to knock Peter's hand away using her full force slamming it against Peter's forearm, but in doing so she realised it had the same effect as moving a rock that weighted a ton . There seemed to be no effect or movement .

"I think it will be best if you put her down Pio, annoying as she may be it might cause us more problems in the future . " Logan said as he took a final bite of his sandwich . "Him that was the last one . "

At that moment, Logan didn't look like his regular self . Apart from his head that was fully showing Logan had his full body suit on from the neck down . Due to him not knowing what he might meet down here he was always prepared for the worst .

Still, Logan's was quite popular around the school even if he didn't know it himself . The few appearances he made on the last outing and during the school's events every once in a while had really caught the attention of other students, this of course included Cia .

Although Cia was wondering what the connection between Logan and Pio was, right now she just wanted to get away from Pio . Using her ability she stabbed a spear into Peter's belly . Not just one but three . Due to how close she was to him she was able to stick in multiple spears one after the other .

After the first one had entered Peter's body his movements were slowed allowing her to put in two more . Once again, using all her force she tried to whack Peter's hand away . Still, it felt like she was pounding her hand against solid rock, but this time with the help of her ability weakening Peter . Her attack was a success and managed to knock his hand away and broke free .

Not knowing where to run to, she decided to head down one of the many tunnels . If another student had arrived and had no relation to the person named Pio . Then maybe she would have bolted towards Logan, but seeing that the two of them had some type of a relationship she didn't want to risk it .

The cave was dark and it was hard for her to see, but each of the tunnels gave off a little reflection of light . what she didn't know .

There was always the chance that the small amount of light could be radiating from a beast, or it could just be a raw crystal . Because of this, as Cia ran she needed to be carful about her footing . Not being able to see where or what she was taking steps into . It was a cave and they were deep underground . With the floors being uneven and travelling in the dark, Cis was being naturally cautious .

"This is a pain, i wish i bought some type of light with me or something!" Cia complained . The group did have emergency equipment and rations such as tourches and so on, but they were all kept with Peter .

Taking another step forward her foot seemed to be lodged between something . She quickly managed to pull it but it had greatly slowed her down .

"This is such a pian in the arse, whatever i have to deal with though he will to . " Cia thought .

"Why did you chose to run . " Logan said . "3 . . . 2… . 1 . " As logan finished counting down, peter was already directly in front of Cia . Somehow the difficult pathway that she had taken was easily navigated by him .

There was no touch in his hand, no light source . So just how did Peter manage to catch up with her so fast?

Peter, decided to wait until the spirit spears had disappeared before chasing Cia . Not only that, but just like Quinn . Peter also had the advantage of seeing in the dark . For him it was as if the cave was lit up so he had no problem deciding on the quickest path to take just when he found her he heard Logan Shouting "Pio!"

When Peter turned around he could see Logan holding his hand out . But on the end of his hand was a rounded and strange bright green light getting larger as the moment went on, It was Logan's hand blaster and Peter had seen what it could do before when it was fired against Fex . Someone who is stronger then both him and Quinn .

Perhaps, even his regeneration abilities wouldn't be able to keep up with this .

"You stop running will you . " Logan complained while looking at cia .

While the blaster was held against Peter he decided to let the thing go . He wasn't stupid and could always find a way to get to Cia later .

"What are you doing down here?" Peter asked .

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At this point, Cia was unsure of what to do, the entrance to another tunnel wasn't to far away, but it seemed like Logan was able to control Peter just like Quinn could somehow . She still didn't understand how Peter managed to catch up to her so fast, so her only option was to stay by Logan's side .

She scuttled along around the side until she was eventually behind Logan . Logan then tapped something on the side of his suit, which brightened up the area around him with green lights . The pieces on Logan's equipment were illuminating a small 5 meter radius around them .

"I adjusted the scanner the school gave us to increase its radius . I had to power it with my own beast crystals and don't get any points for doing that but to me it was well worth it . " Said Logan . "That's when i discovered that there seemed to be strange tunnels underground but they didn't quite look natural so i decided to investigate . I never thought anyone else would be down here . So it was a nice surprise to see you . "

"Do you know the way out?" cia asked . Realising form what Logan said he should have a wide area mapped out using his scanner .

"No . " Logan replied . Although this was a lie . If he had told the truth he knew they would ask to lead him out of here, but Logan had discovered something on his scanner that he had to check out before leaving .

Somewhere inside the large cave Fex and Quinn had decided to walk down one of the tunnels . While inside the tunnel the connection between Peter seemed to be lost . It had happened ever since he went underground .

Quinn thought that it might have something to do with the distance between the two at the moment, as he didn't know that Peter and the others were underground as well .

Thinking that help would never arrive, they decided to just leave it up to fate and pick the tunnel with the biggest entrance . As they walked down the tunnel they noticed that the walls were surrounded with thin blue crystals that gave off a slight glow to them . Not enough to light up the whole area, but one could follow the small light source quite easily .

"What are these?" Quinn asked, looking at the small crystals . They resembles something similar to beast crystals, but Quinn thought the only way to obtain beast crystals was form killing a beast .

"I really don't know . " fex replied . "I was going to ask you the same thing . "

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The curiosity had gotten the better of him and Quinn decided to place his hand on top of the crystal . At first he was planning to use his inspect skill but there was no need for the system had automatically given him a message .

[Basic tier crystal]

[Would you like to store in your system?]

The shock from the message was quite immense . At school they had been taught that the beast crystals could only be obtained from beasts . This was why the human race had been sending hunting parties to slay the beasts . Even though there was the chance of death .

There's crystals could be used to create powerful weapons and even power their modern equipment .

But right here, crystals were just forming on the wall around him, and it wasn't just one crystal . There seemed to be hundreds of crystals, through the tunnel they had just walked . If Quinn was to think about all the other tunnels as well there would at least be thousands down here .

With Fex keeping an eye over his back, Quinn was unable to store it in his system however he did pull the crystal out and placed it in his trouser pocket for later .

"It might be something important . " Quinn said .

Fex just shrugged his shoulders uninterested by the small crystal and carried on walking ahead . FInally they had reached the end of the tunnel .

When exiting the tunnel the small discovery that Quinn had just made before seemed to be nothing compared to this .

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