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My Vampire System - Chapter 247

Published at 18th of October 2020 08:50:33 PM

Chapter 247: Chapter 247 Blast away!

Chapter 247 Blast away!

Without thinking about it, Peter and Cia naturally both started to follow Logan around while they were inside the cavern . It felt normal to be led by him . Cia didn't know why, maybe it was his tone of his voice that shined with confidence or perhaps because he was the only light source that she could depend on . In a way her savior in more ways the one while down here .

She also still had the fear that if she left Logan's side, that Pio might lash out at her any second now . She hadn't done much, but there had already been several instances where she had angered him . At first she didn't think it would be a big deal . Even though her ability was a support type, she was able to handle her own many times against those around a similar level to her but something about Pio caused fear in her .

With all this going on, she as now even too afraid to ask for the torches that were placed in Pio's bag . She though once he brought them out for himself she could ask, but he never did .

Logan continued to walk confidently, leading the way, he knew exactly where he wanted to go as he picked one of the tunnels without checking the others . When coming down here, for whatever reason the scanner seemed to stop working, but using his trusty memory, he knew where he wanted to go .

It wasn't a hard decision for him anyway . All of the tunnels on one side, would lead to other rooms like this one, while all the other tunnels all led to the same place .

He continued to wear the suit, and he even had it protecting his head this time while walking through the tunnel .

While traveling, their group also discovered the same type of blue crystals that had been embedded into the wall . Naturally, Logan decided to take one for research but he already had an idea of what it was just by looking at it .

Peter didn't really care for it, and Cia, although interested, had a lot more concerns on her mind right now .

After exiting the tunnel, they too had could see the magnificent sight of the strange town and although it came as a surprise to the other two, Logan had already expected this . It was exactly what had come up on the scanner . Before even thinking about going up and getting out of here, he needed to visit this place . How could he pass the opportunity to do some research on some Dalki architecture .

The blue crystal seemed to be randomly scattered through the city . Lighting up certain building and wall areas . It wasn't enough to be called a light source, but allowed Cia just to see the outline of a few buildings .

The one place that could be seen the clearest, was the tower that stood in the center . Like a beaming torch in the middle . It had the most amount of crystal on the very top illuminating it in the dark .

"No, no, no doesn't this mean the Dalki were here before us?" Cia looked like she was about to collapse onto the floor . "We need help, we need to call the sergeants somehow, this looks like a whole town . What if this is an army base!!"

"Relax . " Logan replied . "Although my scanner doesn't work down here, when I checked from above, their didn't seem to be any type of civilization living here . Although their were other things . "

Cia wanted to question what Logan meant by other things, but she already knew the answer and thought it would just be foolish . He was talking about beasts .

Without saying anything to the others, Logan started to walk down the path onto the street . Peter also decided to follow without saying anything . The two of them walked in the middle of the street fearlessly .

While looking at their backs, Cia couldn't help but think they were crazy . However, as Logan walked away so did the light source that was surrounding her . The darkness around started to creep in, it felt almost suffocating and she couldn't help but think something was watching her .

*Grrrrr . . . .

'What was that!' Cia thought as she quickly turned her head towards the noise . Although she couldn't see anything, the sound of something scurrying off in a certain direction could be heard .

She couldn't take it anymore, and she too ran towards Logan and continued to move forward .

After checking a few buildings, Logan had come to the conclusion that there was nothing of worth from the buildings around him . However, when using his scanner from above he was able to see all of the building structures and things around it, but the he was unable to see what was inside the tower .

This of course, just made Logan even more curious . As they got closer to the tower Logan transformed his robotic arms into two round blasters .

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"What was that? Did you see something?" Cia asked .

"When scanning this area earlier I found that the beasts seemed to be concatenated around the tower . Strange right? Low level beasts don't usually have a form of high intelligence, they hunt sleep and eat . Sometimes they do this in packs and might have a type of territory, but this seems oddly specific .

In a place as large as this, and with many beasts, usually they would be several territories and maybe several packs . So why are they all centered around the tower? As if they were guarding it, or gathering around it for some reason . "

Cia had disregarded most of what Logan had said, the only thing she had heard was they were heading to an area were beasts seemed to be and she was wondering if she had made the right decision to follow the two in the first place .

As they continued to walk down the street, suddenly, Peter took of running straight off to the side into one of the buildings . This sudden movement was even a surprise for Logan for he had yet to see anything .

He had gone into the darkness and the others were unable to see him . Logan did have night vision equipment build into his helmet to help him see, but it was grainy and didn't allow him to see far ahead .

A few moments later and Peter returned holding what looked like a dog in his hand . Black blood splattered over him and the dog being carried lifeless .

"They've been following us . " Peter said . "And more are coming . '

It didn't take long after Peter's warning, because Logan and even Cia could now see several dog's in view .

Without hesitation, both Logan and Cia started to attack the dogs . She threw out spears, slowing the ones jumping towards her and leaping out of the way . While Logan was able to fire out beams of energy that knocked the dog's away finishing them in one blast .

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Logan's blasters were effective when it came to basic tier beasts, but things at a much higher level or the Dalki they would pretty much be non effective . . The suit itself was made form beast gear mixed in with technological parts . His blasters and the energy coming out from them were not made from beast gear .

It had the same effect as explosions of the past . The problem was the Dalki and higher tier beast had a resistance to this . Seeing that they were lower tiered beasts, Logan didn't hold back blasting his beams of energy at each and every one of them .

Soon they realized, there wasn't much for Peter and Cia to do . Peter had manged to defeat a couple more, but Logan would blast most of them away before they even got close .

Eventually, the beasts stopped leaping through the air, and Logan stopped using his blasters . There was a limited supply of energy and if they stopped attacking then Logan would do the same .

However, something strange was occurring . They had manged to kill around thirty different dogs in total . Both Peter and Logan could see that there was still plenty around them . Still, they didn't run away but stood there at the edge of the street next to the buildings, growling .

"Why aren't they attacking?" Cia asked .

"That is something I would like to know the answer to as well . " Logan replied .

On closer inspection, it seemed like the dogs were no longer looking at them, instead they were facing the the street, looking out towards the tower in front of them .

"There shaking . " Peter said . "The beasts, I can tell they're scared . "

From the street, the sounds of footsteps could be heard . Whatever was coming towards them was frightening the beasts even more . Because with each footstep, it looked like the beasts were pulling back slightly .

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Even Logan, a level 8 user who was defeating each of the beasts in one go didn't have the same effect .

Finally the figure was starting to come into view . From out of the shadow a dark outline could be seen, It had a human outline shape but it was still hard to make out . Still, Logan was sure on one thins, it was clear it wasn't human . . . it was a beast .

For the first time during the drip, Logan started to sweat heavily in his suit . If a beast had a humanoid figure it meant one thing . The opponent they were about to face, was at least at the king tier .


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