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My Vampire System - Chapter 423

Published at 16th of November 2020 12:00:06 PM

Chapter 423: 423

Chapter 423 Last hi

Reading the details of the death bat, Quinn wasn't too worried . By now he had figured out the system a little, if the beast in front of him was strong enough, he would have received a certain quest, or at least one for an instant level up, but he had not . oNly when strong opponents or beasts appeared would he receive such a thing . Still, it didn't mean the task would be easy, especially reading the last part about it calling its allies .

There was a good chance that if the death bat felt like its life was in danger, it would call over more of them . This could be seen as a good thing or bad thing depending on the situation . If the death bat was easy to kill with Rokene's help, then having more would make the task easier, after all they needed to kill twenty advanced beasts in a time span of three days .

The problem was though how many would come? Would it depend how many were nearby in the area, and how far would its cry attract attention from . If the beast was quite hard to kill, it would perhaps be too hard for the two of them to handle many at once .

With all these things in mind, Quinn was ready .

"The beast isn't replying, so we have no choice but to fight!" Rokene said .

Quinn was never relying on the fact that Rokene was able to do something in the first place with his ability . It seemed like Rokane had made an attempt just because of what he had said before .

The black rabbit stayed on Rokene's shoulder and its horn started to light up, just like it did when fighting against the other beast in the river . In response to this, the death bat opened its mouth and leaned back its head and its belly slighting raised, but no sound was heard .

"Jump!" Quinn shouted .

Dashing to the left and Rokene dashing to the right, they split up and just where they were at that moment . The dirt from the floor lifted up as if an explosion was placed in the ground . .

'Was that an attack from the death bat?' Rokene thought and was thankful that Buinn had told him to move, otherwise he would have been hit from the invisible and soundless attack .

Quinn only knew that it was preparing for an attack thanks to the information provided by the system . Opening its mouth was the sign it would be unleashing a sonic blast, but it was at a frequency that could be unheard of from vampires .

It continued to fire out blast after blast going for Quinn . Looking at the beast's head movements, Quinn was able to dodge most of the attacks, but once in a while he would have to perform the flash step as two attacks would come out too close to each other . Dust and dirt would rise up from the ground just moments after Quinn would move . It looked strange and made it seem as if Quinn was the one causing this as if there was a delay in his footsteps .

However, this all gave Rokene plenty time to prepare . His familiar was ready and so it was easy getting into position around the side of the death bat . He first shot out two blood swipes of his own .

They scraped across the floor and eventually reached the beast's side . The bat slightly turned its body lifting its wing blocking the attack, but this was what Rokene was waiting for . The attacks were just a distraction . Once the bat had moved its wing out of the way to throw out an attack of its own, the Black rabbit was ready with it's horn firing off a strong straight line of a lightning bolt .

The attack was fast and strong and the Bat was unable to react in time, it lifted its wing but not enough to stop the attack, however, it was able to jump and flap its wings slightly changing where the attack would hit . Originally it was going for the head but now with its sudden movements, the attack instead singed right through a part of its chest and black blood started to pour down from below .

"Damn, we were so close!" Rokene complained .

Still, flapping its wings the Black bat's attention seemed to be focusing on something else . It was slightly up in the air, and tilted its head back further than before, and then its belly started to rise outward even more . Whatever it was, it was clear that this attack was bigger than the ones before and it was coming right for rokene . .

"Blood shield . " Rokene said, a wall of blood rose in front of him, all he could do was hope it would be enough to block the attack .

"Moon crescent kick!"

Looking up in the air, Rokene could see something up as high as the bat appeared… it was Quinn . At that moment, lifting his leg from below upward, towards his head as fast and as strong as he could, a horizontal single line of blood came out . It was larger than any blood swipe Rokene had ever seen before . At the same time it looked slightly different and instead of the attack coming from the hands like it usually would, it came from a leg instead .

The large attack the bat had been storing up, it quickly lifted its head and blew out the attack to its side . It was such a powerful attack the force had moved the bat's body slightly backwards . The crescent kick had hit, but instead of slicing the beast in half . It had hit the wing and continued to go past until it eventually disappeared .

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A few seconds later and the wing had fallen to the floor with the bat following shortly after .

'Was that a new type of attack he created himself . ' Rokene thought .

His own blood swipe had only caused faint scratches on the beast skin, but Buinn's had managed to completely cut off the beast wings . Unfortunately it seems like the beast had some form of intelligence or at least battle instinct, as it was able to narrowly avoid death twice now .

As soon as Quinn's feet had touched the floor and he lifted his head up, he was ready to finish off the beast and gain the exp, but then another red strike had come out from the side . This one was neither from Quinn nor Rokenne .

It too was a single strike of blood swipe but was larger than the one Rokene had produced . With the blood from the chest wound, and the wound delivered from Quinn, the bat could hardly move and was ready to call its allies but before it could, the red aura had slipped right through its neck killing the beast .

"Ha, ha, ha!" We did it, a voice said from the side .

Quinn and Rokene turned their heads to the side, knowing full well that neither of them had killed the beast . Meaning someone had stolen their kill at the last second .

Looking at who it was, it was an unforgettable face for both of them . It was Siyrus and by his side were his two friends .

"It was a good idea to follow you, you guys certainly did put on an impressive act . " He said walking over to the beast's body .

"Wait, that's ours!" Rokene shouted .

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"Huh, But I was the one who killed it, unfortunately, the crystal now belongs to me, and according to the rules that Clark had put in place . You guys aren't allowed to steal it off me . " Siyrus said, as his two friends carved out the crystal before pocketing it for themselves .

The three of them had at first gone into a different direction, but being able to find nothing, they decided to head off into the direction of where Rokene and Quinn went . In doing so, they had planned to do what they had just done now . There were three of them, and Siyrus thought they would be quite tired from killing the beast .

Even if they were to get into a fight, Siyrus was confident that they could win, and even if they couldn't as long as they got the last hit in, the crystal would be there . He knew the two of them wouldn't break the rules and try to steal the crystal from him, so in a way he had a back up plan .

With the crystal in his hand, he had a big smile . He couldn't wait to see the look on Buinn's face . All of this was done due to the humiliation he had faced a while back and now he wanted to saviour this moment .

Turning his head, he looked at Quinn who just stood there motionless . His face wasn't one of anger or happiness, but he looked a little calm, but inside of Quinn, he was feeling anything but calm .

While the others couldn't feel it, Siryrus could . There was a sickly feeling entering his stomach once again, and he couldn't help but think that perhaps he had made a grave mistake .

Right now, Quinn was doing everything he could to hold in his anger . He was in a slight rush, trying his best to save Fex and get stronger . Although he didn't care much for the assessment or the death bat crystals, what he did care about was the exp . It had been a long time since he was able to level up, and maybe there was a good chance he could after killing all of these death bats .

Then a horrible thought came across his mind .

'Why have you chosen to get in my way, if I couldn't kill the death bat for the exp, maybe I should just kill you?'

It was a thought that came into his head only for a brief second, but that was all it took for what was to happen next .

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Behind the three boys, a black mist had appeared . It was large in size, much bigger than the boy's height, and slowly from it, a large horrifying creature had emerged . So much so that Rokene had taken a step back . He had never seen something like this before . Whatever it was, it looked far more powerful than the death bat just seconds ago .

Then in the next few seconds, with its long dangly fingers, the Boneclaw had pierced Siryus directly in the chest right through the heart and a few seconds later . . it had come to a halt .


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