My Vampire System - Chapter 430

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Chapter 430: 430

Chapter 430 Call them all!

Both Quinn and Rokene started to head to the cave with Rokene leading the front . The new feeling Rokene got now when looking at Quinn all of a sudden felt different compared to before . Due to this, it led to an awkward and quiet walk together . Completely different from their last meeting .

Somehow, Quinn was able to defeat a vampire knight even though he was only a basic vampire, and now he had evolved he had the potential to get even stronger . But what bothered Rokene, even more, was Quinn's reason for being here . He had heard the words that were spoken to Clark at the time . The fact that he was here to save somebody .

Although the silence might have been awkward for Rokene, this was fine for Quinn . His mind was full of thoughts about what to do next . He had finally evolved, and he had the potential to get stronger, but the evolution didn't give him new found strength . Right now, the only real difference he could feel was that his body was more robust .

This meant he would have less of a drawback when using Qi attacks, making his blood attacks now even stronger, but he also didn't have the fine control of Qi over his body yet to control the output . Essentially, Quinn currently viewed his power as a tap that only could be turned on and off .

He would release his Qi at full power, or he could have it fairly weak, but there was no in-between .

'Maybe when I see Leo at some point, he can help me out . ' Quinn thought .

With no way of controlling his Qi for now, there were other options of getting stronger . The two of them had finally reached the cave and Rokene imputed the code . The door was quite hidden, it looked as if the cave was sealed off by a normal door, and the only thing that gave it away was the input code machine that was stuck on it .

Most likely, the disguise was there just for the beasts on the planet . Once entering they both walked into a fairly large lit up open empty room . For a second, Quinn had hesitated .

He didn't know why, but the atmosphere and everything was reminding him a little of the original room they had entered when first coming here . But once Rokene walked in unharmed and nothing happened, Quinn felt a little safer .

They then came across a crate that looked as if it had already been opened . Looking inside, several blood packs could be seen . There had to be around thirty or so different blood packs .

"I think they kept this in case any of the students got seriously injured . " Rokene said . "That's where I got yours and Clark's form earlier . '

While in the specially made blood pack to store blood, at most it would last for around one week . It was being stored in a cool place, but it was completely different than at the hospital .

Quinn looked at them for a second, before picking one of them up, and piercing it slightly with his finger . He then started to consume the first one on the spot .

"Are you still hungry?" Rokene asked . It wasn't unusual, after all, Quinn had just gone through a draining process, so it made sense if he needed more blood .

The first blood pack was consumed instantly, and the reason for this was mainly so Quinn could restore his blood bank back to normal . As for the second reason, the results were actually not what he had expected .

[A + blood type consumed]

The system had given him a message saying that an A blood type had been consumed, but nothing else . There was no stat increase at all, nothing . When Quinn had maxed out his points before, when consuming a new blood type he wouldn't even receive this message . Which was why he was slightly confused .

Instead, he decided to go for another pack . Using his inspect skill, he selected another pack that was in the A category as well . Opening it up just like last time, Rokene couldn't help but look at him confused . This amount of blood was abnormal .

'Is it usual for a vampire to be this hungry after evolving?' But Rokene himself was unsure .

However, the strangest reaction was the fact that Quinn had only consumed a little drop of blood, no more, no less, and a smile had appeared across his face .

The same message appeared as last time, only this time he had also received an extra start point . It looked as if the requirements for getting more strength from new blood had just gotten stronger but hadn't completely gone away . Knowing this, Quinn then decided to proceed by opening up all the blood packs and consuming them one by one . After everything was done he had twelve or so extra added stat points that were spread across his stats .

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Quinn was no longer afraid of being addicted to the blood . Ever since his Qi had been mixed in, it was a lot easier to control his hunger, and it seemed like the same effect that happened before wouldn't happen again . Even if he could still get an addiction to blood, he would have drunken it all, anyway . Right now, he needed to get stronger .

Looking next to the crate, there were five teleporters . Placing one of them on the floor, Quinn proceeded to open it . They didn't have any passcode on them, and it immediately opened up another portal .

"You think it goes to the vampire world?" Quinn asked .

"I'm pretty sure it does . Especially since there was no type of input code for a destination . " Rokene replied . "My guess is these are emergency ones in case anything happens to us . "

Closing the teleporter, Quinn then quickly picked it up . He then dropped it, allowing it to fall through the ground . For a second Rokene went into a panic .

'Is he planning to destroy them all, does he not want anyone to come back?' Rokene thought .

But before the teleporter had touched the ground, the shadow had opened up, and it had sunken into Quinn's dimensional space . It turned out that Rokene still had a lot to learn about his new companion .

"Thank you for all the help, but it's best if we depart ways for now . " Quinn said . "I don't think Clark will punish you for what you have done . He doesn't seem to be that type of teacher . You can feed him the blood pack if you want and if you bump into him . Just tell him I have already left and gone back to the vampire world . "

"Wait… You're not going to the vampire world?" Rokene asked .

"Not yet . " Quinn replied, and the next second his whole body became a black blur as he ran full speed and headed off into the wasteland . Not knowing what to do and not wanting Clark to die . Rokene ordered his black rabbit to deliver the blood to his teacher .

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"I hope we meet again one day, Quinn . " Rokene said, staring at the direction he had run off to .

While roaming the wasteland, Quinn had a chance to try on his new body for the first time . Although his stats hadn't improved, he felt more in sync, more refreshed than ever before, and it didn't take him long to find what he was looking for .

Out in the middle of nowhere, just like last time . One of the death bats was curled up in a ball . Keeping his distance, Quinn prepared his shadow and threw out a blood swipe . He got the swipe with his shadow creating his Blood scythe . Then using all his strength he swung it as hard as he could on the certain mound Ssicing the Death bat's wing .

[Flash step]

[Flash step]

Using two flash steps, he closed the distance . Throwing out a normal hammer strike towards the centre of its body, he had caused quite a bit of damage . He made sure not to use the blood hammer, because he didn't want to kill the death bat .

Finally, when the death bat was weakened . Quinn grabbed it around its throat tightly . At first the bat was unable to make any noise, but as he loosened his grip . A loud screeching sound that Quinn was unable to hear was made .

It didn't take long, but the sound of multiple wings flapping was heard, and when looking down on the ground, the moonlight shine revealed the shadow of multiple creatures flapping their wings . Looking up, and around 12 death bats could be seen .

"Perfect, let's get this all over and done with . " Quinn said .

[Shadow void . ]

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A large Dome of shadow was cast, trapping all the death bats and Quinn together .


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