My Vampire System - Chapter 532

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Chapter 532: Chapter 532 The new Tenth knigh

Chapter 532 The new Tenth knigh

The news had spread to the tenth's people that there was an announcement to be made today, so they had gathered in the area in front of the castle . It was stationed quite a place away, and the people naturally knew to not stand too close to the front doors .

A small platform had been made outside that was raised a few feet from the ground . This was to make it feel a lot more personal . One could make a speech from the castle but it was too far and would feel disconnected from the people . Edward felt like this was their chance to bring the family closer together .

"Do you know why we were all called here today? It's been a long time since anything like this has happened?"

"I'm not sure, maybe it has something to do with the castle lighting up?"

"You think what they said about the tenth family having a new leader is true . I've been seeing people I've never seen before come and go, and I think I even saw a royal knight come here . "

The crowd was speculating what exact reason they had been called here for . It had been a long time since something like this had happened . Even those who were only in the tenth family temporarily were interested in what was about to happen .

Finally, the castle doors opened, and three figures had walked out to the front . One of them everyone had recognized, for he was the one who had looked after them this entire time, Knight Edward . The other one was a baldheaded swordsman who wore very light clothing, but underneath his shirt, a demon-faced chest piece could be seen, and finally . There was another person, but he wore a hood and his face was partly covered by a black cloth .

The hooded man was Quinn . He wanted to be here, by Leo's side when this happened since he had put this responsibility on him, but many people had seen him safe Fex that day, he just didn't want others to make speculations if they saw him coming out of the castle with the two other vampire knights .

On the platform, Leo took the middle position, and the other two stood by his side . The crowd waited and Edward started his announcement .

'I have called you all today for there has been a big change in the tenth family . " Edward said . "As you may have heard . The tenth family was tasked with taking out the human intruders . Not just any human intruders, but some of the strongest to invade this settlement . "

The word humans didn't really sound frightening to vampires, so Edward had to add a little spice to things in his descriptions .

"A very small team including myself took on the two hundred or so intruders on our own and we didn't allow for a single causality . "

"Whoah, that's pretty impressive . " Someone mumbled .

'I had heard things, but I thought they were exaggerated . "

In the crowd, both Amy and Xander stood there as well . They had made it but knew more than the others thanks to Layla and Cia, and they knew what was coming next .

"All of this was thanks to this man by my side," Edward said pointing at Leo . "He coordinated the attack on the humans and took down the leader . "

Edward had stopped speaking there and paused, he was waiting for some type of applause, but there was no such thing . As he thought, it might be a bit harder to convince these people overnight .

"He is the new tenth vampire knight and will be taking charge of the head position while our leader is still vacant . I will continue to do the day-to-day duties but this man will hold the same position as me, no, a position slightly above myself . " Edward said, nodding his head .

The crowd now was full of conversation, but they weren't smiles and such, instead, it seemed more like negativity .

"He's a vampire knight? without a leader who decided such a thing . "

"Not only that, who is that vampire . I've never seen him in my life . How are we meant to suddenly see him as one of our knights? "

"What about us, shouldn't there be some sort of trial, to see if one of the nobles is worthy? Why did this unknown get a chance to skip ahead of everyone?"

With the increasing amount of complaints, the crowd was getting restless and Edward could see this .

"I assure you, this man is even stronger than myself," Edward explained . "Things will mostly remain the same, but the tenth now has a newfound power . If there is trouble brewing, then he will be the force to put his foot down against the other vampire families . You will no longer have to hide in fear if the others are committing wrongdoings . "

Edward was speaking so passionately that many felt like they could believe him . They weren't sure if it was some ploy, just to give them an energy boost or what, but after hearing Edward some were starting to be convinced .

However, this wasn't all of them .

"No, if he really is so strong, then let me challenge him!" A person said, stepping out of the crowd . It was a fairly young vampire . Using his inspect skill, Quinn could tell he was a vampire noble .

"How dare you!" Edward shouted . "This man has already been made a vampire knight, how could you disrespect him like that!"

Edward wanted to continue on, but he couldn't reveal that the new tenth leader had chosen him, it would just raise more questions . When thinking of what to do next . He saw that Leo had hopped off the platform and went ahead to where the man was .

Now that they were close, the noble vampire could see the strange white in his eyes . They weren't colored or red like a vampire would be .

"He's blind… He's blind . " The man started laughing uncontrollably . "I knew it, it's all a sham, a big fake . I knew they would never let the tenth family have anything decent . The reason they have never selected a new leader is because they want one of the families to be like this . They want one of the families to stay bottom of the barrel . That way all of the families can pick on them . "

"Can't you see, if everyone has one family they can hate on together, then they don't go around hating each other . I remember when there was a time the fourth family and others would be picked on just as much, but not anymore . Not the day since Vincent left us!' The Vampire yelled .

A strange presence could then be felt behind Leo on the platform and with it, mist was starting to appear on the top of someone's head . "You are not allowed…to speak the leader's name," Edward said, in a low voice .

Placing a hand on his shoulder, Quinn whispered into his ears . "Let Leo deal with this . This is his first step into proving it is his position . "

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"I will take your deal," Leo said . "If there is anyone that is unhappy, then feel free to have a fight with me . If I lose, you are free to have the knight position . "

This wasn't something Leo could actually do so easily, but the other vampires didn't know that . They thought everything was all fake anyway, so the first one to call his bluff was the vampire noble who was in front of him .

"I'm sorry, but I'm sick and tired of this entire situation!" The vampire knight shouted, running forward . Two blood swipes were thrown out, and Leo simply leaned his body left and right, avoiding the strikes .

Then when the vampire was close enough, he went for a punch, but the next second Leo had disappeared from his sight and was under him . Raising up, not drawing his blade, Leo used his hand, and before everyone knew it . The vampire's arms had been chopped off and were rolling on the floor .

No one from the crowd had seen him draw his weapon, and it was because, he hadn't done . The only thing he had used was his hands . Laced in his own Qi .

"Go get some medical help and reattach those arms," Edward said . The vampire no longer spoke or disagreed with the decision .

Edward thought that maybe this would have been enough, but it seemed like it wasn't . As a few more vampires had come out from the crowd in hopes to challenge Leo .

"That was a setup . " They said . "We know what you are like, Edward . You're a sly person . You probably knew this was ogling to happen, so you planted him in the crowd . We couldn't even see what happened . We're nobles, not some kid vampire . How could we not see such a thing? The answer is simple . You tried to trick us . "

'If you believe so . " Leo said . "Come ahead, I will cut off the arms of every single person that comes and challenges me until you no longer believe I'm lying . "

Taking the scabbard with his sword along his waist, he threw it over to the platform and Quinn had caught it . Leo wanted to prove there were no tricks .

But the Vampire Nobles were more than stubborn and continued to challenge Leo . He cut off arm after arm . In the same style, and slowly more and more people were starting to be convinced

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These weren't just any vampires . These were the ones who had been training in hopes to get the knight position one day . They just couldn't believe that there was someone so strong . They couldn't believe that the tenths' luck was changing .

It was strange to see, some would think the show of arms being chopped off would frighten a crowd, but instead each time Leo chopped off another set of arms . The smiles on their faces grew bigger .

"I think Leo is going to do a good job here," Edward said .


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