My Vampire System - Chapter 804

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Chapter 804: 804

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Chapter 804 The blood of all vampires

During the fight with Hilston, Arthur gave everything he had. He had used his full strength, speed and skills when fighting, on top of that, he even used his shadow. However, there were a couple of things he still hadn't used, and never thought he would need to.

The first being blood skills, using blood skills required Arthur to consume human blood and that was something he didn't want to do, so he had held back on that so far. Other than that, there was the blood weapon that Arthur always kept on his back, made from blood crystals of fallen vampires, and also the blood armour.

"Is that really the blood armour Arthur is wearing?" Fex said as he couldn't keep his eyes off the armour for some reason, it was as if something was drawing him towards it. "It looks exactly like the one the king wears, it's the same as the one in the pictures from the books I read!"

Fex had actually never seen the blood armour in person, and he wished there were others around him who could understand just what he was looking at right now, and why it was considered so special. He wanted to pinch himself, thinking everything was a dream.

There were only two sets of blood armour known in existence, the first belonging to the king and the second belonging to Arthur, the head of the punishers.

Looking at his arm, even Arthur himself was looking at the unfamiliar armour that seemed to fit perfectly on his body.

"No one is allowed to escape punishment from the Punishers, not even the king himself. If he was to do wrong, it is said that whatever is granted to the king, must be given to the Punishers as well." Arthur said, speaking to himself, as he knew Hilston would have no idea what he was talking about. But Arthur couldn't help himself, looking at the armour was reminding him of those days, the days where he had trusted the first king's every word.

Swinging his great sword upward, Arthur held it with a single hand and had the pointed end of the sword, pointing towards Hilston.

"It would be wise for you to give up now." Said Arthur.

Chuckling again, Hilston thought the man in front of him was too confident and he could only think of one reason why.

"I'm guessing what you hold in your hand is a demon tier weapon, is that why you are so confident? Do you know how I got all of the demon tier beast equipment on my body? By killing every single one of them I came across. One demon tier weapon isn't going to change the tide of this battle."

In a situation like this, everyone would think Hilston had every right to be confident. He not only had a full set of demon tier armour, but hadn't activated any of their skills yet.

"This weapon is not made by beasts but by something else." Arthur explained. "And unfortunately, to power this weapon and the armour I'm wearing, there needs to be a special ingredient. Blood. But worry not, for this sword will not need to be bathed in your blood. You see, recently I had come across a special green blood that has the same effect, perhaps even stronger. Honestly, I don't think the armour is needed against you, but it's a set you know, so it's best to bring them out together." Arthur said with a smile.

Now that he had his sword out, his serious expression had calmed down again.

"It's time to show you the ultimate weapons of the punishers, and why none of the thirteen families dared to go against me while they were still alive!"

Shouting these words, Arthur's eyes started to glow slightly red, his hair started to float up slightly as the power was being summoned and the green bar line down the centre of the sword was lowering.

Swinging his giant sword out, from the edge of the blade, a green liquid appeared heading towards Hilston. He managed to raise a wall trying to block the unknown substance and when it made impact a huge explosion was made, crumbling the wall to pieces. Soon after Arthur was seen behind it coming through the cloud of smoke and dust. He swung his great blade again, but Hilston had managed to avoid the attack. The sword went right past him hitting the air, or at least that's what he thought. A few moments later and a large wound was seen between the gap in his armour and blood started to soak out from it.

Another swing was made from the sword and this time the attack seemed to be faster. Hilston narrowly managed to avoid it again, but a clang was made against his chest piece as if the sword had actually hit.

Hilston didn't like to take a step back, but until he could figure out what was going on he thought there was a need to. His foot had landed on something and it started to glow, suddenly Hilston was no longer able to move it was as if he was frozen.

"Thanks for staying still for me." Arthur said, swinging his sword like a baseball bat, while the edge of the blade was laced in the green liquid again. When the sword hit his chest piece, a loud explosion was made sending Hilston flying, but before he could recover or regain his position, the shadow from the floor was raised into a wall. Hilston went right through it and reappeared from Arthur's giant left wing, knowing where he would be he struck again, blasting him up into the sky.

Flinging him upward, Arthur continued to strike at Hilston with his blade, now successfully hitting him and each time he did it looked like his speed had improved, getting faster than he did before.

"I can't regroup or use any of my abilities." Hilston said. "I need to activate my beast armour!" It was something Hilston never wanted to do, to rely on the equipment he had, but he needed to live to fight another day. However before he could activate the armour, he heard something.

"You don't think I'm going to let you do that, do you?"

It was a voice, not just any voice but the black haired man's voice and it wasn't said out loud, it was spoken directly into his head.

The green line on Arthur's sword was now nearly completely gone, but he had used the remainder of it to coat his sword in the green liquid more than before. When the sword had hit Hilston again, a bigger explosion than any other was made and a slight cracking sound could be heard.

'My chest piece, imposs-'

The explosion was so large, that it seemed like it would reach the others. However, the shadow was raised just in time, stopping it from getting out of control and redirecting it through the shadow sink skill. so all of the power was focused in one place.

Landing on the ground, Arthur placed his sword on his back, he didn't look tired or worn out at all. The chains were returned wrapping up the sword again, and the blood armour was put away.

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'Looks like I didn't need the armour after all.'

Fex, who was watching everything still had his mouth wide open at what he had just seen. He only knew very little about the punishers and had no clue about the blood weapon on his back or what it was capable of, but now after seeing it he understood, he just didn't understand why.

'All those moves he just did, the exploding blood, from the fourth family, the trap that was placed on the floor, it was the power of the sixth, he used the first and I was sure he was using twelfth family abilities as well. How can he use the other families abilities, is it to do with his blood weapon?'

Unknown to Fex, Arthur did use other abilities during that fight as well, such as the ninth's telepathy ability.

Arthur's face wasn't one of joy after using the weapon, instead it looked more like one of sadness. Whenever he would use the abilities it reminded him just how his blood weapon was created.

Usually, a single blood crystal would be enough to create a blood weapon. Depending on who it came from it could make a strong or weak weapon. As for Arthur's weapon, it wasn't just made from one blood crystal but multiple, how many he couldn't even count. All those that he had executed had dropped a blood crystal, and they had been used to make his weapon.

Perhaps that was why when his blood weapon was activated, he was able to use all the abilities of the other families, because the blood crystal was a part of the vampire themselves.

Seeing the weapon in action, would usually send a shiver down any opponent Arthur faced, a reminder of who he had slain.

When the smoke finally disappeared from the explosion, Arthur retracted his shadow wing back into him, it wasn't because he had run out of MC points, it was because there was no longer any reason for him to fight.

"Looks like you had one more trick up your sleeve after all, old man." Arthur said, as there was no one to be seen in front of him.

Hilston, for the first time in his life during a fight, had run away.


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