My Vampire System - Chapter 842

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Chapter 842: Chapter 842 Mass Turning

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Chapter 842: Mass Turning

Walking through the main centre of the vampire settlement, a particular group attracted a lot of attention. This was because, for the first time ever, two hundred humans were being escorted by ten royal guards.

The humans walked in a single file, split up into four rows while the guards were placed around them. The look on their faces, some were worried, broken down, defeated at what they had seen. While others still had determination and will, the fire in their eyes hadn't burnt out yet.

'We're going to survive this place no matter what!' Ashley thought. He was one of those that hadn't given up. A man who was the lieutenant of the group. In charge of them after Paul. During their days in the cell, hearing countless cries, seeing other beasts. He tried his best to give everyone hope. However, right now, he had no clue what was happening at this very moment.

"Are they marching us to our deaths, there going to feed us to those creatures, right?" A nervous soldier said, who was shaking.

Ashley wanted to comfort them, but he also didn't want to give them false hope.

'If they were going to kill us, why did they allow us to live for so long? And why are we being guarded right now?'

What was worrying the others more than anything, was the look and the faces of those that lived on this strange planet. Off to the side of the streets, they had gathered in large groups. All of their eyes glowing red, and on a closer look, their teeth seemed to be growing, beyond their mouths, sticking outside like large fangs.

"Don't kill them!" One of the guards said as he continued to march forward. The guards had no weapons on their bodies, but they did wear light black armour with royal blue trim.

"They just can't control themselves, some of them at least." The guard continued as he looked around carefully with his eyes.

Listening in, Ashley was wondering what they were talking about. Until he saw one from the crowd jump towards their large group. They leapt up around three meters in the air and had crossed a significant distance. It was not a feat a human could achieve by any means, especially while wearing no beast gear.

"We don't have any beast gear to defend ourselves. It was all taken off us!" Ashley shouted in anger. He pushed through his group, going to the side, hoping to save one of the females that were about to be attacked.

However, before he could reach them, one of the guards moved out and grabbed the attacker by the neck. He had moved so fast Ashley was unable to see him.

Before letting go, the royal guard slammed the attacker onto the ground and held him down by the neck. The attacker kicked and tried to claw at the royal guard, but he would just apply more force each time until the hacker eventually calmed down.

"Everyone!" The guard shouted. "This is an order from the royal guard. Return to your homes for the next hour while we are transporting the humans!"

They complied with the order as quickly as possible, returning to their homes, but not without whispering and gossiping about the first humans they had seen.

"Where are they taking them? Are they using humans for experiments again?"

"No, I think that's the supposed group that attacked us before?" Another said.

"Still, what are they going to do with them?"

Although they had returned to their homes, they continued to watch where the group was going through windows and such. A short while later, they could see them all enter the tenth castle area.

'These castles, this place... what is happening, and Paul, where are you?' Ashely thought.

Eventually, the guards had reached the tenth castle, and the one in the front shouted at the top of his lungs.

"The humans have been delivered, as promised by the royal Knight Dwight. We will now take our leave." The guards said as they left the humans, standing there alone.

"Wait, they just left. Does that mean we can leave?" One of them asked.

"Do you really think we can? If we tried to go back through all those things, we would be killed. The only thing that was protecting us were those guards." Ashley pointed out.

"So, are we meant to just wait?"

Soon all of their questions would be answered, as the castle's large double doors opened wide, and unexpectedly, they could see an old face they all knew well.

"It's good to see you all again."

"Paul!" Ashley shouted, and soon the others started to call his name.

"Everyone, remember who we are!" Ashley shouted back.

Saying these words snapped them all back into action. Even those that were disheartened before. They got into the position they had practised countless times, and all stood straight.

"We have returned, Sir!" Ashley shouted.

And the others in unison followed after, saluting their general.

"A lot has changed," Paul said, his eyes filled with sadness, looking at all of them. "Why don't we head inside?"

Walking inside, before Paul was a young man who had come out with him. Ashley made note that Paul allowed him to walk into the castle before him and wondered about what happened while they were locked up.

The group was led to the grand dining hall. It was able to fit them all in quite comfortably, and those from the Cursed faction were there as well. However, the students were told to remain in their rooms for the time being, as they were worried that they may not be able to control themselves.

Once they were in the hall, Paul went to the front to make an announcement. He looked at them all again before giving an explanation of what had happened.

"As you know, we are not on earth, and maybe as you suspect, these people who live here are not humans," Paul confirmed their thoughts. "However, due to Quinn, the owner and leader of this castle. We have been able to strike a deal with them that can save you all…."

Paul went into further detail about the planet they were on and the deal made between Paul, Quinn, and the others. The way Paul explained it, was that Quinn and Paul were both victims, and he even told them the truth about himself.

How he had already been turned. This was an important point because the next request he needed to make, was about turning all of them as well.

Quinn had thought about how he was going to do this. He was able to turn fifty people at most and had already turned ten. But he had no clue how many his vampire knights could turn. On Vincent's assumption, since they were both at the noble stage, they should be able to turn around ten each.

If Quinn got the group to turn one person each, and then the students as well as himself, that would still only be half of the entire group brought to them.

Those that were turned, could turn others as well, and this was what Quinn was counting on. However, Vincent reminded him that not all those turned would become vampires. Some would be halflings, subclasses, and only certain subclasses were able to turn others.

'It should still work out, as long as the numbers are with us.' Quinn thought.

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After the explanation was done, it was, of course, quite a shock to them, but to Paul's surprise, most of them were willing to be turned. The reason being, it felt like while they were trapped before, they had gone through hell.

They wanted freedom, and if this was the only way to get it, then they would do so. The others that were on the fence or against the idea did understand what Paul must have gone through. It was quite clear if the deal wasn't stuck, then all of them would be used as food by now.

With no choice, they too were willing to be turned.

There was no time to waste, and Quinn got to work straight away.

"Paul, Leo, out of this group, I think it would be best if you select ten of those that you trust most. I believe that they will be able to grow quite well under you." Quinn commanded.

The reason for thinking this was one of the Knight's skills in the system.

[Knight's command]

[A vampire knight is able to form a squad of ten vampires under himself. For those under the vampire knight, their skills and strength will be increased by ten percent]

"Leo, also about what we talked about before. Maybe it's time to put that theory to the test. If these humans have been turned into vampires, perhaps these can learn Qi? Try to select those that have the most potential."

With the orders made, Leo took ten people with him. He selected those with the strongest aura of Qi. Paul followed after. As for the rest, Quinn wanted to wait and see what would happen first.

Leo, started to turn them one by one, activating the ritual. Everyone watched the person in front of them scream in pain as they were being turned. It had put some of those off, but when they realised they were completely fine after, it calmed their nerves a little. Everyone so far had turned into either a vampire or a halfling. And then when Leo turned the very last one, they too had turned into a vampire.

'Was my assumption correct? If the others turn people, they turn into the same class that created them. Maybe if Alex does turn someone, they too will become a blood fairy?'

Of course, Vincent didn't know the answer, as the system seemed to be doing its own thing, which didn't follow the normal rules that he had learnt.

Next, it was Paul's turn, and in his group Ashley stood proud, being the first to be turned. Then it was time for the rest to follow. Just like Leo, everyone had turned into a halfling or a vampire.

Those that were turned into a vampire were told to step to the side, as Quinn would use those to turn others as well. But before that, it was finally his turn.

While turning others, Quinn didn't want to use his slots, so he planned to only turn twenty more people. This way, he would still have twenty slots left. If need be, he would turn the rest after.

So far, everything had gone well, until the ninth person.

The ninth person was wriggling around on the floor for far longer than the rest. Screaming louder than the others before him. The skin on his whole body was shrinking. His facial features were becoming more prominent, and his hair was falling out.

'This guy, is he turning into a Bloodsucker, but how?' Quinn thought in a panic.

"No Quinn, that's not a Bloodsucker. You need to kill him now. He's turning into a Wendigo!'


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