My Vampire System - Chapter 918

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Chapter 918: 918

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Chapter 918 - Round two

As soon as Cindy had ripped off her black dress, everyone's eyes couldn't help but be drawn to what she was wearing underneath. Some had never seen Cindy wear anything other than her black dress, there were even rumours going around that she slept in it, and even when she fought just moments ago she kept it on.

Now, having taken it off, everyone could finally see what was underneath. It just wasn;t what they had expected. To see the blood red armour. The red colour darkened on the edges of the armour, slowly getting more intense in colour towards the centre. Each piece was carefully crafted using one of the strongest blood crystals from the past. This armour was one of two that were known in existence.

"The blood armour…" Bryce said, as his eyes gazed Cindy up and down. He wasn't looking at her but the armour that she was wearing. Soon thoughts were beginning to consume his mind. That someone like Cindy, someone who didn't deserve it, was wearing this incredible armour made his whole body boil inside. His right hand was tensed so much that one of his bulging veins burst through the skin and was now slowly dripping onto the floor.

A first even for him.

It was expected that someone had to have the armour when the king's vault was found empty, but Bryce expected that there would be someone bigger behind this mess. How could the vampires let themselves be outwitted by her?

"So this means it's true, the Second leader was really behind everything."

"It has to be, otherwise why would she have the blood armour right now?"

The onlookers were visibly confused at the events that had occurred and had taken a step back. After having all those accusations thrown at her, she was now admitting to those crimes. However, showing the armour didn't mean she would be turning herself in, she was ready for a fight.

"Cindy..." Muka mumbled, not knowing how to feel. A lot of his anger thus far had been directed towards Bryce, and Cindy had even helped him and his people many times. After discovering the truth he felt guilty, not just because he had accused Bryce but for other reasons as well.

Cindy would often come by and visit the cells that were in the Fourteenth castle. It was normal for convicts to take their own lives, sometimes they even fought against each other and lost lives, but now Muka was learning what she had done to her own people. He feared that those prisoners suffered the same.

He was starting to realise that her willingness to help him constantly was just so that she could get closer to her own goal by getting him on her side.

'With her ability, she could have tricked everyone. She could have made it so no one remembered what she did, or saw where she had been, leaving no evidence behind. How…how were we all tricked by this person?' He thought.

There was a reason why Muka never suspected Cindy in all of this, because there was one thing that didn't make sense. Why go to all this trouble to get the blood armour and the absolute blood book?

If she had never framed Quinn for Dwight's murder, then both him and Jin would have still voted for her, making her queen. If she became queen she would naturally inherit these two items.

'Was she afraid that Quinn wouldn't give her his vote? No, even Quinn at the time only became suspicious due to Fex and Kazz. Meaning all of this started even before.' Everything she had done just sabotaged herself from becoming Queen in the first place, and this is what Muka didn't understand.

"Everyone clear the plaza now!" Muka shouted. "The second leader, Cindy Cha, is responsible for stealing the king's items, and for the royal knight Dwight's death! She is resting and this place will soon become a battlefield!"

After Muka announced his warning, he also sent out his two knights to make sure that the crowd were to leave the area safely, and they did so quite quickly. Being caught in the crossfires of a fight between leaders would hurt many of them.

"This is going to be a difficult fight, Quinn. With the blood armour, you will need the help of the other leaders to take her down." Vincent horridly said.

"What do you mean, I understand that the blood armour might be strong, but just like the blood weapons won't it need human blood to activate its power? She might have a flask but then the blood will run out quickly. We just need to buy time." Quinn expressed his thoughts based on his own experience with his soul weapon.

Also after witnessing Arthur's fight, Quinn knew that unless a blood weapon got a constant supply of blood, the time frame it could be used for was limited.

"All of what you said is very true, but that's only if Cindy hasn't learnt from the absolute blood book. You see that book has special power. It treats all blood the same, including vampire blood, and when using it, it will power the armour as well. I'm afraid if she had the blood armour, she would have already obtained the book and has been learning it since the day she got it."

The vampires had left the plaza and now it looked empty with so few people in it, but those from the Royal guards and from the Tenth family had remained. They didn't want to leave Quinn alone for this one. They weren't able to help when he was captured last time, and many of the leaders were worried that there were others working with her.

At that moment, Cindy turned to Jill.

"Well, it looks like we have no choice but to fight ourselves out of this one. You know what to do."

Jill was still on the floor, on the brink of tears. She couldn't believe what was happening right now, but still she agreed as she got up off the floor, nodding her head wiping the tears away. Soon they weren't the only ones standing there.

In total, three additional men were now standing by her side, seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

Seeing this, straight away Leo and Borden attitudes had changed and they were ready to go for a second round. This was because one of the men that had appeared was the original Eighth leader.

"It looks like the Eighth family is heavily involved in all of this after all," Bryce said. "Judging by the fact that every past Eighth leader that is still alive is here at this moment."

Bryce was an old vampire, and he recognised them all. They were all the past leaders who had gone into eternal slumber, apart from the original vampire. However, Bryce knew who the original was based on old portrait paintings they had.

"Don't blame them." Remus said. "They are only following my orders and commands. Since the whole of the Eighth family is originally mine, they must comply with everything I say. Even if I have to force them to." Lifting up his hand, Remus snapped his fingers, and at that moment a large explosion in the vampire pooling area was heard, followed by sounds of vampires screaming in the distance.

"Primus, you are the fastest one, head with the Royal guards and go off to investigate!" Bryce ordered.

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He did so, but soon explosions were heard going off in different areas as well. Bryce was startled about what was happening. He had killed all of those that they were hiding in the secret settlement. He thought that Cindy wouldn't have had a chance to coordinate an attack like this, so what was happening?

Because of this, he had no choice but to send off more leaders to investigate all the different problems that were going on. Sunny, Muscat, Lee and Muka were sent off to investigate as well, while the rest remained to deal with the trouble in front of them.

"Are you sure you can take us on with so few leaders?" Remus said. "You are going up against an original after all, and one that has the blood powers and the absolute blood armour."

"I don't understand!" Bryce said, pulling out his sword that was used against Quinn in their fight. "Why would an original be teaming up, or following the orders from the Second family, do you have no pride?"

"Pride?" Remus repeated. "That disappeared a long time ago. All I care about now is getting rid of the Tenth family!" Remus shouted, charging forward, throwing out a blood swipe.

It was aiming straight for Quinn, but it would never reach him as Leo stepped in front, smashing the blood swipe with his sword. Soon Remus felt a strong blow hitting him in the right side of his rib, chucking him across the whole length of the square.

Looking at who had delivered such a strong blow to send an original flying around like nothing, they could see a blonde haired boy, with three spikes sticking out from his back and scales running up his face.

"It's time for round two, and this time it will be longer than ten minutes." Borden said, cracking his knuckles. Meanwhile Leo stood behind him and prepared to back him up.

'What is a Dalki doing protecting the Tenth family!?' Cindy thought, grinding her teeth.


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