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Chapter 15

Chapter 0015 – Bathing Alone

You ran away from home? Who takes their bodyguards and housekeeper with them when doing that? This lady, you aren’t trying to make fun of me, right

“My father isn’t to blame too . ”

Murong Ying sighed softly, “He just told me about a marriage proposal . Although the other side is an appropriate match, I didn’t agree with it . Really, we’re living the modern age yet such feudalistic practices still go on . As a woman of modern society, I must do my best to overcome this feudalism which is the root of all evil!”

Are you even qualified to say such words? Apologize towards modern society right now!

Li Fan’s cheeks streamed with tears .  My Madame Wife is a prime example of double standards!

“In short, you don’t need to worry too much . My father is an amiable man . ”

Murong Ying patted Li Fan’s shoulder to comfort him, “Although he was known as the Living Yama, his character has turned for the better by a lot now . At least, he won’t cripple people randomly . We are husband and wife, so you must believe me . ”

Like hell I’d believe you! Have you ever heard of an amiable Living Yama? Li Fan felt like crying .  Aren’t I delivering myself to see God?

“Especially after knowing that I already carry your child, he will surely treat you with importance . ”

Murong Ying continued to comfort Li Fan, “He likes children a lot . When I was little, there was a boy who touched my hand, so he broke the boy’s arm kindly . My father treasures children that much . Once he knows I have a baby in my tummy, he will surely feel happy . ”

You call that treasuring children? Breaking an arm is a kindly act? Isn’t he just a fookin’ perverted daughtercon?

Li Fan’s heart couldn’t bear it anymore .  Heavens! If you want to kill me, can’t you just do it straightforwardly? Why do you torment me so much?!

“Don’t worry . You won’t die . ”

Murong Ying took out a small bottle from her pockets, “This is our Murong family’s Alchemic Injury Exilir, it can join back your broken feet and hands . ”

Fudge! Broken feet and hands, you say?! You sure you didn’t say it wrong?! Li Fan’s had stopped beating for a few times already .

“Ah, we’re here . ”

The car finally slowed down, and Tie Zhu opened the door for the two of them .

A huge Chinese-style mansion house stood in front of them, with two rows of bodyguards in front of the main gate which looked much more imposing that Li Fan’s current house gate . Each row had over 30 men each and stood in a straight line from the entrance to the car’s location .

Li Fan noticed the two huge words written on the gate’s board – Murong Residence .

These two words were written with bold and powerful strokes, which gave the impression of soaring dragons and ascending phoenixes . One look at it was enough to realize that it was written by an expert .

“Such an imposing mansion…”

Li Fan sighed with sorrow . On the side, Tie Zhu explained with pride, “Young Master, the Murong family is a well-known prominent family in the martial arts circle! There’s a common phrase which is often spoken in the Jianghu – “Murong to the North, Sima to the South, the all-present Beggars’ Union roams all under the heavens . All martial arts enter Shaolin, Wudang’s Taiji reigns supreme . ”

“Hold on!”

Li Fan questioned her, “Isn’t it ‘All martial arts originate from Shaolin? Why did you say they enter Shaolin?”

“That’s a misunderstanding . ”

Tie Zhu explained to him, “It’s because martial arts were prohibited during the Yuan Dynasty while Shaolin was respected by the dynasty’s ruler . Many experts handed down their family’s ultimate martial arts to deposit them in Shaolin Monastery before withdrawing from society . That’s where the phrase ‘all martial arts enter Shaolin’ comes from . ”

“So it was like that…”

Li Fan nodded, “I never learned about this bit of history . ”

“Stop dawdling and get moving now . Let’s not make my father becomes uneasy by making him wait . ”

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Murong Ying said with a low voice, “Although he’s a kind man, he doesn’t have any patience at all . ”

Kind man my ass!

Li Fan really wanted to roast her words, but after looking at the tall and sturdy bodyguards around them, he held it in .

It’s better to act low-profile on other’s turf .

“Welcome back to the mansion, Eldest Miss!”

Around 70-80 of them shouted together, shaking Li Fan to the core .  Oh my God! These great families are really different .

“Let’s go, shall we?”

Murong Ying reached out and pulled onto Li Fan’s hand, taking inside the Murong Residence .

Although Murong Ying had requested Li Fan to act calm and collected a little, he couldn’t help himself from glancing around . There were pavilions and kiosks all around in the form of concentric circles . They were endless! Li Fan counted silently as they roughly passed through about 10 courtyards . There were hills and ponds in the Murong Residence as well . The place really looked like the regions where the relatives of the emperor lived in ancient times .

The Murong family is really loaded and influential . Does this mean I have climbed onto quite a tall tree now? No, wait . A man must possess the ability to support the heavens and earth, living off a woman is too pathetic! Li Fan resolved himself internally that no matter how much money the Murong family had he wouldn’t spend a single cent of it .

“Young Master, please go this side . ”

After walking for a while, Tie Zhu suddenly blocked Li Fan’s path .

“Go take a bath and change your clothes first . You can’t meet my father while wearing such clothes . ”

Murong Ying pointed towards the dirty school uniform on Li Fan’s body, “I’ll be waiting for you at the Aroma Gathering Gardens . ”


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Meeting with his father-in-law in such clothes really didn’t seem proper, so Li Fan followed after Tie Zhu into another courtyard to the side . It only had one huge room there which had the words ‘Jade Dragon Pond’ written on its board .

“Young Master, please take a bath here then change your clothes . ”

Tie Zhu stood at the doorway then pointed towards the door of the room before speaking to Li Fan differentially .

“Got it . ”

Isn’t it just a bath? Do you need to act so formal? The moment Li Fan pushed open the door and entered inside, he was dazzled by what he saw .

Is this a public bath? The room had a 100 square meter pond constructed inside it . A dragon’s head had been carved onto the wall which spouted water into the pond, and there were over a dozen pretty maids on both sides of the pond who swarmed around Li Fan after seeing him enter .

“Young Master, shall I help you undress?”

“Young Master, I’ll help wash your back . ”

“Young Master, I can help you become sparkling clean, both inside and outside . ”

What the flying fuck…What the hell is going on?! Is this a public bath or is it paradise?!

Li Fan’s cheeks streamed with tears .  I actually had such status, huh? Wait a minute… What happened to my determination from before? Li Fan, you must resist the charm shell attack they’ve launched at you!

“All of you, go out! I can bathe by myself!”

Li Fan reluctantly made those pretty maids leave the place as he would only feel natural if he were bathing alone…

Li Fan swiftly shed his clothes off . He entered the warm pond water while cherishing the memory of those pretty maids .  Bathing alone in such a huge region is such a waste . Sigh . I also want to wake up on a huge ultra sized bed one day… and have fun with my pretty harem members… Tsk-Tsk, a man must really have a little ambition!

At this moment, the door of the Jade Dragon Pond was suddenly flung open . Li Fan’s heart began beating faster .  Did those maids return back? Let it be, I should not hinder their words when they are so willing to do it . I’ll give them a chance to show their skills then…

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Set on sacrificing himself, Li Fan turned his head back with perverted intentions in his heart . As a result, he saw Tie Zhu walked inside while bound in a bath towel .  Fuck! This bath towel is also about to tear apart due to the muscles!

“Young Master, I knew those coarse-handed women would fail to serve you, so I decided to personally do it…”

“Do it your sister! I don’t like taking baths with others!”

Li Fan was about to cry, “Leave, get far away from me! No one is allowed to remain in a range of hundred meters around me!”

“Understood, Young Master!”

Tie Zhu left while feeling a little regretful . She even muttered to herself, “This girl’s tui na skills are pretty amazing though…”

I don’t need them even if they are amazing! I’m not crazy enough to accept a fiendess’ offer!

Li Fan finally relaxed his breath after Tie Zhu had left and bathed inside the pond peacefully .  I could bath the entire day and still not feel tired . Being wealthy is really nice… I could even swim in such a big pond .  Li Fan got into a playful mood . He took a deep breath, pinched his nose then dived underwater .

After some time, Li Fan saw a pair of long legs step inside the pond and became furious immediately .  Tie Zhu, are you back again?


He rose up from under the water surface and yelled with rage as droplets dripped down his face .

“Tie Zhu, didn’t I tell you…”

What faced him was a pretty naked girl with a pair of monochrome eyes looking at him with an alarmed expression .

Li Fan was left stupefied .  It seems like… the script has taken a very unfavorable turn…