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Chapter 644: 644

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Chapter 644: Homework Keeps Getting Neglected

On Monday afternoon, Gu Mang’s schedule was packed with lessons.

The Medical Informatics specialization allowed Gu Mang to come and take classes, but they only did so to give face to Principal Ren. Furthermore, having a student over for classes would not affect anything much. It was common for people interested in Medical Informatics to prepare to enroll for years on end but give up just a month before the end. The school was waiting to see how long Gu Mang would last.

Because of this, whenever she was in class the instructors would not look at Gu Mang, acting as if she did not exist.

The first major assignment of the year was assigned today.

“Email your assignments to me by this Sunday,” the teacher said. “Marks will be deducted for incomplete submissions. If you don’t pass your midterms, you know the consequences.”

Once the teacher left, the classroom filled with groans and complaints. Clearly, the assignment was difficult.

A senior looked at Gu Mang. “Junior, if you encounter any problems, feel free to ask us. We can work on it with you when we go to the library.”

Gu Mang answered, “Thank you, Senior.”

The Medical Informatics students were very happy that such a pretty junior was joining them. However, after a few days, they noticed that the teachers did not seem to care about her at all. They had totally given up on teaching her.

Gu Mang was rather quiet. She handed in her work on time and was very serious in class. However, the teachers still did not care about her.

They probably hadn’t seen someone who was arrogant enough to challenge the Medical Informatics faculty as a freshman.

The seniors could not help but pity Gu Mang.

Gu Mang was indifferent. She stuffed books in her backpack and carried it over her shoulder, planning to head to the library. On the way there, she touched her pocket and realized that she had no more chocolate left.

She walked to her dorm.

When she arrived, she opened the door and was greeted by Tang Xiaoxiao and Zheng Miao. “Gu Mang, you’re back.”

She hummed in acknowledgment.

Tang Xiaoxiao raised her chin and gestured at the bed next to Gu Mang’s. “Our new roommate is here.”

She had already set up her bed and tidied her things.

Gu Mang stole a glance rather indifferently. “Oh.”

She placed the English medical document which she was hugging on the table and picked up a cup.

Zheng Miao approached Gu Mang. “When she arrived, Xiaoxiao and I were at the Student Union. Our neighbours said that Shen Qianzi is a very nice and polite person.”

When Tang Xiaoxiao heard this, she heaved a sigh of relief.

The medical school programme took eight years to complete. They had to live with each other for eight years. If they had a troublesome roommate, everyone would suffer.

Just then, the dorm door opened. Tang Xiaoxiao and Zheng Miao looked over subconsciously.

A girl wearing a floral dress walked in.

“All of you are back.” The girl’s voice was sweet and soft. Her smile was bright and her maroon hair was wavy.

She looked almost the same as her online photo. She was very pretty.

Tang Xiaoxiao and the others greeted her with a smile.

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The girl said amicably, “I’m Shen Qianzi, your new roommate.”

The three of them introduced themselves politely.

“I am Tang Xiaoxiao.”

“I am Zheng Miao.”

“Gu Mang.”

Shen Qianzi’s gaze swept across Gu Mang’s face. She paused for a moment.

She regained her senses quickly and said with a smile, “Let’s take care of each other from now on. If you guys need any help, feel free to tell me.”

Tang Xiaoxiao and Zheng Miao were more extroverted, so they became close with Shen Qianzi very quickly.

After drinking a cup of water, Gu Mang thought of the assignment that the teacher had handed out. Her lower jaw shifted slightly.

She put down her cup and sent a message to Lu Chengzhou. [Let me borrow Red Flame’s artificial intelligence programming book for a while.]

The man replied quickly. [For an assignment?]

Gu Mang tapped on the keyboard. [Yeah.]

Lu Chengzhou replied, [It would take too long for Red Flame to deliver it there. Send me your assignment. I’ll teach you.]

Gu Mang said, [Okay, give me 30 minutes.]

She put her phone away before grabbing a few lollipops and chocolates from the cupboard and stuffing them into her bag. She also brought along the book that Yang Tianming had given her.

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