My Wolf Prince - Chapter 2.1

Published at 4th of June 2018 06:00:53 PM

Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2: The Wolf Prince Looks Back to the Past 1



「Oh, it’s just you . 」

When he visited Isaak, Isaak responded as if he was troubled instead of greeting him .

「What is with that greeting? Are you disappointed that I wasn’t Claudia?」
「……I didn’t say that . 」

Isaak glared at Ralph with a complicated expression when Ralph grinned and smiled at him .

「So, is your body alright?」

Just a few hours ago, Ralph had received word that Claudia unleashed an explosion and Isaak had directly received it . Isaak acted as if it was nothing and merely shrugged .

「As you can see . 」

Ralph was glad and grinned widely at him .

「Above all, it is good that you are healthy . As expected, the only person I thought I could entrust Claudia to was you . Recommending you was worth it . 」

Recommended .  With that word, Isaak’s movements stilled .

「……So then, it was you after all . 」

Three days ago, Isaak had returned from the expedition and Alexis’ disappearance was reported to all parties .
And then yesterday, Lord Rosenheim had paid a visit to the Lambertz family . There were discussions of making Isaak, Claudia’s fiancee .

『The eldest son, Isaak, will become my daughter’s groom: is it difficult afterall?』
『No, it isn’t like that . It’s just that, after all, if it is against the will of the person himself――』
『Father¹ . 』
『Isaak, I already understand . I know that you have no intention of marrying . 』
『No . If it’s alright with Father¹, then you may accept . 』

With that, the matter was settled and Isaak went to meet Claudia .
Though there were still other candidates, Ralph never even considered them . As far as Ralph was concerned, it was already a given .

「You can thank me . 」
「……Why should I?」

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Ralph looked as if he was proud of himself, making Isaak feel like he wanted to punch him .

「You have been thinking about Claudia all this time, haven’t you? As a man . 」
「It was obvious . But you couldn’t mention it in front of Alex . 」
「H-hold on――」
「That’s why I had gone ahead and recommended you to Father¹ and Brother² . 」

Isaak had raised his voice towards Ralph, but he was reined back as the inside of Isaak’s head blanked out and refused to start up .

「What’s wrong, Isaak?」
「Well, calm down . Don’t be flustered . 」
「I-I’m not flustered!」
「By the way, I think Alex noticed . Even though you didn’t say anything . 」
「Before bidding farewell, what did Alex say to you?」

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Isaak held his breath . He remembered his goodbyes to his friend .

「……I entrust Claudia to you . 」
「Isn’t it so?」
「……I told him to stop . He had a fiancé so he shouldn’t mess around . Even so, that idiot――」
「Alex may have seemed quiet, but once he decides something, he will not withdraw . Although I still believe he should have found another way to go about it . Well, Alex is how Alex is . 」
「About Claudia, I believe that he thought he could have a peace of mind if he entrusted her to you . 」
「……Is it because of me?」
「Because of me, Alex――」
「What are you talking about? Are you an idiot?」

Haa!? Before Isaak could retort, Ralph continued on talking with a serious look .

「Alex met the saint . Then he choose to separate with Claudia . By no means was it because he was holding back on you . 」
「……I guess so . 」

Isaak said with a sigh while roughly ruffling his head .

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Ralph saw that Isaak was acting like usual again and grinned broadly at him while his sapphire eyes, similar to Claudia, shone brightly .

「So then, I want to know . 」
「……What is it?」
「The reason why Claudia won’t forgive you . 」
「You, that, is it normal to ask with that kind of face?」
「Am I not allowed to worry? I’m going to become your brother-in-law after all . 」
「……You as a brother-in-law? I’m going to get seriously angry . 」

While saying so, Isaak looks back to the past . He immediately recalls the reason why Claudia won’t forgive him .
That was a bitter memory that always left Isaak feeling troubled whenever he thought about it .




Father¹ ⇒ Chichiue . There are two ways to call one’s parents . Chichiue/Hahaue or Otou-sama/Okaa-sama . You usually use the former when addressing your parents in front of others to sort of downplay their importance as a sign of humility . This would translate to something like “My humble father/mother” versus “My esteemed father/mother” . Brother² ⇒ Ani . Same like above . It’s a more humble form of onii-sama . Also more commonly used by boys (Aniue/Aniki) . The forms don’t really matter much in this case but I thought I’d mention it anyways .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!