My Wolf Prince - Chapter 2.2

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Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2: The Wolf Prince Looks Back to the Past 2


Isaak was only 4 years old when his mother passed away . Though she had extraordinary magical powers, she had a weak constitution .

One year after his mother’s death, his father had welcomed a new wife . 5 year old Isaak didn’t get attached to her . The woman was also not such an amazing person that she’d gotten attached to Isaak either .

After all, Isaak had ended up leaving his parents’ home to live with his maternal uncle .
His uncle, Werner Siebel, was a bachelor known to have a very eccentric personality . He had been close to his older sister’s son and had often looked after him since before .


Werner’s home was located in the countryside, far from where all the royal aristocrats lived, and was far from being called splendid by anyone’s standard . Originally, the Siebel family was also one of the higher ranking nobilities, second only to the royal families; but Werner disliked the various constraints in the life of an aristocrat so he had left his parents’ home and lived independently .

It wasn’t a financially-blessed life, but Isaak loved his life with Werner . Although that ended suddenly when Isaak was 12 years old .


『Isaak . Sorry, I’ve failed you……』

After Werner came back from another continent, he was brought to a cathedral due to a serious injury . It was even a wonder how he had made it that far with such an injury as it was a fatal wound .

『Someone, somebody! Cast the recovery magic! Hurry!』

Though he was desperately looking around while clinging to that bloodstained body, the adults around him only shook their heads .

『He is already in a state where even recovery magic wouldn’t help him . I’m sorry……』
『Lies! Hurry ――』
『……Isaak . It’s enough that I was able to return . With this, at least I could see you once again, right? It’s unreasonable to ask God for any more than this . 』
『Don’t want, Werner . Don’t leave me alone……』
『Baka . You’re not going to be alone . Don’t you still have a splendid father?』

Werner reached out with his wounded arm and ruffled Isaak’s head while grinning widely .

『The time you were with me was fun . Go have lots of fun from now on too . Promise . 』

And so, that endlessly bright smile, also became his eternal farewell .


Isaak returned to the Lambertz home after 7 years, but was unfortunately unable to fulfill Werner’s last wish and spent his time in depression .

Although his father, stepmother, and younger brother didn’t shun him; his interactions with them were full of reservation as he only felt at ease when he was alone .
Even after going back and forth between the royal academy where all the noble’s children go; everything still remained the same .

Most nobles started attending the academy at 6; but Isaak had been living freely in the countryside until he was 12 and so he was unaccustomed to the environment .

Before he knew it, one day that nickname was attached to him, and Isaak’s mouth distorted in disapproval .

「…… Wolf Prince, huh . Lame . 」


As usual, he was playing truant during lessons and was laying down in the garden’s lawn .

He was about to sleep when he felt a presence and so Isaak opened his eyes . Looking around, Isaak saw a girl a bit younger than him entering the forest .

「What the hell is she doing ― that girl . 」

Curious as to what she was doing in such a place, Isaak was suddenly taken aback . All of a sudden, a tremendous shockwave hit the area .

Isaak immediately casted defense magic to protect himself and the shockwave went away instantly, but he looked around in panic to find the girl .
It didn’t take much searching before he immediately found the girl . The trees in the surrounding area were completely annihilated by the shockwave .


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「Tsk, oi! Are you alright?」

Rushing over with worry towards the little girl, she merely looked at him with a puzzled expression .

「You…… are who?」
「……Not that, you, are you okay? Or more like, was it you?!」
「Now? That’s right . Because my control isn’t good, that’s why . 」

(I hurried over for nothing……)

Isaak drooped his shoulders and hung his head in disappointment so the girl peered at Isaak’s expression from below .
Her eyes were large and a bit like a cat’s . Meeting her gaze directly, Isaak jumped back in surprise .

「T, too close!」
「Just now, were you nearby?」

The girl just ignored Isaak’s words and stared at him while getting closer and closer .

「I just said you’re too close!」
「You were nearby, ne? I thought no one was around and completely didn’t notice . I’m sorry . 」
「No, your face doesn’t look like you are sorry . But that aside, I said you’re too close!」
「Your hair; it’s a bit burned, ne?」

The girl stretched out her hand and touched Isaak’s bangs .

「D, don’t touch me!」

The sudden contact surprised Isaak so he grabbed the wrist in front of him .   But because he was flustered by the slender wrist, he let go right away . Thinking that he probably handled her too roughly, his spine grew cold .

(Not good!)

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But the girl doesn’t seem to care about the worries of Isaak’s inner heart; and for some reason her face starts to shine brighter .

「You . You’re strong, ne? You were able to protect yourself with defensive magic?」
「I just used all my power just now, you know . And for someone to have almost completely defended against it . It’s the first time . 」
「Haa? No, get away from me!」

Isaak pushed the girl’s shoulders to gain some distance between them .
The girl doesn’t seem to care about it and continues to stare at Isaak with the same delighted expression .

「I’m Claudia Rosenheim . Ne, your name is?」
「……Isaak . 」
「Isaak? Could it be you are the Lambertz family’s Wolf Prince?」
「You shouldn’t call me that directly . 」
「Why? It is cool, isn’t it?」
「Because wolves are brave and cool . 」

He was at a loss for words . He hastily responded while scratching his head to Claudia who was tilting her head as she stared at him with a puzzled expression .

「It, it’s different! The wolf grows up to become bad and never gets accustomed to people, right?!」

Hearing that, Claudia gave an apologetic face .

「So you hated it, ne? I’m sorry . 」
「Ahー……。That is to say, I’m used to it already . 」

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「But, not being accustomed to people; I am the same . 」

Isaak is surprised at her unexpected words .

「I, because I am bad at controlling my magic powers, everyone is afraid . That’s why I don’t have friends . 」
「…… So that is why you came to such a place by yourself . 」
「That’s right . I was thinking about practicing . 」

From the expressions until now, this one is a bit different and looks a bit lonely; that’s why Isaak instinctively said .

「…… Shall I go with you? For practice . 」
「I’ll teach you how to control it . 」
「I can at least defend myself against your magic power, right?」

He responded while looking away slightly . Claudia jumped towards Isaak so he was once again surprised when she grasped his hand with both of hers .

「I’m so happy! We’ll get along well, right Isaak?」

Her smiling face was filled with an enthusiastic light that her eyes seemed like real large sapphires .

You could say it was impossible to not have fallen in love .




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