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My Wolf Prince - Chapter 2.3

Published at 3rd of August 2018 07:48:59 AM

Chapter 2.3

They argued often . Isaak had originally not been used to talking frankly and expressing his emotions, while Claudia was the opposite with, a straightforward personality, being simple, yet strong-willed .

Even though he thought of her as cute, because Isaak displayed a contradictory attitude, they would always clash .

But even then, though it seemed different, there wasn’t any hatred between the both of them . Until that day .

Thanks to Claudia, Isaak got close to Ralph and Alexis; and before he noticed, the times where he was by himself lessened .

Time passed quietly and soon Isaak was 14 years old and Claudia was 12 .

「I, currently, am engaged to Alex . 」

After she had told him this flatly, Isaak stopped moving .


「It had been decided long ago . My late mother and Alex’s mother were very close and made that promise . 」

Isaak felt a chill creep up from his feet, his whole body turning cold .

(What with that . Such a thing . ……There is absolutely nothing I can do about that, is there?)

「……That’s great, huh . 」

Isaak finally replied with a hoarse voice, though Claudia hadn’t noticed the change .

「Un .  Alex is kind . I have always thought that it would be good to marry someone kind . Someone who is different my mean elder brothers . 」


「Since we are engaged, Father said that I should call him Alexis-sama, not Alex . He said it is a way of showing respect to one’s husband . But I am wondering, isn’t it a bit cold?」

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Claudia wasn’t acting differently, behaving as usual . Maybe it hadn’t sunk in yet . Nonetheless, she had accepted the engagement without resistance . Maybe it was because she was part of the royalty of this country and thought of it as only natural .

However, the same didn’t apply to Isaak . Unable to process it, he was just staring blankly ahead, which compelled Claudia to peer at him .

「How about Isaak?」


「Ne~ Isaak . 」


「How about Isaak — are you not engaged yet?」

Claudia inquired innocently, causing Isaak to resign himself with wrinkles on his forehead .

「……Don’t care . 」

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「But Isaak is the heir to the Lambertz family . Sooner or later, that kind of talk will come up . 」

「Not going to be the heir anyway . 」

「Why? You are the eldest son, aren’t you?」

「My younger brother will succeed the throne . 」


「……Cause I don’t need it . Someone like me . 」

Claudia was puzzled .

「I don’t think it is something you don’t need . Isaak is very excellent . 」

「Said I don’t need it . It’s a nuisance . 」

(I won’t need it . You have Alex after all . )

「That’s why, I won’t succeed the throne or get married . I am fine by myself . 」


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「Anyways, it doesn’t concern you, alright?!」

Isaak couldn’t stand it any longer and raised his voice . As expected, Claudia’s expression clouded upon hearing that and a spark of anger and bewilderment began to appear in her eyes .

「What are you angry about?」

「……Shut up . 」

「What Isaak said is not alright . Why did you say such a mean thing?」

(Aa, I am mean and unkind anyways .  Unlike Alex . )

「If you do not explain properly, it won’t be understood, right? What you are angry about, say it properly!」

「A spoiled and naive ojou-sama like you wouldn’t understand!」

「What’s that? Did you think of me that way?」

Wrong . Claudia was someone who was lonely without a mother; she was someone who always worried for her friends; she was hardworking and was striving hard to control her magical powers — Isaak knew all of these aspects of her . And yet .

「Aa, that’s right . That’s why it is impossible for me, after all . I will not teach you anymore . 」

Claudia’s face turned pale . From anger . No, from the shock she had received as well .

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「Why!? Didn’t you promise?! You said you’d teach me how to control magical power!」

「Have Alex do it . Alex is kind after all . 」

「Why do you say it like that? I did not say it in that way!」

Trembling and shivering, something could be seen faintly glistening in her eyes . Isaak panicked and looked away while hanging his head in shame . He was unable to face her directly .

「……How mean . I hate an Isaak who says such things!」

If you are reading this somewhere else aside from hirikamt(dot)wordpress(dot)com then this translation has been stolen . Please do not support stolen translations and report it to the original translator immediately .

At that moment, Isaak eyes widened . He heard a pounding and grating from deep within his heart .

Immediately shutting his eyes tightly, he began to delude himself .

(We’re not suited for each other anyway . That’s why it is okay if you hate me . )

Isaak lifted his head and wrung out a trembling voice .

「……Aa, I as well, really hate you . 」

Isaak kept his head down until the end and didn’t know what kind of face Claudia had as she ran away .

Only after he was alone did he finally drop and loosen the fists he had been clenching with all his strength .

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