My Wolf Prince - Chapter 2.4

Published at 22nd of May 2020 01:22:07 PM

Chapter 2.4

Chapter 2: The Wolf Prince Looks Back to the Past 4


Since then, up until the present, the relationship with Claudia has not had any change for the better .

He knew that Claudia was looking for an opportunity to reconcile . However, to prevent that from happening, Isaak avoided being alone with Claudia .


When they conversed, he purposely chose remarks that would make her angry . Interactions with him were so brusque to the point that he became clearly unapproachable .
He was the worst -- is how it would be summed up .

He informed Ralph of the circumstances while hiding the particulars about his own feelings .

Crossing his legs while relaxing on the sofa in the parlour of the Lambertz family, Ralph sent gaze full of pity towards Isaak .

「You are, how to say this…… I already knew about it, but you really are a childish brat . 」


Isaak, who was sitting in front of Ralph, wasn't able to deny it; so he turned away and clicked his tongue .

「Well, one way or another, I understand that you really love Claudia . 」

「How did it come to that? I only said that I was unable to keep my promise . 」

「If you still think that you can hide your feelings, in this kind of situation, then I'd seriously be worried about you . 」


「You like Claudia, that's why you've turned down all marriage proposals until now, right? 」

「Ahー mou, just shut up . 」

「Well, it is something Diethard-sama permitted . Even though you were supposed to be heir to the throne . 」

「You just ignored me . 」

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Isaak let out a big breath, as if giving up, and replied with a grumble .

「That person -- he only feels obligation towards me . 」

「…… Aa, is it because he had let go of your hand at one point, if only for a moment? So that's why he tolerates your selfishness . 」

「Let's say I wanted to succeed the throne . Stepmother would lose her position . 」

With these words, Ralph's expression slackened .

「You're really kind, huh?」

「…… It was simply because it was troublesome . 」

「However, that kindness, is useless, if not transmitted . In any case, you should at least start by being honest . I've set the stage; but whether or not Claudia's feelings will change will depend on you . 」

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Being struck where it hurts, Isaak leaned his back against the sofa in resignation and stared at the ceiling .

He was reaping what he sowed as Claudia had zero good will towards him . No, it wasn't even zero .

「……Even I understand that I'm starting with minus points . 」

Isaak let out a haa as he sighed reflexively . He scratched his head as he sat back up . Ralph was staring at him with a broad grin so Isaak struck one of Ralph's elbows .

「…… What? That face -- stop it unless you want to be seriously beaten . 」

「No, I just had something in mind . You, if there was no marriage offer from our house, what would you have done? If there was another engagement in place, would you have given up?」


(It was Alex, so I thought I had no choice but to give up . But, I wouldn't have handed her over to any other man . …… Sorry . )

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「…… That kind of thing won't happen anyways, right?」

Receiving a sullen response, Ralph laughed happily .

「That's right . It seems that I have said something unnecessary . Though, how you would have won the position as Claudia's fiancé, would have been something good to watch thoroughly . 」
「…… Just go home already . 」

Isaak stood up and indignantly kicked the sofa Ralph was sitting on . Ralph didn't even budge from the spot and continued to look up at Isaak with the same expression .

「You, I heard you're replacing Alex for an entire expedition . 」

「It can't be helped, right? You can't change halfway . 」

「That's right; so I guess I'll make time for Claudia to come here . What a kind brother-in-law I am, right? It's alright to call me Aniue . 」

「…… I'll go by myself, after all . 」

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