My Wolf Prince - Chapter 3.1

Published at 22nd of May 2020 01:22:19 PM

Chapter 3.1

Except for special cases like Isaak, royal nobles of Rosenburg Kingdom start attending the Royal Academy between the ages of 6 and 18 years . If one graduates from the academy in spring as an 18-year-old, they will be recognized as adults and start to serve their country .

One of the tasks is to go on an expedition to another continent, or if one is a woman, she may get married and start a family .

「Claudia . 」

During lunch time, someone called out to her in the academy . As she turned around, she found her brother’s fiancée smiling at her .

「Hilde-sama . 」

Hildegard Allens was Ralph’s fiancée, at the age of 18, was a year older than Claudia . The Allens family was one of the highest-ranking noble families .

「……it seems that things have been hard on you lately . Have you calmed down yet?」

「Yes . I am fine now . 」

When Claudia smiled at Hildegard upon hearing her worried voice, Hildegard nodded her head in relief .

「I have lunch prepared in the courtyard . Would you like to join me?」

「Gladly . 」

They sat on a sky-blue picnic mat on the beautiful blue lawn in the courtyard . It was pleasant to have a meal while the fresh outside air brushed past them . Hildegard who sat next to her was a refined lady who would occasionally cover her mouth behind a delicate lace fan when she smiled .   Using a hand fan as such has long been popular amongst the women of the kingdom . However, Claudia did not have the confidence to use it as elegantly as Hildegard did so she refrained from bringing one around .

「Soon, after graduation, Hilde-sama will get married right?」

Her elder brother, Ralph was planning to get married after Hildegard was acknowledged as an adult .

「Yes, that’s right . I heard you got engaged to Isaak . 」

「True . And to think, only a few days ago, I was expecting to get married to Alexis-sama . 」

「There are many people whose fiancés have changed due to family circumstances . Those of our stature cannot freely marry after all . 」

「In my case, it’s mainly Alexis-sama’s circumstance rather than my family’s . 」

Claudia sighed .




「I’m sure you will be able to overcome those painful feelings . 」

「Hidle-sama …… . Thank you . 」

Hildegard’s gentle gaze made Claudia smile as well .

As she did so, Hildegard smiled sheepishly .

「To be honest, those words were what Ralph-sama said to me a long time ago . 」

「R-really? That’s……」

「Well, it’s a secret I’m willing to share only with you . 」

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「I can’t believe someone like my brother can say such words . 」

「That’s right . Back then there was someone else I liked very much . Albeit, it was very much one-sided . 」

「I see……」

「What surprised me was that Ralph-sama noticed . Even though we were engaged, he talked to me about how there must have been another man I liked . 」

「Nii-sama has always had a ‘whatever’ frame of mind……」

「But Ralph-sama told me, ‘Someday you will be able to overcome those painful feelings . You’ll be just fine . I will stay beside you and protect you forever . ’」

「When Nii-sama has made up his mind, he follows through . 」

「That’s right . It’s what made me completely fall in love with him . 」

「Isaak too……」

Claudia remembers being patted on the head with a pout .

「……I wonder if he was trying to comfort me back then . 」

「Good for you . Isaak-sama is a splendid person . Claudia, there are many people who are jealous of you, y’know . 」



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「Oh my, it can’t be you don’t know? Isaak-sama is quite popular . Although it seems it was unintended on his part . 」

「……that can’t be true, right?」

「But it is . In the Academy alone, despite exuding a hard to approach atmosphere, many women are attracted to him . Not to mention his sharp facial features are also very eye-catching . 」


Claudia was confused by Hildegard’s statements . But it could only be true since it was Hildegard who said so . She just couldn’t understand how someone who had an unapproachable demeanor could be attractive . Nevertheless she couldn’t deny his good looks .

「To top it all off, he did a great job in the expedition did he not?」

「That’s certainly true, but…… Isaak’s magical power has always been great……」

「’Isaak-sama is so wonderful,’ have you ever thought like that?」

「The only thing that ever comes to mind when I think of him is how we fought a lot… . That’s why I still can’t believe that Isaak accepted to get engaged to me . 」

「I think the reason why Isaak-sama, who has evaded to get engaged for so long, was willing to talk to you was because he does not hate the idea of getting engaged if it is with you . 」

「But long ago, he told me he hated me……」

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「Long ago? How old were you? 」

「I think I was around twelve years old at that time . 」

「So Isaak-sama was fourteen? Since it was something he said when you were still children, why don’t you just forgive him for being childish?」

Since Hildegard has put it that way, Claudia couldn’t find the words to argue back . To begin with, Claudia realized her obsession with the past was trivial .

「……I haven’t had the chance to reconcile . After all, I wasn’t able to think of doing so until now . 」

「It’s alright . All that matters is that you will be able to reconcile with each other from now on . As long as you are honest with him, Isaak-sama will surely be kind to you」

Claudia nodded half-heartedly to a smiling Hildegard who added,

「Be sure to come find me and spill all the details on how the two of you reconciled, alright?」

Hildegard then hid her smile behind her lace fan .

「……Hilde-sama, are you making fun of me?」

「No, of course not . I am simply worried about you . 」

「……I think Hilde-sama is a perfect match for Nii-sama . 」

「Oh my, that makes me happy . 」

Hildegard said with a smile on her exceptionally elegant face .

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