My Wolf Prince - Chapter 3.3

Published at 22nd of May 2020 01:22:34 PM

Chapter 3.3

The Lampertz’s carriage, which had come to pick up Claudia, left the royal capital for Ilhea early in the morning .

Prior to their departure, Isaak visited the Rosenheim House and asked Claudia’s father, Theodore, to forgive him for not being able to attend the ball . Theodore and her older brother, Ralph who for some reason was also present, accepted Isaak’s apology .

Claudia had woken up earlier than usual . And thus, before she knew it, she fell asleep to the comfortable shaking of the carriage .

Claudia suddenly woke up .

She rubbed her eyes and looked around, then she remembered that she was in a carriage . In front of her was the figure of Isaak .

(… . Isaak, are you asleep?)

Isaak with his arms and legs crossed had a difficult look on his face with his eyes closed . He didn’t have a jacket on, so he looked as if he was cold . And his jacket was draped over Claudia .

(He put it on me? Something like this, perhaps…… Maybe you’re being nice to me? )

Claudia, lifting herself off the seat, approached to put the jacket back on Isaak .

She gently put the jacket over him so as not to wake him up, and then stared at Isaak’s face intently . Without thinking, she extended her index finger towards the deep crease etched between his eyebrows .

(Usually, there are more creases when you talk to me . I wonder if they disappear when you’re asleep……)

Just before Claudia’s finger touched, Isaak woke up like a snap .


Her extended index finger flew back in a hurry, such that Isaak was stunned and left wondering what had just happened .

「That surprised me . Don’t wake up so suddenly . 」

「……surprised? That should be my line . 」

Claudia pressed down on her chest, her heart pounding and went back to where she was originally sitting . After her unreasonable outburst to cover up what she had intended to do, Claudia said,

「Jacket . You looked cold, so I thought I would return it . 」

「Oh……it wasn’t that cold . 」

「Thank you . Isaak—」

Then Claudia remembered that her father had taught her to be respectful of the man who would become her husband .

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「—sama? 」

「Why did that ended like a question? 」

Claudia pouted a bit as she talked to Isaak .

「You know I’m not used to it . But I’ll get used to it from now on . 」

「It doesn’t really matter . 」

「……but . 」

「It’s not like we’re strangers . 」

「……then, I’ll do as you said . 」

(Come to think of it, adding ‘—sama’ to change the way you address a person close to you to show respect feels cold — like being estranged — something like this definitely happened a long time ago . )

She tried to remember when it was, but she couldn’t remember clearly .

So Claudia was silent for a while, and before she knew it, Isaak had closed his eyes again . There was no denying how tired he was .

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This time, Claudia decided to remain quiet so as not to wake Isaak up .

Wordlessly, she drops her gaze to her own hands . She slowly made magic flow into her fingers, making small lights appear .

Just as she was about to become listless, she noticed Isaak’s gaze .

「I thought you fell asleep . 」

「…that’s something Alex also did . 」

「This? That’s right . Alexis-sama taught me how to do it . He said it’s an exercise for control . Somebody had stopped coming to practice with me after all . 」


Saying this, Claudia glanced at Isaak .

「Do you have anything to say? 」

「…… for now . 」

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「Un . 」

「Just don’t break the carriage . 」

Clenching the light she gathered on her fingers, Claudia glared at Isaac unpleasantly .

「I’ve had enough . 」

After saying so, she turned away . At this, Isaak opened his mouth to say something .


「……what? 」

She looked back at him coldly and waited for him to continue, but Isaak was reluctant to say more .

Before Claudia ran out of patience, the carriage wobbled once more and came to a halt .

「Isaak-sama, Claudia-sama, we’ve arrived . 」

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