My Wolf Prince - Chapter 3.4

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Chapter 3.4

saak didn’t say anything else after that.

Claudia, on the other hand, couldn’t ask again because as soon as she got off the carriage, she was taken to a mansion that belonged to Isaak’s uncle.

「I’m telling you, it’s a bit cramped. 」

Claudia followed Isaak as he unlocked the door, and was surprised to see the clean and beautifully arranged room.

「It’s so beautiful. Do you come here often? 」

「No, only a few times a year. I was asked to manage the mansion, so I got it cleaned up. I contacted them before we came, so it has everything we need. 」

Isaak ushered Claudia to the parlor to sit down before he turned to leave.

「Where are you going? 」

「I’ll go prepare some tea. 」

「By yourself!? 」

「I don’t have any servants here. 」

After saying so, Isaak turned his back and walked away. Claudia hurriedly chased after him.

「…Why are you following me? 」

「I want to watch you make tea. 」

「It’s not just tea that I’m going to be making. 」

「Eh? 」

「I’m going to make dinner as well. Although, it’s just a snack. 」


Ignoring Claudia’s reaction Isaak went into the kitchen adjacent to the parlor. Then he boiled the water in front of Claudia’s eyes and offered her a cup of tea. Claudia’s eyes softened upon receiving the warm herbal tea with a hint of mint.

「You can sit there if you want. 」

Isaak said whilst pouring milk into a bowl he had taken out.

「…….No sir, I’ll stay right here and watch. 」

「Why the honorifics? 」

「I’m impressed. 」

「Wha— Impressed? 」

「I can’t believe you can make such a good cup of tea. Not to mention you can cook as well. It’s amazing. 」


Isaak stopped moving, bemused, and then chuckled.

「Your reaction is amazing. 」

「Why? 」

「My father and stepmother don’t approve when I do these things.   So, I don’t do it when I’m with them. 」

「Is that so? I wonder why…. 」

「I think it’s because it’s a job which belongs to the servants. It’s normal for them to think that way. 」

Isaak cracked the eggs into a bowl and began mixing them.

「I think it’s better to be someone who is capable of doing many things. It’ll come in handy on expeditions too, won’t it? After all, you can’t bring a chef during one. 」

「Well yeah, it is pretty handy when you’re on a long expedition. 」

「You’re right. 」

As she answered, Claudia’s eyes were fixed on Isaak’s hand. Noticing her gaze, Isaak stopped moving his hand.

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「……do you want to try? 」

「Are you sure? 」

With a glow on her face, Claudia set the cup she was holding on the table and stood next to Isaac.

「I’m glad you asked. I’ve never done this before. What do you call this? 」

「A  whisk. 」

「…I can’t do it as rhythmically as you do, Isaak. 」

{TN: Claudia is talking about how Isaak whisks with rhythm while she can’t}.

Isaac watched Claudia as she struggled whilst enjoying herself, without saying anything.

「I thought you wouldn’t want to do this. I thought you would hate it.」

「……..Hate what? 」

「To do this and that. 」

「I don’t hate it, not at all. It’s fun. 」

「It’s always been this way. You would always stick around Ralph and Alex and try everything. 」

「Is that so….. 」

「Well, I guess we have no choice but to stick together too since I don’t have any friends, except you. 」

「……I’ll pretend like I didn’t hear that. 」

Although she would normally get angry, upon seeing Isaak’s gentle gaze, Claudia only puffed her cheeks out a little.

After enjoying it for a while, she returned the bowl to Isaak who resumed whisking.  As the beautiful cream-colored batter baked over the fire, a sweet aroma spread throughout the room.

They made a few of them with butter and honey and others with cut fruits on top. Claudia was tempted to applaud herself at how well she had done.

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{TN: It isn’t until the 17th line, after this that the author mentioned what they made were pancakes}.

「Done. Hand me that basket. 」

「This? 」

After handing over the basket to Isaak, he put the prepared pancakes inside it.

「Let’s go.  Let’s leave the clean-up for later. 」

Claudia followed behind Isaak. They left the mansion and went down through a path in the backyard.

A golden world spread out before her.

pic sauce

「Mimosa? So many of them……… Amazing. 」

「This way. 」

In the middle of the forest of mimosas, there was a simple but respectable headstone.

The front of the tombstone was inscribed “Werner Ziebel”, Isaak put down the basket and got on one knee. He put his hands on his chest and bowed his head. Next to him, Claudia crossed her arms and said a prayer.

After praying, Isaac stood up and picked up the basket again.  Putting a hand on its lid, Isaak paused.

「……I forgot to bring a picnic mat. 」

Isaac’s gaze lingered on Claudia’s dress as he contemplated with a slight frown on his face. Claudia after seeing this, nonchalantly sat down on the grass.

「I doesn’t matter. I don’t mind. 」

「……I’ve been coming here by myself, so it slipped my mind. 」

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「It’s fine, really. Do you always eat here like this? 」

Nodding his head, Isaac sat down in front of Claudia and took out the pancakes, one in front of Claudia, one in front of Isaak, and one in front of Werner.

She cut a portion of the pancake with a knife and fork and put it in her mouth. A moist, soft sweetness spread inside her mouth.

「……Delicious.  It tastes better than what our cooks make. 」

「You’re exaggerating. 」

「It’s true. It’s so good. I’m sure Isaak’s uncle will find it pleasant as well. 」

「……I hope so. 」

They enjoyed the pancakes, and on the way back, Isaak didn’t say a single word and went along with Claudia’s self-indulgent request to see the mimosa.

They strolled slowly through the golden groove. A slightly strong wind blew a little and the mimosa flowers, which looked like Konpeito, flew in the air.

pic sauce

「A  flower stuck on you. 」

Isaak reached out and took the flower from Claudia’s hair.

「Thank you. 」

As the mimosa flower was handed to her, Claudia spoke out her mind at her realization.

「It’s the same golden color as Isaak’s eyes. It’s beautiful. 」

While appreciating the beautiful golden color before her, Isaak’s face suddenly drew close.

「……Isaak? 」

She murmured, as Isaak’s cold lips gently touched hers.

{TN: kyaaaaa}

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