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My Wolf Prince - Chapter 3.5

Published at 11th of June 2020 11:16:13 AM

Chapter 3.5

Her mind went blank after the kiss .


Claudia pushed Isaak away and ran . As if she were under a spell, she jumped into the carriage .


The carriage belonged to the Lampertz family, so of course they wouldn’t leave without Isaak . A while later, although she was aware of Isaak’s presence, she didn’t say a word and kept her head down as she held onto the cushions in the carriage .


Even though Isaak called out to her several times on the way, she stubbornly didn’t look up . Because if she did, she was likely to remember the feel of Isaak’s lips as they pressed against hers .


「…You got closer than expected, physically . 」

{TN: Said by Hilde btw}


After the trip, Claudia told Hildegard about what had happened in Ileah when they met on a bench in the courtyard of the Academy .



「Hilde-sama, please stop joking around with a straight face . 」


「I’m not kidding, because you did it, didn’t you? You ki–」


「Sto–! Hilde-sama! Please give it a break! 」


Claudia gasped after hurriedly cutting off Lady Hildegard’s words .


「……I can’t believe it! I’m not even married! 」


「Eeeeeh? 」


「W-what? 」






Hildegard stares at Claudia seriously .




「…Claudia . I know it’s a silly question, but you do know how children are conceived? 」


「H–huh !?」


Hildegard sighed in relief as Claudia’s face flushed red .


「I’m glad . From the looks of it, you do understand . Even though you come from an all-male family, if no one had taught you about it, it would really make one wonder what your tutors were doing all this time . 」

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Understanding what Hildegard was talking about, Claudia, whose face was still beet red, had a troubled look on her face . Hildegard said matter-of-factly,


「Shouldn’t it be nice to at least kiss him? Anything other than that is off limits before marriage . 」


「Right . Eeh!? 」


「It’s been three days since you got back from Ileah, hasn’t it? Did you talk to Isaak-sama after that? 」


「…I didn’t . 」


「You’re running away . 」


「…… 」


「I feel sorry for you, Isaak-sama . 」




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Claudia makes a piteous face as Hildegard took Isaak’s side .


「Make up . This time, Claudia should take the first step . Don’t wait any longer . 」


「But… . . 」


「No buts . 」


「……Yes . 」

{TN: She said this cutely, ‘Wai’ instead of ‘Hai’}


「Good . 」


Hildegard lifted her lace fan to her mouth and smiled smugly at Claudia’s reluctant response .



Hildegard leaned towards Claudia .


「Claudia . Would you like me to teach you a better way to kiss? 」



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「Something more than just a peck, a reaaally good way to kiss . I’m sure Isaak-sama would be pleased . 」

{EN: sexy . ——- TN:ufufufufu}


Claudia’s eyes were glued to Hildegard’s well-shaped and glossy lips as she kept the lace fan down .


As Claudia flushed, turned blue and stiffened in place, Hildegard brought her lace fan back up to her mouth and turned her face away .




「…you were teasing me . 」




「You’re laughing . 」


「I’m not . 」


「Your shoulders are shaking! Geeez! 」


Hildegard hid her entire face, not just her mouth, and was shaking in laughter for a while .

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