My Youth Began With Him - Chapter 1092

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Chapter 1092

Chapter 1092: The Qin Couple Flaunts Their Love (6)

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“Hello?” Huo Mian said .

“Huo Mian, I’m Qin Chu’s mother . ” Her voice was a little unnatural .

“Hi, did you need to talk to me about something?”

“I was a little reckless this morning… I spoke with Old Li afterwards . I’ve known him for years and know that he would never lie . You were right, I trusted Song Yishi too much . ”

“I’m glad you realized that,” Huo Mian answered gently; she didn’t like Mrs . Qin, but the latter gave birth to Qin Chu and therefore still had to be respected .

“I hope you won’t take what I said this morning to heart…” Mrs . Qin said, a little embarrassed .


“Don’t worry, I won’t…”

“Oh, and… thank you for performing surgery on Qin Chu last time . I really appreciate you for not giving up on him during a crisis like that one… I know there’s nothing going on between you and Su Yu . ”

“There really is nothing going on between us, I’m glad you believe me,” Huo Main replied faintly .

“The two of you should come home for dinner sometimes . ”

Mrs . Qin never invited Huo Mian to her house, so out of politeness, Huo Mian couldn’t refuse . She nodded . “Okay, we’ll go when we have time . ”

Then, they hung up and Huo Mian walked into her office .

“Dr . Huo, this is the receipt HR sent . The permanent position application you submitted for the nurse in your department wasn’t approved,” the deputy-director’s assistant said as he passed the receipt to Huo Mian .

“She wasn’t approved? That’s impossible…” Her assistant’s skills were more than enough to receive a permanent position . Chen Jie wasn’t pretty, but she was incredibly good at her job, so much so that not many at South Side could compare with her .

Huo Mian looked down at the receipt and saw that the reason the application wasn’t approved was because Chen Jie hadn’t been working at South Side long enough .

She frowned . “Assistant Shen, who wrote the receipt?”

“The chief of HR, her department decides who gets permanent positions within the hospital . ”

“HR? But I wrote a recommendation letter to the director himself,” Huo Mian said, startled .

“That’s no use, the director is a busy man and never asks about these things . The director’s assistant sent all those documents down to HR upon receiving them . ”

“What about the deputy-director? He doesn’t take care of these things either?” Huo Mian continued to ask .

“He usually does, but right now he’s out of town at a medical symposium, so he delegated this task to HR . ”

“Oh, I see . ” Huo Mian nodded, and the assistant asked, “Chief Huo, did you have any questions? I can pass them along to the deputy-director . ”

“It’s okay, I’ll deal with this myself . ” Huo Mian nodded with a smile on her face . Then, she took the receipt and sat down on her office chair .

South Side wasn’t as corrupt as it used to be, but it wasn’t completely clean either .

The doctors all knew that nurses who wanted permanent positions had to have more than skills and professionalism; rather, they had to buy gifts and go through connections .

The relatives of department chiefs were bound to be promoted, but if you were just an ordinary citizen who didn’t have money nor connections, you would never be given a permanent position .

The only reason Huo Mian received a permanent position was because she performed an immaculate surgery, which prompted Director Wu to make an exception and promote her .

Originally, she thought that Chen Jie’s application would definitely be approved, but she was rejected . Later that day, however, she heard from the colleagues in her department that only 5 nurses were approved this time around, and they were all from different departments . These nurses were not outstanding, nor did they have good performance records . Moreover, one of them worked at South Side for less than 3 months .

Chen Jie had worked here for over a year, but her application was rejected because she ‘hasn’t worked at South Side long enough’ .

Talk about irony…

“Chief, there are two booked appointments this afternoon, one at 2:30 PM and the other one at 3 PM, are those times alright?” Chen Jie knocked on Huo Mian’s door and asked carefully .

“That’s fine, Jie, come in,” Huo Mian waved her hand, gesturing for Chen Jie to come in .

Then, she gave Chen Jie the receipt she received earlier today, to which the latter smiled upon seeing . She wasn’t surprised . “I knew I wouldn’t have been approved . After all… I’m not good enough . ”

“Jie, do you believe in yourself?” Huo Mian suddenly asked, and after a great deal of hesitation, Chen Jie replied with determination, “I… do . ”

“Then… do you believe in me?” Huo Mian asked again .