My Youth Began With Him - Chapter 1095

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Chapter 1095: 1095

Chapter 1095: The Qin Couple Flaunts Their Love (9)

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Qin Chu indifferently opened his mouth and replied, “I’ll make sure to tell everyone if we’re expecting, thank you . ”

After speaking, he pushed away from the crowd and walked in with Huo Mian in his arm .

He didn’t let those people threaten and trouble her .

“You’re here . ” Rick was wearing a long black tuxedo which made him look extremely handsome . He was an apathetic man, so he seemed unenthusiastic no matter who he saw . Huo Mian thought that he smiled even less than Qin Chu did .

The only person that Rick had a good relationship with, in this city, was Qin Chu .

Therefore, he personally welcomed the Qin couple upon their arrival .

“We’re not late, are we?” smiling, Qin Chu asked .

“Of course not . ”

Then, Rick and Qin Chu talked amongst themselves while Huo Mian drank a cup of juice to combat her boredom .


She didn’t know if Xiaowei and the others would attend a gathering like this .

As soon as that thought crossed her mind, she saw Su Yu walk in with Tang Chuan and the others .

Amongst the group was Wei Liao, but Jiang Xiaowei was nowhere to be seen .

They spotted Huo Mian as well and immediately walked over to greet her .

“Hi…” Wei Liao spoke first .

“Didn’t Xiaowei come?” Huo Mian asked .

“She has been so tired lately and is always sleepy . I don’t know why, but she can fall asleep while eating and never wants to leave the house . ” Wei Liao scratched his head, seemingly confused .

After Huo Mian heard what he said, she laughed…

“Why are you laughing?” Wei Liao was confused .

“It’s a normal reaction during pregnancy… You really need to read up on it . Right, there’s something really important that I have to tell you . ” Huo Mian suddenly remembered something .

“Yea?” Wei Liao looked at her with confusion again .

“Come here, I need to tell you in private . Others can’t know,” Huo Mian said as she mysteriously beckoned him closer .

Wei Liao obeyed and walked over…

Tang Chuan seemed to be interested and wanted to eavesdrop . He only moved two steps before Su Yu dragged him back by his collar .

“Eh? Yu, what are you doing? Bros before hoes, alright? You can’t be that partial to Huo Mian, it’s unfair!”

“They’re having a private conversation, what do you have to do with it?” Su Yu rolled his eyes at him .

When Wei Liao walked up to her, he heard her say in a hushed voice, “You can’t do it with Xiaowei during the first three months of her pregnancy…”

“Uh…” Wei Liao’s face immediately turned awkward .

“It might cause a miscarriage, it’s a serious matter . You can do it during her second trimester, but you can’t be too rough . You can’t do it during her last trimester either . ”

Wei Liao didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry upon seeing how serious Huo Mian was .

“Why are you laughing? Remember this! This is serious, I’m not over exaggerating,” Huo Mian reminded him once again .

“I got it, Doctor Huo . ” Wei Liao smiled .

“Okay, I’ll leave now . ”

After instructing Wei Liao, Huo Mian left to find Qin Chu .

Wei Liao returned to Su Yu and the others with an expression that was neither laughing or crying .

“Tell us what Huo Mian and you were conspiring about!” Tang Chuan demanded .

“Conspiring your ass! Doctor Huo is professional, she went over some professional knowledge with me . ” Wei Liao smiled .

Then, he intellectually patted Su Yu’s shoulder and slowly said, “Yu, I finally know why you like Huo Mian . ”

“Why?” Even Su Yu was confused .

“Because she’s too… too freaking adorable!”

After speaking, Wei Liao wholeheartedly laughed upon thinking about how cute Huo Mian was just now when she gave him bedroom instructions with such a serious expression .

She was a twenty-four-year-old girl acting like an old expert, it was just too funny .

Su Yu was speechless…

“So did Huo Mian call you over to tell you a joke?” Su Yu didn’t understand what Huo Mian said that could make Wei Liao die with laughter .

“No, Huo Mian… told me that Xiaowei’s pregnant, so we can’t be too rough during the actions . ”

“Hahaha, my god, I’m gonna die . ” Tang Chuan bent over with laughter as well, while Su Yu was left dumbfounded .

“Isn’t that obvious? Who would be rough to a pregnant lady?” Su Yu thought that Huo Mian was incredibly cute sometimes .

Huo Mian originally wanted to go look for Qin Chu, but she bumped into Huo Siqian on the way .

“Hey, my little sister . It’s been a few days since we last saw each other, I’ve missed you so much . ”

Huo Siqian boldly flirted with her each time they saw each other…

He looked very energized in his grey suit .

The girl beside him wasn’t Mo Xue’er, it was a large chested girl who Huo Mian had never seen before .