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Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Closed room training (4)


Jin Guuk also repeated the same name .

“I have the same one . ”

“Huh? Me too . ”

“Yeah, same here . ”


The Six Swords then became confused . It seemed like they all received the same breathing skill . They thought they might have received different breathing skills just like how they were given different martial art skills, but they were all the same .

‘I’ve never heard of it . ’

‘Force of Mixed Origin…?’

This was why the Six Swords were confused . They knew most of the martial arts from the high-ranked clans, but they had never heard of such a breathing skill until now .


As she read through the skills, Mun Ku gasped in astonishment . She was at the established master level other than Yeowun, and she had the highest understanding in martial arts .

‘How can there be such a good breathing skill?’

It showed a way to focus energy in unusual blood points to aid the energy flow . She didn’t want to accept it, but it looked like it was better than her own clan’s breathing skill . The other Six Swords seemed to think the same thing .

“M-mnaster! Where did you get this from?”

Che Takim also seemed shocked based on his tone . Yeowun then hesitated on how to answer it . This breathing skill wasn’t from the fourth floor of the library .

Two days ago, Yeowun was thinking about what breathing skill he should give to his members . There were many breathing skills in the library, and all of them were very good that it was bound to give them great things . The best one was the Sword Force of the Sky Demon, but this was the founding of Father Chun Ma, and Yeowun’s own now . Yeowun asked, ‘Nano, did you analyze enough of the internal energy now?’

[Analysis about the energy source gained through breathing is still under progress . ]

‘Is it?’

It seemed like the analysis was still not done yet . It was energy that was not proved to exist in future technology, so Nano needed time .

[I can categorize which breathing skill can efficiently increase the energy within the body . ]

‘Oh! That’s good . Can you choose one then?’

[The Sword Force of the Sky Demon has the best effect when used . ]

Yeowun sighed at Nano’s opinion .

‘…Yeah, I know . But exclude that . ’

He knew this too . He needed the next best breathing skill second to it .

[Next is the Breathing of Thousand Martials . ]

‘Oh, right!’

Yeowun then remembered that there was the breathing skill he learned from Right Guardian Submeng . But he had to skip this one too .

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‘I can’t just give out Teacher’s breathing skill to anyone . Hmm…’

[Next, there is Sample-37 . ]

‘Huh? Sample? What do you mean?’

[After analyzing Origin of Internal Energy book from the first floor, a sample was created based off the breathing skills found from the first to fourth floor . ]

‘…Are you saying you just made a breathing skill?’

[As part of the process of analyzing internal energy, creating multiple samples is necessary . ]

‘So, when did you make this?’

[Sample-37 was created after the breathing skill from fourth floor was analyzed . ]


Therefore, that meant it was created two days ago . Yeowun was so shocked that he didn’t know what to say . He knew Nano was analyzing the internal energy, but he didn’t think Nano would be able to create a breathing skill on its own .

‘Did you analyze breathing skill from the Sword Force of the Sky Demon?”

[The said breathing skill is a mixture of energy caused by movement and breathing, so the analysis is incomplete . ]

The Origin of Internal Energy contained information of energy gained through meditation, breathing, and others but it didn’t have an explanation on the way to gain energy through sword movement . So, Nano lacked information for the analysis .

‘Can you teach me that sample then?’

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[Yes, Master . ]

Yeowun then tried using the breathing skill Nano had created, and he was shocked .

‘This is impossible . ’

Nano’s breathing skill creation was amazing . In one way, it was better than the Breathing of Thousand Martials . It was very stable in controlling the internal energy flow . It had the ability to work well with any kind of martial arts .

‘Good . Let’s keep this . ’

There was no need to think . That’s why Nano’s breathing skill was chosen to give to Yeowun’s members . But he couldn’t leave its name as sample, so Yeowun changed the name .

‘What name should I give it?’

After thinking for a long time, Yeowun named it the Force of Mixed Origin since it was a mixture of many breathing skills .

“M-master! Where did you find this from?!”

“I… found it on the fourth floor of the library . ”

Yeowun couldn’t tell the truth so he lied that he got it from the library .

“So, there are a lot of treasures hidden in the library!”

Che Takim spoke with an excited voice and Wanghur also nodded .

“Maybe it’s a breathing skill from an ancient high-ranked clan . ”

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Members believed Yeowun’s claim of finding it at the library easily . They would never imagine that the skill was merely a few days old from the day of its creation . After sorting that out, Yeowun declared to his members, “You should memorize everything in the dormitory tomorrow and discard the books immediately . ”

“Yes, Master . ”

He was worried that having so many book might cause them to be in trouble from the instructors or other cadets .

“And… I have a request . Six Swords . ”

“No, Master . All you have to do is order us,” Wanghur replied .

Yeowun glanced at each of them and said, “If you see anyone who needs help, please help them so that they can learn martial arts . ”

He thought there were members who might have a hard time, even with these books . The Six Swords were members from high-ranked clans who trained such martial arts since young, so they had a better foundation and understanding overall .

“Don’t worry, Master . We’ll help each other . ”

“…Okay . Don’t worry and look after yourselves in there . ”

“I heard teaching is a good way to train . I will do that . ”

Ko Wanghur, Bakgi and Che Takim answered respectively and Yeowun nodded . And his preparation to go into the closed room was almost done . Yeowun looked forward to the day when would come out of the closed room to meet his members who had gotten much more powerful .

“Then I wish you all good luck . ”

“Yes, Master!”

After that night, Chun Yeowun woke up early and went into the closed room to start his training . Among all those cadets who came together to say goodbye, nobody thought that it will take such a long time for Yeowun to come out of it .