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Chapter 277: 277

Dark night…

There was a place where the entire area was surrounded by giant rocks . There was opening on the top, so it was only visible from high up . And within the place, there was a large mansion . Inside the mansion’s building, there were a whole bunch of pots brewing medicines and the storage of various medicinal herbs . It looked like a hospital of some kind from the first glimpse .

This place was the hideout of the Godly Doctor located within the large rock of the Sword Creek . Inside, there were many beds with one man getting treated above it . The man was the Fourth Elder of Demonic Cult, Yang Danwa . He moaned in pain .


“Alright, alright . Man up, will you?”

There was an old woman holding on to Yang Danwa’s head so he wouldn’t move . She looked well over her sixties but she had a very well built body . Her thick arms reminded one of a heavily-built body like Ko Wanghur .


There was the reason why Yang Danwa was such pain . It was because of the location of the wound . With the sword qi cutting down on him from the right forehead down to the bottom of his eyes, he had lost his sight . It was a wound he got while fighting the old man from the inn . He had lost an eye, but it was fortunate that he survived .

‘I would not have survived if it wasn’t for Master Mun . ’

She was worthy to be one of the Six Swords . She looked innocent and harmless usually, but Yang Danwa saw her raging through her attacks . Most warriors would lose control and go on a rampage in such anger, but Mun Ku helped Yang Danwa effectively to attack the old man . It was why they were able to hold out until ‘he’ appeared .

‘It’s an amazing talent . Maybe we will have another woman warrior as powerful as Elder Yin in a few years . ’

It was thanks to Mun Ku that they were alive . Yang Danwa valued this very highly .


Even if he tried to endure, the sewing on his face was hurt . And when it was almost over, he heard wailing coming from the opposite bed .

“Waaaah… . Prince…”

“…How can this be…”

There was a girl wailing with both hands on her face . It was Mun Ku . There was another woman, tall and large, hugging her . It was Hou Sangwha who was said to be missing . She was actually at the hideout of the Godly Doctor . Of course, there were others who were alive from the team .

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“Nnnngh… Master!”


And there was Hu Bong, with linen wrapped all around his body, lying down on the bed with an exhausted expression . He was moaning and crying with Bakgi sitting next to him with a dumbfounded face . He was just mumbling the same words .

“I can’t believe this…”

He just kept on saying the same thing . Bakgi and Hou Sangwha began doing this after they heard that Chun Yeowun was caught in the explosion and fell off the cliff .

“Well, you folks are quite different from one another . ”

The old woman glanced back at wailing and spoke . She was talking about Hou Sangwha and Bakgi, who didn’t talk much, compared to Mun Ku and Hu Bong who openly expressed their emotions .

“But that master of yours must have been a good master . Seeing that all of you are crying . ”


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Yang Danwa couldn’t say anything to that . He too felt miserable to think about the dead Chun Yeowun . He had to give his life for the sin of not being able to protect the Lord, but he had a job to do .

The old woman finished sewing up the wound and dabbed mashed herbs over the wound . Yang Danwa then asked the woman carefully .

“…Godly Doctor . ”

The old woman was the Godly Doctor they had been searching for . She was the master of this hidden mansion, and Godly Doctor Gam Rosu . She raised her eyebrows and spoke .

“What did I tell you to call me by?”

“…Granny Gam . ”

The old woman didn’t like to be called Godly Doctor surprisingly . Yang Danwa first thought maybe she had learned martial arts from her physics, but she didn’t know any martial arts . When Danwa became curious, Gam Rosu simply replied,

‘Well, you’re a doctor so you need to be in shape for long surgeries . Don’t you think?’

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That was reasonable of course, although Gam Rosu seemed to be overly trained for that . Yang Danwa then asked again .

“Like I asked earlier… can I make a request to… UGH!”

Gam Rosu then pushed on the wound where she was dabbing the medicine . Her strength was powerful . Yang Danwa had to stop speaking because of the pain .


Strangely, Gam Rosu kept on cutting them off from asking on the request ever since they met . She then glanced at the entrance of the room, toward the two warriors watching her . It seemed they were keeping their eyes on the doctor .

‘Is she concerned about them?’

Yang Danwa also realized her attitude wasn’t normal so he stopped his request . He didn’t realize at first because he was only thankful for being saved, but he now knew that something strange was going on within this mansion .

After patching up the wound and putting linen wrap over it, the Godly Doctor Gam Rosu got up from her seat . She spoke to Yang Danwa .

“Well, you will need at least 7 days of treatment . Get some rest now . ”