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Published at 18th of October 2020 03:55:08 AM

Chapter 1422: 1422

The butler was young but trustworthy . The food was placed on the tray . It was a standard American breakfast . There was fried egg, milk, bread, and a small dish of butter . Qin Mo sat beside the dining table and lifted his glass of milk . For some reason, he thought of the person who had held a glass of milk with two tiger paws for him to drink . The young butler didn’t understand why his young master suddenly stopped moving . He tilted his head and asked, “Young Master?”

Qin Mo looked up and asked casually, “Where is she?”

She? Who?

The young butler was confused . That was why people said that the thinking of foreigners was different .

Based on Qin Mo’s personality, he wouldn’t ask the same thing twice . Also, he didn’t have to know where that person went . He just felt that the other party was too young .

Grandpa An walked in at this moment . His local friend followed behind him . The friend was a professor with a huge beard . The moment he saw Qin Mo, he liked him . He even said that he wanted to introduce his granddaughter to Qin Mo .

Grandpa An smiled . They just came here so he had to introduce his grandson to the other people in the circle .

Thus, at this side of the courtyard, it was lively the entire day . Also, Grandpa An had sent out invitations before he had come . Many people were curious what the grandson of this legendary Chinese businessman looked like . Of course, those people that could get the invitation were outstanding people too .

There was a constant stream of customers .

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Qin Mo had changed into an exquisite little suit . His black hair and black eyes made him look more mysterious than other children his age . In addition, his aura helped too . When people saw this elegant child for the first time, they liked him already .

“Are you Qin Mo? I heard my grandfather telling me about you . ” The person who spoke was a golden-haired girl with a pouf skirt . She had blue eyes and was looking at him in surprise . “Are you from Japan?”

Qin Mo glanced sideways . Even at such a young age, he learned how to keep a distance . “No, I’m Chinese . ”

“What a pity . I made the wrong guess . ” The golden-haired girl felt frustrated for a moment . Then she smiled . “My name is Angelina . Those are all my friends . Do you want to greet them? We can play together in the future and eat crepe together too . ”

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Qin Mo was a cold person but he knew that his grandfather held this gathering for him . Thus, he didn’t reject the offer . However, from the start until the end, he didn’t speak much . Many of the foreign young children looked at him from the side and felt that he was like a prince .

The interactions between young children were casual . Many people ran around the area . They were all young kids so it got livelier with more of them around . Compared to other young children, the young girls got mesmerized by Qin Mo, who was exuding an elegant aura .

He grew up in the military courtyard . That meant that his standing posture was different from other young children . Some people even asked if Qing Mo had undergone the education for noble Englishmen . Grandpa An smiled and said that he didn’t . He didn’t go into details though .

The adults held their wine glasses . The air was filled with the fragrance of food and the chickens and pizzas placed on the table were all steaming hot .

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There were many desserts available in all kinds of shapes and sizes . This was heaven for children .

Qin Mo just stood there . When it was time for the half-time break, he felt bored already . He found a place to sit down . As he raised his head, he unconsciously looked towards his side .

The lights were on . That meant that there was someone there .

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