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Chapter 363: 363

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"Don't we need to do something?" That girl wasn't convinced .

Liuli didn't pay attention to her . "If you are really upset, then open a private account to make trouble on Spade Z's official page . Those young people definitely are not happy about how he dealt with Blackie last time, so they will definitely respond to you . "

"Will this work?"

Liuli laughed, "This bunch of kids . They like people only if they like them back, but complain when they're being controlled . They won't care about the truth of the matter, and they must be feeling so wronged . This is your chance to take revenge . "

"What about the Supreme Alliance? Captain, we don't want to be hated without a reason . Ever since that Spade Z came, things changed, it's really . . . I don't want to talk about it anymore . "

Liuli collected her bag and flipped her hair . " Don't worry, if COCO can't make it happen, we have other options . This misunderstanding will be resolved, just remember to find that person . "

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The Kali members all cheered up instantly after hearing this .

They opened three or four private accounts and started to comment on Fu Jiu's fan page non-stop .

First was a post like this:

"Always focusing on publicity is bad . I like Spade Z a lot and hope that Big Spade can focus on enhancing hand speed, not on chasing Almighty Qin around . This is my personal suggestion, feel free to ignore it, good luck!"

Ten minutes after the post was released, the managing team deleted the post .

Things got bigger when the post got deleted .

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Now these people had a real excuse .

"Manager come out, I wanna ask, why did you delete my post?"

This thing was not a big deal at first .

But these words buried worrying seeds for evil comments that would hurt Spade Z .

In the meantime, Fu Jiu just got home, and little butler Chan Xiaodong ran over .

"Young Master!"

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Because the little butler's face was too serious, Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows, carrying her bag with one hand . "What?"

"You and Almighty Qin . . . You . . . " Chen Xiaodong felt that this kind of thing was really embarrassing to bring up . After all, when he was browsing Weibo, he saw that bed photo . "Did you really do it?"

Fu Jiu extended her hand and patted him on the forehead . "Don't imagine crazy things . Nothing happened, we just went competing . " She threw herself onto the sofa as she said that and looked around . "Where's Mum?"

Chen Xiaodong covered his forehead, feeling relieved . "Madam's coming back today . She should be on they way . You know how busy Madam is recently, so many companies want to invest in us, thinking that the He Group has great potential . "

Fu Jiu heard him, shifted slightly, laughed lightly and said, "What about Fu Zhongyi, nothing?"

"Young Master, why do you bring that person up out of nowhere . " Chen Xiaodong looked disgusted by this .

Fu Jiu brought her tea up and sipped at it . "Nothing, just asking . "

If the He Group was doing this well, then the other party would surely make moves . She didn't believe that her rubbish dad still had emotions for them .

Even if Fu Zhongyi didn't make a move, that Third would encourage him to do so .

Chen Xiaodong didn't care . "Who knew why they never showed up for so many days . "

Never showed up?

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows, this was not that Third's usual style of doing things .

Unless she was withholding things, or about to play some dirty tricks . . .