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Published at 29th of August 2019 03:02:41 PM

Chapter 769

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"The doctor you saw just now is helping with my mental condition sometimes . " Qin Mo smiled, a menacing hint was in his voice though . "Whose psychological skills do you think is better?"

From this line, she realized that the Almighty had never been cured, at least based on her experience .

Even though he hadn't used his psychological skills in front of her when he had still been active, Bo Jiu hadn't forgotten who managed to cause her so much trouble .

It wouldn't be possible for an ordinary psychiatrist to treat him .

Which meant that his memory loss was voluntarily?

"Fortunately, it's just my childhood memory . " And the reason behind his hand injury

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Bo Jiu wanted to say, "But I was in your childhood . " But she couldn't say it .

She thought for a moment and in the end, she lifted her head to down the cup of water .

A faint smile was spreading across her face .

On the day she had left, her father had warned her that it would be best for her to forget her pet as it was also a form of protection .


Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes .

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The memory loss couldn't have a simple reason, especially since it was voluntarily .

She wanted to know what exactly it was that he didn't want to remember .

There was something good about this situation though .

If he didn't remember, she could talk freely without fearing he would know about her identity .

Bo Jiu broke into a smile . "It was interesting back then . I met a really pretty little boy, but he was really arrogant and would look at everyone with distaste . But he wasn't able to defeat me and ended up as my pet . He must have been afraid of the dark . Every time I visited him at night, he would leave me a tiny spot instead of chasing me away as usual . The main point is how comfortable it was to hug him . But he would never allow me to hug him, wasn't he shy?"

Qin Mo spoke with a chilliness, "Who is this little boy? Your idol Hoshino?"

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Bo Jiu never expected the Almighty to misunderstand . She was feeling as though she had dug her own grave . "No . "

"That would be the best, someone that could cheat you into his bed at such a young age probably schemes a lot . Remember to steer away from anyone like that, understood?"

The moment he finished speaking, the youngster laughed .

She seemed unusually cheery as she nodded in agreement .

Since the youngster was so obedient, Qin Mo thought a moment ━ before deciding to ruin his little love rival's reputation entirely . "Since he was so arrogant, why would you even be his friend?"

"Brother Mo, you don't think he's good? I found him rather adorable . " It was hilarious watching the Almighty mocking himself . She tapped his cheek, her smile turning her eyes into crescents .

Qin Mo glanced at the youngster . "Adorable? Heh, it's just the looks . "

Almighty, I hope you still remember these words when your memory comes back .

Bo Jiu could no longer hold it in, bursting into laughter after turning her head . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

After laughing, she still remembered what was important . Who exactly had made her pet like this?

She had to make sure this debt was paid .

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