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Nerd Mode On! - Chapter -1

Published at 16th of May 2019 09:50:37 AM

Chapter -1

Hello, it's Kewlz here . And this chapter is going back in time with me and me telling you the story behind this novel/story . So here we go!

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About 1 or 2 years ago when I still had a decent amount of creativity and one day, I guess I had too much to drink . My brain went haywire and came up with this very foggy storyline and it came to in my dreams . (Yes I was dreaming when the idea of this story came to me . )

And yes, I also thought I was crazy too . So I don't remember the exact details of the dream but it was about a teenager (didn't have a name . ) who has DID (dissociative identity disorder) is a abnormally tall, and hella fucking smart . (BTW, I didn't know anything about DID or MPD, so added in a trigger that sets off the sudden relapse of different personalities . )

As soon as I woke up from that dream I noted down the contents and details before I screw myself over and forget . After a few days had passed, and my mind was completely wiped from any hangover effects, I went back to the notes and started plotting and making up some douche-y characters and stuff .

Yeah that's how this story first surfaced I know it's crazy but this is the only novel I plotted and wrote while having fun and not having to squeeze myself dry of anymore story lines .


Jay Luke Xaiver

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(Main Male Character)

Parents: Yulia Xaiver (Deceased), Noah Xaiver (Deceased)

Birthday: July 25th

Age: 16 turning 17

Height: 184cm (Still growing)

Favorite Food: Anything Amber cooks

Favorite things/likes to do: Buy more hoodies and shoes, go out on dangerous drives in his cars .

Others things: Is the next in line to inherit the FL group . Is a genius amoung geniuses and holds a lot of university PhDs .

Looks: Hella tall, dark brown hair, silver bluish eyes, looks pretty different with and without glasses .

Amber Eve

(Main Female Character)

Parents: Andrew (Roy) Eve, Avery Eve (M . I . A)

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Birthday: June 16th

Age: 17 turning 18

Height: 177cm (Pretty much stopped growing . )

Favourite Food: The food that she cooks

Favourite things/likes to do: Find Jay's weak spots, judge Jay's collection of hoodies .

Other things: Is the Young miss of the Wingman . Is Jay's partner in crime .

Looks:Long black hair, hazel brown eyes .

Gun Lee

Age: 29

Height: 191cm (I believe . )

Birthday: December 4th

Role: One of the side characters . (A . K . A the matchmaker . ) Also a really good tattoo artist .

Jace Xaiver

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Age: Old

Height: 184 or so

Birthday: February 21st

Role: The grandfather of Jay and one of the main side characters .

Noah and Yulia Xaiver

Age: Unknown


Michael Henderson

Age: 18 turning 19

Height: 180cm

Birthday: March 10th

Role: a good friend to Jay, side character .

Jay's Aunt and Uncle

Info: Unknown (For now . )


Age: Somewhat old

Height: 178cm

Murdered .


Jeongin A . K . A The Bull

Is in charge of the Korean branch, not so important .


Just a side character not really an impactful one .

The Four Legends

N . 1 Jace Xaiver

N . 2 Ripper

N . 3 Floppy the Psycho

N . 4 Shadow

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