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Nerd Mode On! - Chapter 29

Published at 16th of May 2019 09:50:02 AM

Chapter 29

[ICE is down! The infamous criminal organization was found wiped out in what seemed to happen was a gun fight . ]

[Infamous gang has lost!]

News articles were popping up everywhere the next day . And of course at school all the kids were talking about was Ice and their downfall . But the question that came up was who took out the whole gang? no one would know that 3 of the 8 that took down Ice was right in school with them .

At lunch it was more rowdy as kids from other classes came together to talk about the incident .

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"Amber what would you like to eat?" Jay asked, since he was transferred one grade up and was put in the same class Amber they got to do everything together . Of course rumors of them dating spread, but they got no evidence, so the guys kept confessing to her one after another getting rejected no matter how good looking or rich they were . "I know a good place just across the street from the school . "

The guys in the class were eyeing him with threatening looks . Just who was this nerdy looking kid inviting their goddess to lunch? With his scrawny looks no way Amber was going to-

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"Then what are we waiting for let's go Jay . "

Holy shit . She accepted . Jay had agreed to wear the ring to school but not let anyone know at school about their relationship until Amber decides to announce . "Dad said he was going to hold an engagement party for us soon . " Jay nodded as he already got word of that from his future father-in-law . "When should we hold it?"

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It was about 2 months before school was over, Jay didn't really need to graduate and Amber apparently was ahead of class by a couple of grades and would pass any SAT with a perfect score . "When we graduate, I will propose to you with flowers and an actual ring we pick out . "

Little did they know the guy who lost everything to them was planning away to destroy everything Jay holds dear to .

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