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Nerd Mode On! - Chapter 51

Published at 16th of May 2019 09:49:36 AM

Chapter 51

April 28th, Monday .

Jay and Gun finally arrived home to find Michael right in front of them tied up to a chair .

"What the-" Jay saw little quick movements in the corner of his eye, alarming him . "Who's there?"

"Me . " a female's voice answered .

"Amber?!" Jay stared at the figure approaching behind Michael . "What are you-" Jay barely dodged an incoming attack aimed at his head . "Woah!"

Left and right Amber used her whip to make Jay run around like he was being chase by a hoard of hyenas . A sadistic smirk made it's appearance on Amber's 'graceful' face as she continued her thrashing .

"Amber! . . . just . . . . what . . . . " Jay managed to ask between huffs and puffs but all he got as an answer were the whipping speed increasing . "Please stop!"

Jay met eyes with Amber who's movements were slowing down . "Amber?" Jay slowly began to make his way closer to her but jumped back when the ground just an inch before him was harshly whipped . Jay's heart that had just started to relax was brought back to working out .

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"Since you don't want to play, I'll take my playfulness to this cutie over here!" Amber muttered, closing in on Michael who had already been woken up from the sound of chaos .

Michael panicked when Amber's face closed into his, if she got any closer, not only will he have to deal with this situation, he'd have to deal with Jay's wrath!

When Michael was panicking Jay saw Amber take out what looked like a doctor's scalpel . 'So the 'fun she was talking about was torture?!'

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"One more word and I'll skin him alive . " Amber warned . "Now . . . " She brought the scalpel's tip to Michael's adam's apple .

"Jay do something!" Michael begged as he turned his body in a jerk, landing face first on to the ground in a loud 'bam' . "Don't just stand there!"

While Jay and Michael were fearing for their lives, she was thoroughly enjoying herself on the inside .

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"Amber whatever it is . . . W-we can talk about it!"

"How does it feel to have your life in the hands of your friend's girlfriend? . . . Tell me Micky . . . . . " Amber's tone of voice ran a chill down both of the boy's spine, and their body temperature dropping when a trickle of blood was seen to make it's way along the edge of the blade .

"Hahaha!" Amber burst out laughing holding her stomach . "Your reactions were too funny!! Ahahaha!"

Amber rolled around crazily with laughter while Jay untied Michael who ran as fast as he can and as far as he can get from this place . Then Jay started to wonder, was this revenge for his pranks?

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