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Chapter 3.5

Chapter 3

Part 5

Translation: Yamaking


“See here… Sensei, you see, was trying to somehow get the police to act on this, you know?”

Once Nekohime-san heard the details of what happened, she became utterly crestfallen and depressed.

“But we caught the culprit and turned him over to the admins.”

“Doesn’t that seem strange? Why would the victim be the one doing any of those things?”

“‘If we won’t do it, then who would?’, it’s like that!”

“Ako, you didn’t even do anything right?”

“Just what are you all…”

In response to Sensei, who was hanging her head while saying that, Master needlessly gave a proud response.

“What, you ask? We’re the Modern Electronics Communications Club, what of it?”

“…Oh, really.”

Nekohime-san gave out a huge sigh and then stood up.

“Well, that’s fine. We even got these invitations to the hotel thanks to everyone’s effort after all. Sensei would be in her room so you guys just do the event by yourselves.”


“Nekohime-sensei, you just don’t have any youthful spirit, do you?”

“What’s that? Did I just hear you say that you want to play beach volleyball right now?”

“A, ahahaha… See you later then—”

Segawa’s smile began to twitch in reaction to the dark aura coming out of Nekohime-san. She then hurriedly ran away.

“I suppose I’ll get going as well. I reckon there’s not much players who have two sets of these collab items.”

Master chased after Segawa as soon as she finished saying that.

“Then, we should also…”

“Before that, Ako.”

I grabbed Ako’s hand.


“There’s a place I’d like to visit for a bit. Won’t you come with me?”


I brought Ako to the hotel’s neighboring chapel.

As if to copy the exterior surroundings of the inn in-game, this chapel also seems to be modeled after the church in the capital in LA.

“This is…”

“How is it? Looks familiar right?”

“That time Rusian and I got married…”

“That’s right. It’s that church.”

To be specific, it was a chapel that was based on the place where Ako and I got married in-game.

It seems that Master was planning to toss us into this place on the off chance that I would chicken out of confessing to Ako during the camp.

“It’s modeled after that right?”

Ako’s eyes glimmered in wonder as she entered the chapel.

It looked like there weren’t any wedding ceremonies today so it was left open to the public.

I went in a bit later after Ako, but when I looked at her, she was already way inside the chapel, in front of the altar, looking at the stained glass.


“That sure is a beautiful sight.”

I may have already seen it in the game too, but I guess seeing it real and up close like this really gives off a different impression.

Yeah, different. It’s different after all.

“Hey, Ako. It’s been a while since I said this but…”


Ako looked over me as I spoke.

“The game and reality are really separate, after all.”

“…Is that so?”

Ako then quietly averted her gaze from me.

It didn’t look like she was going to clearly object to it, but that doesn’t mean it looked like she agreed either. That’s how she looked to me.

“Yeah, I guess it’s really different after all. That’s what I thought of during that time.”

“That time?”

“That time when ‘Rusian’ was stolen from me.”

Coincidentally, Ako got stolen from me as well.

“I was so surprised that it was that easy. I mean, just having someone else log on to Rusian, it felt like the bond between you and I was easily stolen, just like that. To be honest, it’s such a shock to me.”

“…About that, I’m also… ah, no. It’s not my fault!”

Oh, you remembered it. Good girl.

“Good. And well, I just thought that I’d hate for things to go on like this.”

I took a step closer towards Ako.

“You see, Ako. We’re not really married right now, right?”

“Uuu… Yes, that’s right…”

As a result of the character restoration, my married status had disappeared.

Well, technically, it doesn’t really affect me much in-game whether it disappeared or not, but taking Ako’s point of view in consideration, we’re definitely strangers at this point.

“That’s why, Ako, I have something important to tell you.”

“Y, yes!”

Now, come on. Third time’s the charm.

“Ako, you see I…”

“Uuu… please wait. I really don’t want to hear what comes after that!”

“Just deal with it and hear me out.”

Come on, don’t interrupt me right now.

Since for me, even though I don’t really want to hear your reply either, I have no choice but to hear it, don’t I?

“Ako… Tamaki Ako, -san.”


I fixed my gaze on Ako.

Ako’s gaze looked full of horror and dread, along with a little bit of joy mixed in there, as she looked up to me.

I can’t believe how fast my heart is beating right now. My breathing is really unstable right now that I feel like a weird sound might suddenly come out of my throat.

Isn’t this enough? It’s about time you get used to this already!

Don’t stutter. Don’t stutter. Say it properly. You only have to do it once.

Do it, me.

“I love you. Will you please— go out with me?”

I said it.

I properly said it.

My body was then overcome with an intense feeling of anxiety as I waited for Ako’s reply.

And the words that came out of her mouth was—




“…Eh? What do you mean Eeeeeeeeeeeh!?”

“S, sorry!”

You don’t have to apologize! Actually, that just makes me feel even more pathetic!

“But you see, uhm, I was really confused—”

Just what is there to be confused about!?

If you just said ‘Yes’ then this all would’ve been settled.

“What?! Just what are you not satified with?! Do you hate me that much?!”

“That’s not it at all! It’s just, I had no idea why it all lead up to this!”

But you understand, don’t you?! Understand it! Please, understand!

“I really didn’t like it! I hated Ako being taken from me! I hated that another guy could take my wife by having them log in to my ‘Rusian’!”

“I hate it too! Rusian becoming another person, or Rusian being taken by another person… I hate that too!”

If that’s what you think, then! Please!

“Then, would you like not ‘Rusian’, in the game, but me— the real Nishimura Hideki, just a little bit more?!”


I said that as if my life depended on it.

In response, Ako’s eyes seem to grew a bit in wonder.

And after that— a look of complete satisfaction was shown on her face.

And then…

“—That’s impossible.”



“After all, I can’t like you even a little bit more, because I already love you so much right now!”



“So, maybe, just maybe, if you think you wouldn’t come to hate someone like me… then, the me standing here right now would be glad to… huh? Rusian?”

“…M, my heart.”

It was just for a moment there, but I’m sure it stopped. It stopped beating. All the blood flowing in my body just completely stopped. After all, my vision grew dark for a bit there, and it felt like my view of Ako suddenly went off in the distance. And it felt like my whole being was being swallowed up by the ground!

“I’m begging you, at least respond to my confession normally… I almost died there.”

“That’s a huge problem! If Rusian dies here, then I’ll die with you!”

My wife’s love for me is too heavy!

Ah no, that’s wrong.

It should be, my girlfriend’s love for me is too heavy, right?

“That was a close call but, is it really fine to say it’s settled like that? …Ah well, this kind of resolution suits you after all…”

“Uhm, are you praising me?”

“I am, I am. I love you so much.”


I pulled Ako, who looked a bit uneasy, closer and hugged her in my arms.

Now that I think about it, she’s usually the one who latches on to me like this, but this has to be the first time that I’ve pulled her close to initiate a hug.

Ako felt very warm as I hugged her. She was so soft, so petite— and smelled of soap.

“Hey, Ako.”


Ako looked up to me while still in my embrace. As she did that, her long bangs gently covered her face.


“Why don’t you try cutting your bangs a little?”


Ako was in a complete shock even though I just nonchalantly said that.

“Is that really something to be surprised about? Why would you dislike that?”

“B, but! Isn’t it scary?! My eyes might meet with someone else!”

So you grew it out for that reason?

What a difficult situation.

“If Rusian really wants me to have it cut no matter what then I’ll think about it but… Why though?”

“I was just thinking, you know?”


“That err, see?”



If your bangs are that long, then it would get in the way when I try to move in closer for a—

“A, as if I could say thaaaaaaaaaaaat!”

“Why are you suddenly getting mad for no reason?!”

“It’s not unreasonable! I’m the one in the right! Opinions are welcome!”



“Didn’t you say opinions were welcome?!”

Shut up, that was just for beauty of speech.


TL note: The opinions are welcome part are a part of netspeak where you append said statement to something that might incite backlash ( The two lines that came after that are obviously, referenced from Phoenix Wright. For the last line, the word used was 様式美 but I have no idea on a proper equivalent for this (


“Just forget about what I said earlier. It was a joke. It was just something I thought of on a whim. Don’t mind it!”

“Then that’s fine but…”

Up until now, I’ve been adjusting to a lot of stuff related to Ako, so this much shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

“Alright, let’s go to the event. I have to get those collab items after all.”

“That’s right! I definitely have to get that Poaring earphone jack this time!”

Oh, I forgot about that.

I remember there was something like that. It’s just that so much has happened that I forgot.

That’s right, so much has happened.

A lot of worrisome stuff happened, and we were met with a lot of trouble but…

Having Ako respond to my feelings like that makes this all worth it.

“Hey Ako, once we’ve finished with the event, would you like to go to the beach again?”

“It’s fine with me, but why though?”

“I wanted to see if it feel any different now that we’re couple— or something like that.”

“I, I’m getting nervous just hearing it so please stop it!”

At long last, it feels as if our summer has finally begun.