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Never Die Extra - Chapter 42

Published at 20th of November 2020 09:15:22 PM

Chapter 42: 42
Evan D . Sherden . Receives the King’s Orders (1)


For a month since the pandemic, the staff of Brotherhood Pharmacy had to work in a ridiculously busy manner . Evan, who had an excellent potion manufacturing ability, put off other things first and focused only on this .

“Why can’t we rest, Master?”

“That’s because work is a fate that cannot be avoided from birth . If you don’t want to work, you have my permission to die . When I die, I can rest . ”

“I see . Thank you for your help, Master . ”

“No, if you die now, our workload would increase! Even if you want to die, finish your work first and then go die!”

“You damn bitch!”

It wasn’t just that the pharmacy was busy . As quests to gather herbs were given to everyone entering the dungeon, it forced them to bring the quota’s herbs . That was the minimum duty of those entering the dungeon .

But that didn’t last forever . One day, when Evan, who had become engrossed in work, returned to the mansion, the Marquis called him directly .

“Evan, you’ve suffered through a lot of trouble . ”

“Then is it all over now, father?”

“I’m afraid not . ”

The Marquis smiled faintly as he saw Evan’s face becoming depressed again .

“But now things are gone from our hands . We’ve done everything we can . Now, we just wait for the rest to settle . In one month it ended . Compared to Bellpin disease notoriety, it was swift to end this time . That’s all because of your hard work, Evan . ”

“No, it’s because of Grandpa Bernard’s and Sis Serpina…The exchange manager was also tremendously helpful . ”

Including Bernard and Serpina, the contacts, intelligence, and mercenary skills of the slave trader were very useful in taking measures against the epidemic spreading across the country beyond Sherden . It would have been impossible if the Marquis hadn’t given him money and power to let him show his abilities to the Marquis .

“But you are the one who found them . Moreover, the Brotherhood Pharmacy was also suggested by you, Evan . If it wasn’t for that and if it wasn’t for you, how terrible we would have been…”

“Father . ”

Evan had asked the Marquis from the beginning . He had told him that he hoped the Marquis would not talk to the public about the part he was involved in, in this affair . That was also the case then, and that was exactly what he refused to do now…The Marquis laughed bitterly .

“We all want to care greatly for you . Not only did you save Liz, but you also went to the city and saved the people, so you deserve the greatest praise . Do you hate…to receive it?

“But I…”

“Is it because of your brother?”

At the Marquis’s words, Evan was still without affirmation or denial, but in fact, it was something that could be known without having to ask .

The Marquis admired Evan that this little kid could already think that far, but when he thought about it, at times, Evan was able to do these incredible things only because of his strange behavior .

And the confusion was this; at this point, was the Marquis even Evan’s father, and who was the Young Master really?

“It’s wonderful . Thank you and I’m so sorry . I didn’t consider this aspect and let you suffer so you had to reduce even your achievements…”

“I’m fine . I really don’t care about my fame . I’m more worried about my brother than that . ”

“Don’t look down on your brother . He is a Sherden . He’s a man with great talent and perseverance . You lighted a fire inside him and it will burn even more in the future . It means that you have been a good stimulus for your brother . ”

Whenever Evan met Eric, he was constantly being hugged by him, and Evan didn’t feel anything special about him . But in fact, while Evan didn’t know, his brother was training himself quietly but fiercely .

Evan thought that the Marquis who saw through Eric’s will to improve was clearly amazing, as the older brother hid it and kept it a secret . That was worthy of more than just admiration…

Evan knew about this . And now was the time to speak . Evan breathed lightly, and then quickly spoke what he had thought of before .

“Father, I want to be the Commander of the Dungeon Knights . ”

“…Yes, I had expected you would say so . ”

Even at such a young age, if Evan was wondering if his fame would harm his brother, the Marquis was convinced that Evan knew how to behave maturely . He who bore the name of Sherden would have to walk the most difficult and glorious path at the same time .

The Marquis gently stroked Evan’s beautiful hair, which resembled that of Evan’s mother . Her mother’s hair was black, and he wondered if it was the power of her blood .

“I want to do that too . You will be the Commander of the Dungeon Knights of Sherden . We will spare no effort to support you and the Knights . ”

“Yes Father…!”

“But the official declaration would only be done after you become an adult . That condition cannot be compromised . ”

“Yes, I understand…”

“But, wouldn’t you be able to prepare in advance? Like in a facility or with a person . ”

Evan’s face brightened at the words of the Marquis .

That was enough . Evan wasn’t really trying to become a Dungeon Knight to conquer the dungeon, but he wanted to strengthen the Knights by training them appropriately .

Wasn’t that the purpose of it all? To nurture the Knights and avoid the dangers and crises that would come to him?

“Thank you, Father!”

“You are excited . On your 18th birthday, if the preparations are not thorough, the approval may be revoked, so you will have to take care of it . ”


“Alright then . You have seven years, so think about the name of the Knights . They can’t just be called Dungeon Knights . ”

“I already thought of the name!”

“Oh, really?”

The Marquis smiled at his son’s courageous response and said that he was looking forward to 7 years later . He gently brushed his hair again and then straightened them . He felt like he was being groomed, but it was so good that Evan gently closed his eyes and enjoyed the warm touch of his father .

After some time, the state officially declared the end of the pandemic, and dungeon city regained its usual vitality .

As the threat of death had withdrawn from the whole country, Evan could see the faces of merchants entering the city one by one after the gates were completely opened, patrolled by guards .

“Let’s go drink!”

“You smell of the herbs! Let’s go and wash up in a hot spring!”


The forced quest for the explorers had ended .

Everybody was delighted, and some people immediately went to bars . Even half of the knights and the soldiers were also given vacations .

Pharmacists also wanted to take long vacations… But there were so many people who wanted medicines, so the staff had to be satisfied with just two days with an extra day off, for the holidays .

“Grandpa, I want a consultation . ”

“What is it this time, boy . I’m very sick of it . ”

Meanwhile, Evan had a new idea . Realizing the importance of pharmaceuticals and pharmacists, Evan immediately consulted with Bernard .

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“We can’t be assured after we’ve tackled the epidemic only once . I want to revamp the system so that whenever this happens again, we can deal with it immediately . ”

“…Kid, your perspective is a little wider again . But that will be resolved sooner or later just by doing what you are doing now . ”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean this, the Brotherhood Pharmacy . ”

Bernard looked around the store while drinking his fruit juice . As the Brotherhood Pharmacy’s stock price was rising through the ceiling every day, it was planning to open another branch sooner or later . Hannah and the two clerks were running around, busy with the calculations and the reports .

“As long as the King is not foolish enough, he won’t pass this job over to anyone except you . I don’t know if you were all deceived together, but the country suffered from a contagious disease nationwide . Didn’t it look like it went safely as compared to the previous pandemics, just because of you . ”

“Yes . ”

“Moreover, thanks to the dungeon city, the damage in other areas stopped at this level . Let’s say that you are the King, so will you just rejoice and get over it?

“The King will attack us? Will he?!”

“We can’t do that, no matter how strong the Sherden family is, you can’t fight the King of the country!? You are getting confused, you bastard . The city of dungeon stopped the infectious disease so easily, and also helped other regions . Will he not find out about it?”

“That’s right . ”

“By the way, if you look at it this way, it is said that there is only one advantage in dungeon city compared to other regions . ”

“What is it Grandpa?”

“Brotherhood Pharmacy, you moron . Brotherhood Pharmacy . ”

Bernard was saying this to compliment Evan, in his own way .

Of course, Bernard’s existence had been one of the decisive factors, but in the end, the existence of a pharmaceutical city that could quickly produce a large amount of remedy meant that the epidemic could be safely defeated throughout the country .

“If that happens, you will realize that no matter how much the Church is dominant, the King will not be able to stay still . An institution such as a Brotherhood Pharmacy is unconditionally required . That means he’ll realize what you have done . Isn’t it?”

“Would the Church really want to fight against the King himself…?”

“If the Church wants to do that they can try . However, thanks to us, it became impossible . No, little boy? Haven’t we already proved it? With clearly visible evidence . ”


When people who specialized in medicine came together, what kind of power could they exert in a group, and how effectively could people be saved? They could even stop things that could not be prevented by the power of the priests .

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“The small amount of people that you gathered in the Brotherhood Pharmacy did such wonders . Even after seeing that, if the people of the Earth Church are talking bad about us, this time it will probably be the turn of the King, not you or the Marquis, to get angry . ”

“I want to see that, too, but… Probably it should not happen . ”

“Yes . The whole country would shed a lot of blood in that situation . But still, do you think the King will tolerate the Church who only takes care of itself and doesn’t care about the public at all? Never…So let’s come back to the start . I think the King will probably make your father, the Marquis, as his royal ally . ”

From there, Evan could easily predict the rest . Insiders knew that the Brotherhood Pharmacy was Evan’s idea, and Bernard’s ability to actually prevent the epidemic had been possible because of Evan’s ability, but to outsiders, only the Marquis would appear as the hero .

“He would ask you to cooperate . So that institutions such as the Brotherhood Pharmacy can be expanded nationwide… The simplest thing is to open a branch of the Brotherhood Pharmacy in the Royal city . If possible, I would like the Brotherhood Pharmacy to remain in the dungeon city as it is . ”

If a branch of the Brotherhood Pharmacy opened in the Royal city, then indeed, the pharmacists would gather in the Royal city to do business and operate . Technology would develop rapidly .

Seminars would be held in which pharmacists from the Brotherhood Pharmacy and all over would participate in unison and create a place to exchange knowledge . It would be possible to develop pharmaceutical technology without being limited locally . Evan’s eyes, who imagined it, sparkled .

But until it was done…

“My father will suffer quite a bit . ”

“Well, maybe if my predictions are correct…not much . ”

“Huh? Why are you laughing so strangely, Grandpa? Oi, Grandpa?”

“No, no, no . Damn it . ”

Bernard continued to laugh without answering Evan’s questions . Evan couldn’t understand it and tilted his head, but he soon found out why .

“Evan, let’s go to the Royal city . Your Majesty wants to meet you . ”


“Okay, pack your luggage right away . ”

A thunderbolt had fallen not only on the Marquis but also on Evan! The King already knew that Evan was deeply involved than anyone else in the Brotherhood Pharmacy!

“But, I still haven’t mastered the noble art of etiquettes perfectly! My brother should go rather than me…!”

“I can’t help it because your Majesty has nominated you . How to be a noble? You just need to learn it on the way… Yes, there will be time and space in the wagon . ”

That was how Evan traveled to the Royal city for the first time in his life .

The only thing that seemed out of place was his slime training, as he kept clenching and unclenching his fists .