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Never Die Extra - Chapter 45

Published at 20th of November 2020 09:15:19 PM

Chapter 45: 45
Evan D . Sherden, Receives the King’s Orders (4)

“I guess the king is really in a hurry; he’s making us hurry as well . ”

Usually, when a local nobleman comes to the Royal city, it is common to stay in his mansion at least a day and a maximum of several days to give himself time to relax .

However, as soon as the King heard the news of their arrival, they were told to go to the palace right away . It was enough to know how urgently the King wanted to see them .

“My city, it’s been a while since the epidemic ended there, but the Royal city has just gotten free of that terror, so this is natural . His Majesty, the King, must be surrounded by troubles from everywhere . As some countermeasures are needed, the damage suffered by this epidemic is severe, some institutions must be renovated, and thus, money is needed . ”

“Father, are you saying that the perfect season has come for court nobles to empty their pockets because they are preparing a way to prevent the epidemic?”

“It’s a little sad to hear that even you, Evan, are already able to understand the context up to there .

For these reasons, the current royal family situation is very dire . They’re afraid to die from an infectious disease, but at this time, the nobles trying to cause disturbances are raging, so the King will be struggling to come up with a plan to shut them all down . ”

“The delicious food that appeared at this time in our Brotherhood Pharmacy . ”

“We’re not prey, Evan . Rest assured . ”

The Marquis burst into laughter at Evan’s excessive worries . He would not be able to laugh if he knew why he had so many minor worries, but now his son just looked cute to him .

“We have all the initiatives . But how would we be prey? They will have to ask us earnestly about our permission . The days of giving blind loyalty to His Majesty ended in my current grandfather’s generations . Your Majesty also knows it, so there is nothing to worry about . ”

Loyalty is a true virtue . The power that strengthens a country comes from the hearts of those who serve it .

However, the Marquis thought that blind loyalty to obey the master’s words was only foolishness; this ate away at both the master and the subordinate .

“I will give my Majesty the best help I can for the development of the country, but at the same time, I will ask recompense, so that my family and the dungeon city can develop, as that is the job of mine, as the servant of the country and the owner of a city . So, as I said before, Evan, you just need to be Evan D . Sherden, which I know . ”

“Yes, Father!”

“Okay, I just need to trust my father . ” Evan clears his complicated head .

He emptied it and stuck to the side of the Marquis .

And they finally reached there .

“Your Majesty, have you been strong?”

“What politeness is there between us? Marquis, seeing you be polite makes me have goosebumps . ”

“I am relieved to see that you are well . ”

The meeting took place in a luxurious living room, not in the official hall .

“The Marquis is also looking the same . No wait, have you gotten stronger?”

“I am entering the dungeon occasionally . To my shame, I have not yet reached the 30th floor… …

“Isn’t the highest record of the current generation until the 45th floor? It’s amazing that it’s possible by someone who only occasionally goes there, but you are still just too amazing . ”

The Marquis of Sherden, the 17th Marquis, and the dungeon city owner naturally had the authority to stand on the same level as the country’s King .

Of course, Shine and Belois were waiting in the mansion .

“So, then, is this kid the famous Sherden’s jewel?”

“This is his first time greeting Your Majesty . This is my son Evan D . Sherden . ”

The King of the country admired the simple and polite greetings that were given by his father and which omitted the mass of useless words .

With soft and dark black hair, the King was just looking at his white and smooth face and delicate features as if comparing the Marquis to him, he thought for a moment, ‘He will become an outstandingly handsome man, but he does not resemble the marquis . ’

“I am just happy to meet your Majesty the King, O great One, the great ruler of this land . ”

“Huh, yes . You really resemble your father in this . It’s the best compliment I can ever get . ”

“It is an honor . ”

Then he saw the purple, arrogant eyes that resembled the Marquis, shining brilliantly without losing their light even in front of the King, and admiration came from the King’s heart .

“The eldest son was so talented and even the second son is now . How did the Marquis teach them so well? Please let me know, I mean I should use those methods . ”

“Huh huh, I didn’t do anything, but I’m just proud as a parent because my children grew up well . ”

The Marquis burst into laughter while accepting the compliment, even though it seemed he had refused . Yes, this is the Marquis’s only flaw; he perfectly performs office work, internal affairs, diplomacy, battle, but he’s like a fool when it comes to his sons!

Evan was in front of the King; he couldn’t sigh, so he just clicked his tongue inside .

“My children don’t listen to me and just want to do what they want, so I’m already worried about how to leave this country in the future . The ones that I gave birth to, one of them is stuck in books, one of them is sunk only in sword arts, and girls are just fond of flowers and insects without a worry to know the outside world . ”

“Evan was no different, your Majesty . It is natural that parents have no way of knowing what is inside their child’s head . But one day this kid woke up and found his way . I’m sorry, I can’t tell you anything more . ”

“Hmm, is that so? Already at that young age!”

“Uh, huh . ”

Stop it, man! Stop bragging! Evan just trembled fiercely at the conversation between the King and the Marquis, who apparently wanted to shame Evan in front of the King .

At some point, the two of them started having a proper conversation .

“Talking about the Brotherhood Pharmacy . I think it’s a very good system . ”

“It was something anyone could think of . In fact, the state had implemented this system before, and now there are many drugstores in the provinces . ”

Both the King and the Marquis knew the reason why it has declined . The Temples are gaining power .

Do humans dare to use their own strength? They hated the attempt to go against the fate of disease, curse, and weakness . They hated it as if someone had attacked the divinity of the god they worshiped .

Of course, more directly, they were wary that the money flowing into the Temples would be cut off . There was actually no specific reason for the decline of the pharmaceutical field .

“We were too dependent on priests alone . We have lost the power of self-support . ”

“It’s not too late yet . It didn’t seem like there was a chance to save the situation, but this time there was a huge opportunity . His Majesty thought so too, so hadn’t he summoned them for this reason?”

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The King thought deeply and glanced at Evan for a moment . Evan responded with a calm smile .

If even half of what the King was reported was true, Evan was a talent that should not be wasted . It is also a great thing that he was the second son of the Marquis . But then the King’s attitude shifted .

“Okay, what the hell was that man named Bernard doing? Oh, don’t get me wrong . It doesn’t mean you are at fault . In fact, I personally contacted him, but I was given a confirmation by him that he would not leave the Sherden’s even if he died . ”

“I don’t know . When I opened the Brotherhood Pharmacy, I brought in a pharmacist who was known to be good in the neighborhood, and that turned out to be an excellent choice . ”

Even if he died, he would not say that it was the result of Evan’s insistence on bringing that guy . His purpose was to minimize Evan’s connection with Bernard . Because his and Evan’s relationship right now needs to be kept hidden .

“Well… Anyway, he’s still there, and it’s true that Brotherhood Pharmacy was able to prevent this disaster with only minor damage . I would like to give him a big congratulations, but he doesn’t want it, so I will give it to the Marquis and Brotherhood Pharmacy instead . ”

“It is an honor . ”

“Well then… … what do you think about opening the Brotherhood Pharmacy in major cities, including the Royal city?”

As expected, that discussion came out . However, Evan thought that grim things such as the acquisition of the Brotherhood Pharmacy by the royal family, the replacement of the person in charge, the transfer of management rights, and such would start to be discussed, but he was wrong .

“That’s a good idea, Your Majesty . If the system established by the Brotherhood Pharmacies can be applied to the Royal city, no, if it can be extended to major cities in the country, I believe something like this can be easily prevented if it happens again”

The Marquis had a: “I told you we were going to go and win,” expression when he looked at Evan, and then talked to the King again .

“Furthermore, it will not be impossible to develop the system that has regressed for decades if we actively communicate with each other and share technology and know-how . ”

“Sharing! That’s good, it should be like that!”

They had already talked with Bernard about how to proceed with the discussion, and as he had enough time to talk with Evan in the carriage, the discourse between the King and the Marquis flowed like a stream .

Evan was a bit bored about what the hell he was doing here .

“Then, let’s start with the Royal city branch first . I would like you to send a pharmacist here who works at your head office during this period . ”

“Of course . Two veterans working in the dungeon city… No, I’ll send three people . Also, we will also provide artifacts so that we can communicate easily . ”

Bernard wouldn’t be among them . Maybe Hannah would come .

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“Good, very good . If you do that, I will crack down on the Temple and any other opposition . Security will also be thoroughly maintained . What else, yeah . The location will also be important . ”

“It is an honor to take care of you so far . It seems that if you give a little extra consideration to those who are cooperating with the distribution of medicinal herbs of the Brotherhood Pharmacy, it will be easier to build a good pharmaceutical system . ”

“So, have you any ideas about that?”

Evan didn’t know yet, but the competition started at this point .

This work was not just a matter of who had the name Brotherhood Pharmacy . There were countless other influential businesses related to it; this was a discussion about who had the right to partner with them .

“But this should be done by the royal family . Do you have any other ideas?”

“No, Your Majesty, this will also properly display the name of the Brotherhood Pharmacy . ”

The King would defeat the Temple and other opposition groups for the Brotherhood Pharmacy and protect them, so that they could safely establish a branch and operate in the Royal city .

Above all, they had a justification that they had made the greatest contribution and that they also allowed the Royal city to enjoy the benefits of their technology that they previously had been monopolizing solely .

Neither easily backed off . It was only after a series of conversations, sometimes verbal struggles, and then repeated conversations again that the future business cooperation was decided upon .

“Yes, Evan . ”

But when Evan, who had barely kept his eyes open and was listening to their conversation, the King said as if he remembered something .

“It must be boring to listen to such an uninteresting conversation . I forgot to care for you because I wanted to see you so badly . There is a beautifully decorated flower garden in the palace, so why don’t you take a break there?”

“Thank you, Your Majesty . But . ”

“Is anyone out there? Please guide the Second master of the Sherden family to the flower garden . ”

Oh, can I not just listen?

Evan was confused, but as soon as he heard the King’s command, he was guided by an incoming soldier and left . He could practice slime training outside .

The Marquis was disappointed at that moment, but he sighed a little because it was something that couldn’t be avoided anyway . On the other hand, the King showed a smile of good intention . It seemed like a truly insidious smile unsuitable for the King of a country .