Never Die Extra - Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: 46
Evan D . Sherden . Watering Seeds (1)


After 20 minutes, the soldier guided him to the garden on the palace’s first floor after wandering the royal corridors .

“The flower garden is here, Master Evan . ”

“Wow, just as your Majesty said so, this is a great place to be . ”

“If I share the words of Master, your Majesty will be satisfied . ”

There was a huge fountain in the center, and the flower garden was in full bloom as if the surrounding was heaven . In fact, Evan knew it already because he had come as the main character in Yo-ma Great War 2 . The characteristic of this garden is that it is wide .

Moreover, the textures are all the same… So, because the background images are also mostly similar, it was a bad place to get lost .

There were a few ghost stories that were popular among fans, as is the case with maps like this one . Among them were, ‘I was wandering in the middle of the map where the monsters should not appear, and I encountered a monster emitting a terrible acid poison’ or ‘I was sitting in it when I found a girl who was there, and when I spoke to her, there was a terrible tentacle that sprouted on the girl’s hand when she looked back .

He searched for 20 hours to see if there were any hidden elements, but there was no such thing at that time… …

“Oh, Can I look around here by myself?”

“Of course . Then I will be waiting at the entrance, so please take care . ”

The soldier politely greeted him and stepped back . Evan entered the flower garden without hesitation . Was he looking for something? Well, there was no such thing .

Of course, some of the flowers blooming in the flower garden had were valuable, so if he breaks them even if he is the Marquis’ son, he will be scolded . Evan wasn’t hungry for money, and he didn’t have to be a flower thief .

“Woah, finally, they can’t see me anymore . ”

Evan’s purpose was simply to hide among the numerous blooming flowers and grass and do slime training! No matter how Evan couldn’t keep jamming his hands while confronting the King or walking the hallway!

“Well, squat and lunge should also be used in parallel with slime training . ”

As it became a habit for him to do other things together with slime training, it didn’t fit Evan’s temper to look at pretty flowers while only slime training .

And now, when he tried to practice slime training with both hands, the most suitable training was for lower body training such as bare-handed squat and lunge!

Of course, to strike a slime, it must include the process of canceling the lower body’s attack action .

However, now Evan was reaching a ridiculous point in his expertise where he had trained his lower body . The issue was that he did not even consciously know what he was doing .

“Huh, huh, huh . ”

So, in the end, he began training his lower body along with constantly jamming his hands . It was bizarre enough that it could be considered fortunate for it to be covered by flowers . After getting used to such a scene, his family was not surprised by anything he did!

“Woo, my body that was itchy is now a little relaxed . ”

Since he was little, he’d been doing it, so now he felt empty if he didn’t practice slime training even for a while when he was awake .

As the level of existence increased, not only the initial magical power increased but also the necklace of Miraseul, and so did the earrings of the Snow Mountain Spirit that dramatically increased the speed of mana recovery . Now, he could learn alchemy in-depth and have a great deal of mana ability .

Evan’s training had rarely ceased when he was awake .

“The mana is always overflowing . Thanks to the practice of alchemy, I feel that my basic constitution has changed . If you start learning an active skill that belongs to martial arts, you will have to use mana, but now there is no place to use mana for me other potion-making-making . ”

Evan’s recent solution, which almost completely solved the magic problem, was used by him .

It was done by reducing the size of the slime .

If it was successful, he would be able to keep holding four slimes with two hands, two in each hand . It was so amazing that the training speed doubled here again! Perhaps it will be helpful in training grip skills too!

“If the speed of mana recovery increases even further from here, then three, four, five slimes in one hand, this is great, there’s plenty of possibilities!”

The problem was that there were too many possibilities . In fact, with the results of his research, it was already possible to summon slimes a little smaller than the basic size!

“Maybe it would be possible if Meirassl’s necklace grows one more time in the future,” Evan carefully speculates .

“In the end, the only thing I can trust is my level of existence . Slime training will soon become my source of power!”

While Evan was heating up for training, even more, there was a sudden feeling of being gazed at by somebody . At that point, Evan recalled the ghost story of the garden in the palace and stiffened slightly, but when he thought that it was nonsense, he smiled .

“How the hell can a monster be here?”

“What are you doing?”

“Hi, I didn’t do anything!”

Evan heard a whisper from behind his back and jumped from his spot .

As he was doing Lower Body Training, Martial Arts, and slime training, Evan himself did not know . Still, he jumped as close as 3 meters due to the reinforced jumping power due to the ‘Angularity’ skill that had been gained slowly during each lower body movement that was canceled when he performed the slime training .

“Wow, that’s great!”

“My ears, my ears, there’s ghosts here!”

Evan flew 3 meters up and was stuck on the ceiling and said to himself,

“Wow, such a stupid thing I just said,” he looked back down .


“Are you OK?”

“Uh, huh . ”

Someone stood there . She wore a luxurious dress; she really was a girl with tentacles in her hand


“The earthworms are cute . Do you want to touch them?”

“I hate them!”

Evan exhaled a sigh of relief at once . She just talked to him, and he was surprised, but nothing was surprising about her when he thought about it .

She wasn’t a ghost . It’s a place where unauthorized people couldn’t enter, but that didn’t mean that anyone who was authorized could just barge in! It was different from the game . Even if there were people here, there was nothing strange about it!

“Wow, you are really pretty . ”

“Yes, I hear a lot of that . You are also pretty . ”

“Yes, I hear that often too . ”

Maybe it was because they were facing each other with many surprises that the two recognized each other’s faces relatively late . They knew at once that the other was a similar age, but when they looked closely at each other’s appearance, they couldn’t help but be surprised .

The girl was focusing on Evan with delicate attention, especially his deeply shiny purple big eyes, and ebony hair .

She was amazed at the soft black hair, and Evan admired her brilliant pink blonde hair .

Evan thought to himself: “Well, pink blonde hair, and it’s a perfect color . Besides, her eyes are red . I thought it was only possible in the game, but it was actually possible in reality . If the Earthlings knew about this, they would clamor for sure to come to see her even if they developed interstellar movement technology . ”

But what was more deceptive than that was her beauty . Pink hair and delicate red eyes, it was easy to say it in words, but it was impossible to truly define her beauty .

However, she had white skin that did not have any gaps and has a beautiful appearance like a doll . Her cute mouth was especially very attractive… in conclusion, the pink hair and pink eyes were so perfect that they did not look odd or out of place .

Anyway, she was really pretty . From a young age, it was not common to have such a clear off-white color, but she had top-notch beauty among other girls .

There was a different charm from Belois about her, who had black hair, red eyes, and cold icy beauty .

“You are really pretty . As pretty as an earthworm . ”

“I’m sorry, I’ve never heard that before . ”

“The earthworms are really pretty… . ”

The girl who admired his beauty seemed to be really in love with earthworms . When he saw the expression on her face, she seemed to believe that the worms were pretty, she didn’t doubt it .

“She’s a really peculiar one . I thought pink hair appeared in girls during the Yo-Ma Great War, but in reality, I thought it was just the level of a pink blonde that also exists in reality . She’s really pretty…”

“Wait . ”

Looking at it, who had this hair from the Yo-Ma Great War series?

There was one person with a very tragic fate .

She was born with the noblest status in the country .

Since she was born, she lived in a palace without being allowed to know her abilities properly .

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In Yo-Ma Great War 4, quests were given according to her status, and if the quest failed, she was kidnapped by the enemy and brainwashed into becoming a demon…

‘Born in the noblest status in the country . ’

Only then did he notice the dress worn by the girl on her body even though it was covered with dirt .

Evan, realizing that it looked luxurious, only laughed inside .

Now I completely understand it . He just had other thoughts at that time… … This is the royal palace’s flower garden! A flower garden that only authorized persons can enter!

“Well, are you called Serena?”

“Oh . ”

Still holding an earthworm in her hand, she stared at Evan, and Serena L . Silkline nodded calmly . In other words, she was the youngest daughter of King Ban Ok-Yeop . Evan wanted to hit his head .

“I should have recognized her since he said that she likes flowers and bugs!”

Evan realized that the King had wanted the princess to meet him from the beginning . In addition, it was obvious that even aside from talking with the Marquis, the King would take a different approach in some way to lure in Evan .

But that’s not possible, is it?

“I am ten years old this year . ”

“I am 11 years old . ”

“Then, Oppa . What is your name?”

He was a cruel guy who used a child that knew nothing like this!

Evan sat down on the spot . Bad news! The King’s interest in him is so burdensome, and even beyond that…

“What’s your name?”

“I am Evan D . Sherden . I am the second son of the Marquis of Sherden . ”

This girl with sparkling pink eyes was burdensome to talk to! The worm still in her hand and wriggling . That was especially creepy to Evan .

“Evan, your name is pretty . ”

“Your Majesty, did you ever get a beauty manual from your Majesty the King?”

“Dad, you know my dad?”

“How can I not know your Majesty . I met him today . ”

“Oh, really?”

Looking at the feeling, she seemed to know nothing . She just liked flowers and bugs .

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Likewise, she seemed to be a child who was grown in a flower garden . And the King pushed Evan, who knew nothing, into meeting her .

“The level of this plan is too low, to just pray for a future relationship by guiding a boy where there is a girl

,” he thought to himself .

It was not that bad since children don’t understand a lot of things . The King’s thoughts weren’t wrong, as it only made him feel weird when he tried to talk about the family’s circumstances .

Unless one took into account that there were 29 additional years of memories in Evan’s mind .

“Excuse me, Madam . ”

Evan had no intention of playing as the King wanted him to . Therefore, when he realized the situation, he was thinking of stepping back right there .

“I cannot interfere with the playtime of your Majesty anymore, so I will withdraw from this point . ”

Of course, he knew that she was a character with an unfortunate fate .

However, she was different from Shine and Belois . She already had everything, and the protagonist will also be with her in the future . The savior who is the main character of Yo-Ma Great War 4 .

“If that guy fails, she goes to the demon side, but honestly, if I take that into account and make a move, the story won’t remain the same anymore .

Evan was not the main character . He was just an extra trying to survive . If he didn’t know his place, he would be in great trouble .

The work of the protagonist should be quietly left to the protagonist .

“Moreover, it’s a woman who later ties directly with the demons . This is another sign of death . If I were caught there, I would change the original story, but I would take a bigger risk and carry a burden on my back . ”

Evan had already made up his mind . He would not be tied up . “Just ignore her . This is the correct mindset for extras to survive . ”

In fact, this was number four of the immortal life project, “immortality . ” No matter how hard your heart wants to do something, no matter how hard your body wants to help out, you never move . Act only to live!

His actions were a bit overkill in the last pandemic, but that was basically an action to save Evan himself, so it could be allowed .

“By the way, Oppa, tell me . ”

The princess’s voice grabbed Evan’s attention, who had almost left the child and was about to leave the garden too .

A vague voice that seemed to have no worries, no agony, no thoughts .

“Why are you bullying those kids ?”


Turning around, the princess said very lightly, pointing to Evan’s fists . She was frowning .

“I want to help them . ”

At that moment, Meirasul’s necklace, which had been silent for a few months, began to emit light again .